Zen AF

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you know I’m in my own word like on
another level fit handsome devil body incredible no gym rats no spin class
but the shit up in here namafucking stay double wide mat
Superman pose crunchy ass spinner dripping sweat on my nose I take a deep breath I
stand on my head I’m flickin that shit right back in her dreads Bakasana, Sirsasana, Tadasana BAM my poses are sick hot damn I’m zen as fuuuck Yo, my pranayama strong, and my asanas tight I’m all positive energy and Honk my loud-ass horn, flipping my way down the street the lights green and some dick’s perpetrating a
tweet Tuesday night the night I make dinner its Trader Joe’s
frozen Bobby pick me a winner shrimp gyoza best thing in the store
delicious and quick and not there anymore anxiety builds the intensity grows I just wanna explode but I don’t I’m the spiritual shit a modern-day
Moses taking these poseurs through 26 poses killing on insta with thousands of
mentions get out of my way when I set an intention talk about breathing like it’s
my own invention cultivate fear and sexual tension calm and serene when I’m
leading the class out there I’m obscene and a pain in the ass guiding the flow
correcting the form this Pinot is warm


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