Zach’s Story – Maintaining Your Christian Faith At College – Lutheran Family Service

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There is a constant challenge of the
Christian faith and granted Christ said that you know you’ll be hated because I
was hated. There’s a constant challenge there but I think it’s more so on
college campuses because they want to encourage free thought, they want
to challenge everything, they want to challenge what’s known as right and
it’s very difficult as a Christian because we know that the Bible is God’s
inherent Word and if it’s the same yesterday and tomorrow then it doesn’t
change but when you put the two ideas together they’re very conflicting and so
that’s probably the biggest thing is the fact that young Christian adults will
have that challenge of staying firm in their faith and what they believe and
that’s not to say that you can’t you know be part of a particular political
party or part of a particular group on a campus or be involved with something but
it’s just the fact that your identity is found in Christ and it’s important to
remember that. So while you may have a voice in something else and support and
remember where you come from where you stand on that and everything else is
just arbitrary and just if it blows with the wind. One of the things that we often
call ourselves in our church group is our second family you know we all like
like brothers and sisters to each other. We know that if someone is having a
tough day we know that if there’s an issue that someone’s dealing with we can
just talk to one another and know that there is the voice of God on the other
side. That there’s that there is a a strong Christian belief there that
we can help each other and lean on each other with. And so it’s important that because of the issues that are going on in campuses today and how to
deal with them church groups are one of the biggest proponents and one of the
biggest champions of how to do it right and it’s because of the fact that we all
have sort of a fire inside of us and it’s important to keep that fire going


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