YouTubers React to K-pop

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(clicks mouse) ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ (silence) – Beetlejuice Skrillex? – Ah, that’s some long hair. ♪ We gon’ party like ri-ri-ri, la-la-la ♪ – Okay. – (giggling) I think I’ve seen this video. ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ – What is this? – Oh, this genre.
What is this? K-pop? ♪ Wow ♪ ♪ Fantastic, baby ♪ ♪ (energetic K-pop) ♪
– What is this? ♪ I wanna dance, dance, dance, dance ♪ ♪ Fantastic, baby ♪ – (laughing) This is hilarious. – I’ve never seen this before,
but it’s awesome. ♪ Dance ♪ ♪ Wow, fantastic, baby ♪ ♪ (rapping in Korean) ♪ – (chuckling) It’s, like, ridiculous. But I like it. ♪ I can’t, baby ♪ ♪ Don’t stop this ♪ ♪ (singing soulfully in Korean) ♪ ♪ I can’t ♪ ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ ♪ I can’t ♪ – They look like characters
from every Final Fantasy game I’ve ever played. ♪ Wow ♪ ♪ Fantastic, baby ♪ – Wow. Fantastic, baby. – ♪ Boom, shakalaka ♪ – They’ve been playing too much NBA Jam. – Why do they have
Where the Wild Things Are costumes? – I’m digging this, girl.
– See why I listen to K-pop? – Oh, I love K-pop videos. ♪ Wow ♪ ♪ Fantastic, baby ♪ – (chuckling) I don’t know
what I just watched. – ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ – Oh, Girl’s Generation!
– (loud laughter) – I’m killing this! – Is this Girl’s Generation? – ♪ Hey, let me introduce myself ♪
– Please. – ♪ Here comes trouble ♪ ♪ Woo! ♪ – You said you were going
to introduce yourself, maybe? – ♪ Oh, oh, oh, eh, oh ♪ ♪ Eh, eh, eh, eh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, eh, oh, oh ♪ – Is this the girl that
was in Psy’s music video? – No, you’re just being racist.
– DAMN IT! – Shoot, maybe it is. I can’t tell.
– (laughing) – ♪ Oh, oh, oh, eh, oh ♪ – ♪ Hey, girl, listen ♪
– ♪ Oh, oh, eh, oh, oh, oh ♪ – This is catchy. – There’s so many of them.
– ♪ Stop ♪ ♪ Let me put it down another way ♪ ♪ (energetic K-pop music) ♪ – Oh [bleep]! (laughing) – (sassily) Yeah, oh girl! You don’t even know! – Oh, here comes the breakdown. ♪ (rapping in Korean) ♪ – I’m, like, obsessed with this. (chuckles) – ♪ I got a boy meotjin ♪
– ♪ I gotta boy on my chin ♪ – Is that what they say?
“I got a boy on my chin”? (both laugh) – ♪ I got a boy meotjin ♪
– (both crack up) – It says, “I got a boy on my chin.” – I need Google Translate. – ♪ I got a boy meotjin ♪ – That was so good. – Oh, what’s the third one?
What’s the third one? ♪ (steamy K-pop music) ♪ ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ – Asian Backstreet Boys at this joint. – The boys, I can’t take seriously. – ♪ (rapping in Korean) ♪ ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪
– ♪ (imitating lyrics) ♪ – The boy bands are a hit or miss for me. Especially the lady in the center. – You’re being silly when you say “lady”.
It’s just a dude. – Thanks, welcome to the joke.
– Yeah, I got it. I got it. – ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ – (cracking up) – I’m so confused about everything. – 360° cam, Matrix! – Matrix, there we go.
That’s nice and recent. – ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪
– Dreamy guys! – These boy bands. They get me all hot and bothered. – Ooh, look at that. He just shot Care Bear Stare out. – He’s using that boy band magic. – Yeah, yeah, I can definitely fap to this. – ♪ (imitating lyrics) ♪ ♪ I’m in front of a vintage, expensive car ♪ ♪ Mm, mm ♪ – ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ – (snickering) I don’t know what way I should react to that cause I’m just– I’m confused. – Well, I was not expecting
K-pop on this show. (laughs) ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (Finebros) So what was
that genre of music? – Was it J-pop? – Uh, is that K-pop? – I know it was not American. – These were all K-pop!
– K-pop! – I watch a lot of StarCraft II, and at all the GSL
and StarCraft II tournaments, K-pop plays in-between. So I’m very familiar with K-pop. – I wonder, if over in Korea or Japan,
they call our pop A-pop. – (Finebros) So the first band
is called BIGBANG. – Big Bang theory.
– (Finebros) No, BIGBANG. – Big Bang.
– Just Big Bang theory. – (Finebros) What did
you think of their music video? – Fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap. – I thought it was great. Just like colorful chaos.
Can we call it colorful chaos? – If I had a word to explain
a K-pop video, it’s how it’d be. It was bright colors, dancing,
and stuff I don’t understand. And that one key English line somewhere. – Korean, Korean, Korean–
“Fantastic, baby.” Korean, Korean, Korean…
it doesn’t work for me. – I thought, “This is
the most confusing thing that I’ve watched in the past 48 hours.” Thank you, Fine Brothers. – (Finebros) And then the girl group
is called Girl’s Generation. – I liked them. I wanted to be in their world. – I love Girl’s Generation. I have at least five
or six Girl’s Generation tracks on my phone right now. – I don’t care what they’re saying. I don’t care as long as
they just keep doing it forever. The thing is though, right,
and it’s going to sound terrible, they could be swapped out
for completely different people and I would enjoy it just as much. – I feel like I just went
through a brand new life altering change in my life. It was like the first time
I saw One Direction. I had that exact reaction. And now I see the light
and it’s like, “I have to go home and research everything.” – Pop music in my native language
has become so dumb and watered down,
I almost feel like learning a new language when I listen to it. – Too many girls. I’m sorry.
Too many girls. They gotta half the number of girls. It doesn’t come off as
the straightest thing I’ve ever said. – (Finebros cracks up) – Fewer girls! Take them away! – (Finebros) The last group
is called SHINee. – Fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap. – I’m gonna start a band
just called Spiffy. – They all had really nice hair. I liked their hair. – Ridiculous. He had three
Porsches in the background. Rick Ross, you’d better watch out. – Like a Korean One Direction. I might have just offended a lot of you. I’m so sorry. – I don’t know if I’m old now, but you don’t wear half those outfits out. Be honest. Be honest. Stop it. – They’re very seductive. “We’re a boy band and uh!
Pelvic thrust! Yeah!” Like– (laughing). – They’re not as good as Mr. Mr. – I don’t know, the Care Bear Stare
moment was pretty awesome. If I met a guy in real life
that just came up to me and was like, “Hey, baby, boomf–” and, like, light came flowing out of him and just twinkled around me
like fairy dust, I’d– yes! – (Finebros) What do you know about K-pop? – Nothing. I know zero. – My ex-girlfriend made me
watch a lot of those and I just never understood it. – They spend a lot of money on their videos. – And there’s so many people in the groups. – The more, the more merrier. I would love just a boy band of 30 boys. (laughing) Wait, that’s not a bad idea. (seriously) Wait, why don’t we do that? – I know that’s it’s a type of music
that Meg Turney listens to. (both laugh) – I know that, finally, my extensive
knowledge of foreign pop music has paid off. K-pop is Korean pop music, and it’s taken over where J-pop
was ruling in the early 2000’s. K-pop is, like, the new hotness. And it’s coming to America. Girl’s Generation was on David Letterman. – I’ve heard that these K-pop members go through years of hardcore training. Like, it’s creepy. It’s scary! – (Finebros) Some more
information about K-pop: – Okay. – (Finebros) There are major companies
that put these groups together and train them for years
to produce them into stars, but unlike in the US,
where that’s sometimes frowned upon, it’s embraced in South Korea,
and people can’t wait for the next artist to come out
of these corporations. – That’s very bizarre to me. – It’s kind of like, “What’s the next Pepsi?” but it’s like, “What’s the next K-pop…”
– Yeah. – …band?” – (Finebros) Why do you think
it’s different there versus here? – Uh, it’s really interesting. I guess it kind of changes
my thoughts on it a little bit. We have a little bit of that here; people can be trained and stuff, but it’s not so much groups
just being pumped out constantly. – Here, we’re all about capitalism,
making it on your own. You know? Screw the Man! There’s a very popular
“screw the Man” attitude that America’s always had. Over there, not so much. – When I was growing up, I used to be like, “‘NSYNC was put together and they suck!” But I really don’t care now. If the music’s good– – Now you’re just–
– If the music’s good. – Everyone wants to be the hipster, like, “Oh, I was on that first before anybody even knew about him.” And once you become somebody, they don’t even want you any more. You lose fans. But out there, that’s so different.
I’m going to Korea! – I wanna support people
who do their own thing. I just think they’re kind of–
you can support them both at the same time
without being contradictory. – Yeah, I feel like
there’s benefits to either. I mean, to be the person
that writes your own stuff and comes up through it by yourself. Just because you’re maybe
not so good at song writing, but you’re a great singer/dancer/performer, doesn’t mean that
should be neglected either. – That whole motown system
of creating groups of artists was very much a factory processing
situation for human beings. Maybe K-pop is South Korea’s motown era. – (Finebros) And, finally, K-pop
has some of the fiercest, most dedicated fans on the Internet. – (aggressively) That’s right!
– (coughing) Meg Turney! (laughing) – (Finebros) Why do you think
this pop music has such a rabid following that they would go to fiercely defend it and go after people online
who don’t like it? – I would say I am the same way,
as a “Little Monster”, about Lady Gaga. So if you come for my queen,
I will take you down a peg. – The more something is a niche, the more people will feel ownership, and feel like they need to defend it. – They don’t have to own up
to what they have to say. You know, they can say mean, rude things without having to take
responsibility for the feelings that they hurt on the other side. – The fandom is rabid,
but it’s misguided sometimes, and also it does good sometimes. It’s like Reddit. – You can ask that for many
other mediums and things, like Twilight fans were super defensive. Bieber fans are the most
offensive people on the planet. – Think Justin Bieber times 12, and they put them all in one, and put them in– you know,
that makes sense. I get it. – ‘Cause it makes them super happy, so it’s like, “Why aren’t
you super happy watching this? You should love it just as much as I do. And if you don’t love it,
then I’m not gonna love you.” – K-pop is delicious, and it is beloved, and anybody who tries to mess with that… ATTACK!!!! – ♪ Thanks for watching another
episode of YouTubers React! ♪ – Do you like the show? Well, girl, support it
by subscribing to all of us. – I’ll see ya next time. – You are all fantastic, baby. Bye! – Go download Girl’s Generation. – Did you just say, “Go down on girls?” – I said, “Download!”
What’s wrong with you? – Wait, can we do that again? ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪


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