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The best content writer will deliver top quality SEO content which is matched to your needs perfectly. It sounds like a dream and in many cases it is. There are so many happy content writers online that offer you their services for more or less money. Just which one you should pick, can be a tricky to decide. You can always look for recommendations but keep in mind that each SEO project is unique so you want to hear comments from people in your business.

Leave the Black Hat Alone. Black Hat free directory submission sites list 2018 describes any SEO techniques that are looked upon unfavorably by search engines. They typically try to force search engines to give high rankings to websites that typically wouldn’t get high rankings. While some black hat techniques may work in the short term, they almost never work in the long term, and can even get your site banned from Google.

After you have built content on your blog, it is time to beg the family or close friends to help you proof. This will be painful for you and your proofreader if you have rushed the process. Make the task easy on everyone with a final proof. Remember, any break in flow while reading your article aloud signals a problem. Perfection is impossible to obtain, but that does not mean you should try for perfection in your writing. Friends and family are not the best proofreaders. They often hate to be critical. You, the author, have to filter as much information from their comments as possible, then correct as required.

If you are interlinking your posts, make sure you are using the proper link text. You want the link text leading to your article to be relevant to its content. The words “here” or “site” are not very detailed. The link text basically reinforces the main topic of that page. This is commonly known as Relevance Scoring. If you exchanged links with another Blogger, tell them how they should link back to your site. Many people are unaware that the link text is even important.

Those who make sales are marketers who have something different to offer. This is the reason why many marketers who base their services on the lines of more successful marketers or their mentors, have limited success.

Buddies can help you promote your blog. Not only by emailing their friends, but by helping in forum or blog promotion. While this may seem clandestine to some extent, it does not violate forum terms of service. Overuse of the buddy system of promotion is obvious to Webmasters, blog owners and forum users. Honest promotion, without trickery, is perfectly acceptable. If you want a buddy to promote an article or blog post, select the article with care. Make sure that the promotional post matches the thread topic. Don’t hide the fact that you may know one another. There is nothing unethical about admiring the work of a friend or relative.

What kind of rankings have you achieved with your other clients? How much traffic did your clients see from those results? Why have you picked these phrases? What kind of research has been done to ensure these are the right decisions? How will you show me that your efforts have brought me new business? Is there any kind of guarantee, if I don’t see new customers or rankings?

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