“You can do this” | The Birth Story of Emmy Faith

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– She’s beautiful. (monitor beep) – You did so good baby. (heartbeat) Proud of you. – Oh, god. (uplifting music) – I wonder if she’s gonna look like Molly. Or like, look totally different. Am I going through another one? – Yes. – No. – Yeah, you got up to eight on that one. – Oh, God. – You want some water? (heartbeat) – Here ya go, baby. – I can do it. – You can do it. – I can do it. – You can do it. – It’s going to hurt. – But you can do it. – Just pray over her. Natalie and the body, and for Emmy Faith and thank you for Matt, Natalie (murmurs) Nurses and the doctors are so smart. (heartbeat) – I’m proud of you. – It hurts. A contraction’s coming, right? (exhaling) (crying) – She’s comin’, she’s comin’. – Blow it out and go right back to it. – Come on, baby. Come on. Come on, Natalie. – Push, push, push, push, push. – Oh, that’s awesome. – Come on, come on, come on, Natalie. – There we go, there we go. – Come on, Natalie. – That’s it. – Oh, my God, I see her. (cheering) (uplifting music) – Baby, you did so good. (baby crying) – Six pounds and twelve ounces. (uplifting music) (soft music) – Come here. This is Emmy. This is Emmy, look she
came out of my belly. Can we give her a kiss? Give her a kiss. (kisses) Mwah! I’ll take it. – There you go. Where is she? What’s she doin’? – That’s Emmy, that’s her. – And momma. – And your mom. – Dada. – And that’s dada. – Do you wanna keep her? You wanna keep Emmy? You wanna take her home with us? (laughter) No? You don’t like where that’s going? – Show papa her nose. Right there. Oh, you look so big. Make sure she doesn’t fall over. – I got it. – Oh. – Thank you, yes Emmy loves it. There she is.


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