Wonder Makes Me Take Leaps Of Faith | Phil Evans

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(music plays) Wonder makes me want more out of myself, makes me wanna experience life. If you ask me a year and a half ago if I was gonna be in the United States playing basketball in college I would have told them you’re dreaming. You do only live once I got given a chance to come here I’m taking it I’m Phil Evans and Wonder gave me the hope and the belief that I can achieve anything and I can go anywhere. I was thrown a pretty huge curveball right in my mid 20’s. Fell in a bit of a downward spiral post-accident and depression and anxiety really kicked in. I had a few friends that actually saw me at probably my lowest point. They started a wheelchair basketball team, like a social team that picked me up and forced me to play, that’s the best thing they’ve ever done for me because without that I was lost. Coming to the University of Arizona to study was a way for me to improve my life and the way I’m playing basketball is I wanna be the best out there so I wanna be the best off the court as well and I think the positivity I’m getting from basketball is helping my positivity in my real life. You do win or lose after the game you can actually get off the court and look each other in the eye and say “I gave it my all out there for you” and you can do the same for them that’s what I love about it. After I graduate, I think the big thing is will I be getting back to basketball as well. There’s lots of programs all around the world to help with wheelchair basketball and sports in general that I would like to help out there. Wonder gives me hope that anything is possible in the future. (music plays)


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