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I’m a full-time housewife. I became a housewife when
my husband started working abroad. He wanted me to focus
my attention on the kids. A typical day as a housewife is tending to the house as well as to the children. I want my children to finish their
studies and achieve their goals in life. My husband told me that we should always
remind our children to do what is right. My happiness in life is
when my family is all together. We have a very happy family.
However, life isn’t perfect. My husband became ill. I was really scared. During that time, I was focused
on taking care of my husband, I also worry that my
children might not get the proper guidance. With the things that are happening
in the world today, raising a good child is difficult
in the world today because of the bad influences
surrounding them especially now that you can’t
watch your children 24/7. I can’t teach our children what’s
right without God’s guidance. Since January, my husband was in pain. The doctor thought it was just muscle spasms. So, he only underwent rehab therapy. But it was not effective. So, he got an MRI. “I feel like the MRI results won’t be good.”
my husband said. We prayed and asked that
the MRI results would be good. The MRI results came back. The MRI showed a tumor in his spine. The doctor referred us to
an Oncologist in Medical City Hospital. When we arrived, the Oncologist told us that if there was an
infection in his spine, he would not be able to walk.
It will hurt a lot. They told us to prepare ourselves
as it might not be an infection, it might be malignant. He might need aggressive medication. He might need to undergo chemotherapy. They scheduled a biopsy two days after his operation. They would have to open his spine
to see if the tumor was malignant or benign. That was a very critical thing
to find out. If they were to operate, there was a
chance he could be in a vegetative state. That could have been a consequence
of the operation. It was hard dealing with the reality that
he could pass away at anytime. He told me, “Do not be afraid,
let us pray instead.” We really relied on prayer. Every time we pray, we always ask God, “We hope that
we are doing the correct treatment process for him.” He did not disregard taking his medication. His tumor shrank. Eventually, he had his biopsy without surgery. When the results of the biopsy came in,
I went to go get them. It was stated there that the tumor
taken from him was benign. It means that he doesn’t have cancer. We hugged each other. We cried. And then we thanked God.
“Thank You for healing him,” I prayed. What the doctor said came true: “If that’s
only an infection, you will not be able to move.” When the tumor shrank,
it only became an infection. He couldn’t sleep due to severe pain. The tumor was in his cervical spine. He couldn’t support the weight of his head
so he had to wear a brace. Every time he wanted to stand up,
I would carry him. I would feed him
because he cannot eat by himself. For three months, he did not receive
his salary because he cannot work. His medicine is also expensive. We couldn’t use his health card
because the doctor is not accredited. So, we sold our car. Of course, I had to think how
am I going to help myself. I talked to my to older children, “Ready yourselves because
you might stop your studies.” I would sell food like Sisig
online and deliver it. I bought him a reclining chair
because he wasn’t able to sit up straight. He had to lie down. I would bring that chair whenever
he attends worship service. He would stay at the back of the chapel.
He was really weak then. But I told him, “Attend the worship service
as long as you can.” That’s what gives us strength. The worship service is what strengthens us. Slowly, he recovered his strength, until we
didn’t need his reclining chair anymore. He can already lift his head. He’s getting stronger every day. It was October when he returned to his work. But before that, we prioritized his Church duty. We have been performing our
Church duties for a month now. He is extremely happy. It was prayer that got us
through this trial. Whenever they ask me how is
my husband, what help they can give, I say to them, “Prayer,
a lot of prayers, is what we need.” As a Church Of Christ member,
I have faith that God is the One Who healed him. During these tests, I never thought of missing
worship services or leaving the Church, We all the more drew near to God. We held on to our prayers. We even became sweeter as couple. I thought to myself
that this trial we went through was good for us. What Brother Eduardo taught
brought us great blessings. If the youth learn from what was taught, it will serve as their weapon against wrong doings. It made me reflect on all the things
we’ve gone through. It’s true that, when our
Lord Jesus Christ’s return is near, a lot of troubles will happen in the
world and even in our personal lives. It’s true because it happened to us.
We also went through sudden trials. But, because we remain firm and
entrust all our cares to God, we were able to pass through the tests. I am very happy that I am
a member of the Church Of Christ. If I wasn’t a member of the Church Of Christ,
I wouldn’t have raised a happy family.


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  1. Rose Mae V

    December 25, 2019 8:39 am

    Ang Ama talaga ay mabuti sa lahat ng kanyang mga anak. Sundin mo lang mga kautusan Niya ay ibibigay Niya ang tulong na kailangan natin.🤗🙏


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