Will Separation of Religion and State Undermine Jewish Identity? Moshe Feiglin Answers

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The connection between religion and state undermines Jewish identity It doesn’t create Jewish identity, it just creates antagonism. It creates a struggle instead of dialogue between the different parts of society and it undermines Jewish identity The person who insisted that there would be the connection between religion and state was Ben Gurion, who wanted “the state to hold religion in its hand” That is how Ben Gurion spoke We know that every place that there is not coercion Jewish identity flourishes For example, most Jews in Israel do not travel on Yom Kippur circumcision, and many more examples Every place where there is religious coercion, just the opposite occurs Those who do not wish to marry according to Jewish law run to get married in Cyprus In order not to feel that the state married them or obligated them to do something This is the way. We are in an era of liberty not in an era of coercion. ZEHUT. The hope for your liberty.


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