Wilfred’s Leap of Faith

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Mitawa Village, Malawi In the beginning, God created the
earth. He started with the environment. And later He created man to take care of the environment. The way rain is falling. It’s changing. We are harvesting so little. Our women in the community used to
fight for water when they went to the wells. My name is Wilfred Charles. I’m married. I have four kids. Wilfred’s village of Mitawa has suffered from consecutive droughts, made worse by El Niño. When I was one year old, there was
a famine and not enough food. I was underweight. In 2010, USAID introduced Wilfred’s community to irrigation to supply water to their crops. We heard about irrigation farming
when an extension worker came. In the first days 269 farmers registered. But, after seeing that the work was really
hard, only six remained. We started in 2010 and by 2013 we
had finished. People thought we were crazy. To support them during the building of the irrigation canals, Wilfred and his community received food aid. The first day the irrigation water
reached our fields, it was like a dream come true. Now our land is protected from soil erosion. Our rivers are not drying up and we are doing irrigation farming. If the six men did not show up, the whole community would now be facing hunger and our children would be malnourished. The irrigation project has helped the entire village feed itself despite the droughts. Now I can see that the future for my kids is bright. This community means a lot to me
because at first we thought we could not do anything. But now, we are confident because we have water. People are happily cultivating. Many have built houses through that and they have started to thank us. USAID is helping Malawians—half of whom still suffer from hunger—to adapt and withstand droughts. And grow more resilient futures.


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