When Presentation Supersedes Doctrine, Part 6 – 1 Corinthians 2:15-16


let’s get into God’s word shall we first
Corinthians chapter 2 and today it will be verses 15 and 16 I’ll have you turn there at this time
and then once you do if you’re able ask you to stand you can follow along
with me as I read the text I’ll begin reading in verse 15 where
the Apostle Paul by the Holy Spirit writes the spiritual
man makes judgments about all things but he himself is not subject to any man’s judgment for verse sixteen who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct him but we have the mind of Christ lets pray we’ll ask
God’s blessing loving Heavenly Father we would ask you at this time to settle our hearts and focus our attention upon
you and you alone that which you would desire to speak into our lives through this
portion that we have open before us in Your word we need for
the Holy Spirit to give us eyes have understanding supple hearts that we might receive the seed of your word that it
might germinate and sprout and bear much fruit Lord I don’t think there’s a one of us here today in this wonderful
church that wants to miss anything that you have for us so Lord
get our attention and keep our attention that no
distraction keep us from that which you desire to minister
to us we pray in Jesus name Amen you can be seated thank you today’s teaching is part 6 of the series I’ve titled when
presentation supersedes doctrine with today’s study will finish this second chapter of first Corinthians if
you were to put a caption on this chapter it would
probably have to be something along the lines
of a man in the natural can impede the Lord in the spiritual I’m hoping that today you’ll bear with me I want to though differently quickly revisit the
first five consequences I’ll call them of the Carnel Christian impeding even supplanting the things of the
spirit what I mean by differently is I wanna
present it as we review it differently in the sense
that I’m gonna frame each of them in the form of a question within the
context of that specific passage and as I do I would just simply and humbly ask that you ponder these questions in your heart and
perhaps more importantly allow the Holy Spirit to search your heart concerning them the
first one is in verses 1&2 and as we saw a man’s carnality can come at
the expense of the gospel now here’s the question: am I more attracted to the charismatic eloquence and the flashy personality of man then I am the simplicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ and him crucified I’ll just give your a moment and again allow
the Holy Spirit to search your heart which of the two am I more attracted to number two this is a versus 3 through
5 man’s carnality can empty out the power of the gospel now here’s the question: this one
actually a two-fold question is my christianity built upon a man or a man’s personality and here’s the second part if so could this be why my Christian
experience is riddled with powerlessness and even emptiness number three this was a verses 6 through 8 mans carnality can complete with the wisdom of God now here’s the
question: could my brand of Christianity be described as a hybrid of sorts there’s this watering down if you prefer by virtue of of my cross-breeding the worldly wisdom of man with the wisdom of God would that described my brand of Christianity number four and this is in verses 9 through 11
man’s carnality can hamper that deep things of God again a 2 fold question first could my brand of Christianity be
characterized as shallow maybe I could say surfacey kinda plastic and even fake am I spiritually immature if you were to peal that mask away here’s second part if so if that is a characterization of your brand of Christianity my brand
of Christianity then could this explain my inability to grasp comprehend receive understand that deep things of God number five and this was in verses 12 through 14 man’s carnality can hinder the Spirit of God two fold question again have I lost my appetite and my desire for the things have God I i no longer crave them as I once did I seem to have maybe developed a taste more for the
things in the world than I have the things of God the second part of the
question do I realize it’s because of a prolonged grieving of and even a quenching of the Spirit of God do I see that as the reason for the lost of that appetite for the things of God well that brings us to our sixth one
today in verses 15 and 16 where we see that man’s carnality can keep unknown hidden if you prefer the mind of God in verse 15 Paul says the spiritual man makes
judgments about all things but the spiritual man is not subject to any judgment by the natural man and the in verse 16 he goes on to
rhetorically ask this question who has known the mind of the Lord that
he may instruct Him then he says but I noticed the
distinction here we have the mind of Christ conversely we have the mind of Christ now it’s interesting to note that this isn’t the first time the Apostle
Paul has said this or wrote this to a church He’s
actually echoing hear what he wrote to the church
in Rome as it relates to this question of who has known the
mind of God them are fightin words if you really
think about it there’s almost up sanctified sarcasm as I see it Romans 11 versus 33 through 36 he writes oh the depth above the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God how unsearchable his judgments and his paths beyond
tracing out who is known the mind of the Lord or who
has been his counselor he asks that just a little bit
differently but he goes on to say in verse 35 who is ever given to God that God should
repay him and then in verse 36 I love this he says for from Him and through Him and to Him are all things to Him be the glory forever Amen you kind of get the impression that who is like unto our God who and how is it possible for any man
to know this God those who have the mind of Christ can they can discern it they can possess the wisdom and knowledge of God absent the mind of Christ this is
impossible now before we sort through this we need to note what Paul it’s not saying namely that we as Christians are above being judged or criticize oh
my goodness if I had a penny not a nickel not a dime on a
dollar one penny for every time someone said to me you
can’t judge me you’re not the judge me and they said
just like that just one penny on I could tithe it and I we could probably get our own builder who knows that’s not what he’s saying here he’s not saying we can’t be judge no man can
be judged no what Paul is saying here is that if we have the mind of Christ by way of the
Spirit of Christ because of that were not subject to the
judgment of any finite man how is it possible when you possess the infinite mind of
Christ by way of the Spirit of Christ that you
would come under the judgment up the finite you possess the infinite it is impossible for the finite to judge the infinite now we also need to note Paul’s clear distinction
between the natural man and the spiritual man and we need to do
so chiefly within the context of the mind
of Christ more specifically having processing the
mind of Christ in other words the natural man does not and cannot have the mind of Christ whereas conversely the spiritual man
does and can have the mind of Christ oh pastor that’s a firm grasp of the
obvious I mean duh well I would suggest that we as Christians are often times more prone to think and act like the natural man then we are the spiritual man keep in mind that this epistle is
written to a church what do you find in church christians so doesn’t it stand to reason
that we can rightfully conclude that this is being
addressed to Christians can we also rightly conclude that the
issue at hand what Paul is wanting to communicate to
them as yes you can be a Christian you can still function like and act more
like the natural then the spiritual let me say it this way just because I’m a
Christian doesn’t automatically mean I will be a
spiritual Christian the fact of the matter is I may still be
a carnal Christian then it will be evidenced in how I live
my life in the natural I think in the natural not the spiritual what I do is carnel it bears out in my carnality not my spirituality sadly when a Christian thinks like and acts like the natural man there’ll be absolutely no difference
between them and a non-christian I suppose this is the question in keeping with the previous questions
throughout this series in this chapter as a Christian think this through it me as a Christian is there any difference between how I live my life and the
non-christian lives their life you likely heard it said that and asked if there was if there would be enough evidence to
convict you as a Christian are you an undercover Christian I don’t dare say closet Christian I yeah there I said it are we incognito we go to church we talked the talk and we try to walk the walk on Sunday but come Monday morning I owe I owe so off to work I go and then at the workplace my coworkers my boss
God forbid they look at you and say oh you know you’re a Christian well you sure don’t talk like one I mean you you have the same foul and filthy mouth
that everybody else does one of the things that over the years I and I’m trying to
instill this in mind teenage sons is that the world will look at you as being peculiar and they will have an
unspeakable respect for you when you don’t talk
like everybody else does and especially when it comes to the
young ladies that especially with my second born son
Levi he has like an entourage it’s just terrible I just Lord come quickly he says hey we’re gonna go to the beach and I say okay who
he starts listening these names and they’re all girls wow really Son sit down we need to talk they will have respect for you son if there’s a peculiarity about you son you don’t laugh at those filthy jokes from the potty
mouths of your classmates there’s something different about you you’re not like them you don’t talk that
way you don’t act that way they will respect you like
you can even believe well so too is this true for us the world is watching us you know our lives the scriptures say are like a living epistles you what that
means we’re living letter people are reading
the letter of our Christian witness especially in the workplace in our neighborhood in our family they’re watching us they’re reading us when they do read us are the reading a
fiction is this just fiction you say you’re a Christian but I get the impression that this is fiction what I’m reading is in
really true it has no basis in reality the question really becomes in my set
apart from the world am I peculiar to the world this is what the Apostle
Peter writes in his first epistle where he explains
this dynamic I believe ever so beautifully its
chapter two verse 9 I love in the King James let me read it but you are a chosen generation a royal priesthood and holy nation a peculiar people now when you when you think about the word peculiar
doesn’t it just conjure up certain negative connotations in your
mind other peculiar they’re different nobody was to be different I wanna fit in I wanna be cool and thus the pressure to acquiesce to the carnality of the world a peculiar people why that ye should shew forth the praises of him who have
called you listen to this out of darkness into his marvelous light did you catch that here’s where I’m going with this God has called us out of the darkness of the natural man into the marvelous light of the spiritual man but here’s the thing we have a huge problem the problem is
that the majority a us as Christians can seem somewhat content to live our Christian lives carnaliy in the natural that’s our native
language it comes easier for us it’s more fitting to us we were accustomed to it I suppose you could say that to do so means you’re still in the dark more specifically you’re still in the
dark concerning the spiritual man which is why you’re still in the dark
concerning the mind of Christ this is why you cannot discern the
things of the Spirit the mind of the Lord and here’s how I
get there instead of the spirit being fed the
Spirit of Christ has been grieved even quenched and when one grieves the Spirit of Christ there’s no
hope of having the mind of Christ now am i suggesting that a true Christian can live their lives in the dark without having the mind of Christ well yes and no no in the sense of that this is no way for a Christian to live Jesus said I came to give you life and
life more up abundantly that’s not in the
material a fulfilling life a joyful life if you’re living in the dark not possessing the mind of Christ then I would say to you in love that you are living a life that Jesus did not come and die for to give you and maybe that’s the reason why you’re life is so unfulfilled even empty what do you mean well think about it
fulfilled how about this holy be holy as he is holy what does that mean again we have these ideas in our mind of what holiness looks
like it looks like a robe with a collar and incense (chants) I’m sorry that was kinda rude forgive me and pray for me too I I need prayer that’s what holiness is well what is it holiness means to be whole not half not a third not a fraction of no to have a joyful full of whole holy as he is whole and only he can grant the wholeness slash holiness as he is it is impossible for us absent the Holy Spirit to live a holy
life the one that is to be pitied is the one
who is trying to live the Christian life in the energy of their own flash I just
need to try harder to be a good Christian really how’s that working out for you you know my greatest fear sometimes is
that some will leave this wonderful church thinking I’m gonna try harder I’m gonna do better I’m gonna
start right now and I feel so sorry for you because
you’re gonna make it to about about Kam highway and you’re gonna blow it cuz somebody’s gonna
pull out in front of you cut you off and they go to this church and have a fish on the back in their car and the driver looks like your pastor listen I better move on because I need too it is possible for a Christian who never
matures in the spiritual to go on living their
Christian lives in the dark in the natural and let me give you an example my son
to be 16 in 14 year old sons are more mature to handle that which
my seven-year-old daughter cannot I can share things with them that their able to comprehend because
of their maturity and so too is this true in the spiritual
sense such that absent this spiritual maturity we as Christians can never hope to handle and have the mind of Christ I’m going to take it a step further and say that absent this spiritual maturity we as
Christians will be spiritually handicapped and I say that with such a love and compassion in my heart for those who are physically handicapped
I’m gonna take it even further and say that we have the ability to absent this spiritual maturity and the mind of Christ that comes with
it to be spiritually retarded and again I say that with all love and compassion for those who know or maybe even in some way are mentally handicapped in that way but there is
such a thing as being spiritually retarded you’re incapable you’re handicapped now I know that might seem a little
blunt but let me hasten to say that there’s
probably not a one of us here that would ever wish to live this way right I think everyone of us desires a
spiritual growth and a spiritual maturity in our relationship with and our knowledge of the person of Jesus Christ is that not why you’re here
this morning you certainly didn’t come here for the
comfortable seating right you didn’t come here for the fabulous
entertainment if you did you need to go to a there’s
plenty of other places you can go for something like
that if that’s your ilk you came here because God meets you here and God speaks through the donkey that
has the privilege of being the pastor here and He speaks very personally sometimes
very confidentially to that that matter of your heart that only you and he know and that’s why
you know it’s Him because only he could know that
about you and that’s why the Holy Spirit and
that’s why you’re here you wanna hear from the Lord you wanna hear the Lord speak reminds me of the men walking on the road after the
crucifixion and they were just pondering about how the words of Christ just burned within you it just had such a impact on them and you know when it is that he’s spoken
to you and it’s very specific in fact I know for me when God does that and
yes he does that with me in fact I’m convinced sometimes He more so with me and I mean I’m sitting there and God is speaking to me and i’m
looking around on I wonder if everybody knows but that was
for me you know and sometimes a hide underneath
the pulpit nobody else needed to be here that was
for me me ouch only the Lord can do that now I have to address this again because I know that
there are those who would argue what’s the big deal come on I mean why are you so intense man lighten up you know I’m doing just fine thank you very much I’m getting along just fine in the mind of Christ mind of
Christ I mean you know why do you have to be
so deep okay I would just simply and humbly say in closing you my friend have absolutely no idea what you’re missing or maybe you don’t have any idea that something is even missing and I say that because had you but
tasted from the cup of the fullness of joy as those who have the mind of Christ have tasted from you’d be so ruined so spoiled you’d never be able to go back to
anything else I think about coffee I love coffee I
believe there’s gonna be coffee in heaven we’ll see yeah enter in good and
faithful servant right over here oh I could smell it now
Lord hallelujah I’ll tell you when you taste a really good quality coffee instant coffee don’t cut
it anymore can I get a witness on that one I right can we talk I mean but why then is it that we seem to be okay
with our instant coffee Christianity drive-through Christianity fast-food Christianity would to God the Spirit of God be allowed unfettered access to the
people of God vis-a-vis the Word of God so we would have the mind of God the holiness of God the fullness of God I want to leave you with Psalm 16 I’m
just gonna read verse 11 the whole Psalm is just fabulous I can say it that way You have made known to me the path of life You will listen fill me with joy in Your presence another translation
renders it in Your presence oh Lord is fullness of joy with eternal pleasures at your right hand verse 5 Lord you have assigned me my portion and my Cup what Cup are you drinking
from today what does it taste like is it instant you’re missing out my hope for you myself as well is that we would be numbered amongst
those who have tasted from that cup of the fullness of joy let’s pray Lord I thank you for just these two verses here in your word and for all that we can take with us from them but Lord unless the Holy Spirit enables us to assimilate this and
process this and realize this in our own lives we’re
gonna labor in vain so please Lord will you begin that
process of doing just that we pray in Jesus name Amen


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  1. RANJO517

    May 19, 2014 12:44 pm

    "For GOD so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."  kjv Jn3:16

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    I love the Word and I'm so glad you talk about prophecy cause not many do, Praise God!

  4. Christina Martinez

    May 24, 2014 8:41 pm

    I love the Word and I'm so glad you talk about prophecy cause not many do, Praise God!

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    Wrong Pastor , they won't respect you because you're kind , gentle and don't say rude words , they'll squash you if you don't live like they live and talk like they talk , Times have changed Pastor the truth of yesterday is no more the truth of today , in the USA as well as in Europe .


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