When Presentation Supersedes Doctrine, Part 3 – 1 Corinthians 2:6-8


I want to welcome you here this morning if
you’re visiting with us we’re delighted that you’re here and trust that you’ll
be blessed that you came we’re going through on Sunday mornings
the a book of first Corinthians and today we’re going to be in Chapter 2 our text will be verses 6 through 8
however for the sake of context will begin
reading in verse 1 once you find your way there if
you’re able ask you to stand you can follow along with me as I read
if you’re unable that’s alright so follow along beginning in
verse 1 first Corinthians 2 where the Apostle Paul by the Holy
Spirit writes when I came to you brothers I did not
come with eloquence or superior wisdom as I proclaimed to you the testimony about
God for I resolved to know nothing while I
was with you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified I came to you verse three in weakness and fear and with much trembling my message and my preaching verse four were not with wise and persuasive
words but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s
power so that your faith might not rest on man’s wisdom but on God’s power now verse six we do however speak a message wisdom among the mature but not the wisdom of this age or of the rulers up this age who are
coming to nothing no verse seven we speak up God’s secret wisdom a wisdom that has been hidden and that
God destined for our glory before time began none of the rulers verse eight of this age understood it for if they had a they
would not have crucified the Lord of Glory let’s pray we’ll ask God’s blessing on our understanding of
this rather complicated passage here loving Heavenly Father we’re posturing ourselves before you this
morning with an awe and a reverence and a gratitude for you for you word for this portion here in your word that we know is here because there’s something you want us to hear and heed but Lord unless the Holy Spirit
gives us eyes of understanding minds that are clear and able to comprehend and hearts that are supple we have no hope lof seeing that which you would desire
to show to us this morning so we’re gonna ask you to teach us to speak to us to minister to us we need to hear from you as you speak by the Holy Spirit through your holy word into our
lives so Lord will you we’re asking you in Jesus name Amen you can be seated thank you today’s teaching gonna be part 3 of a series we began a few weeks ago titled
when presentation supersedes doctrine whats becoming abundantly clear in our study in both this chapter and even the previous chapter here in 1st
Corinthians is that we as believers in Jesus Christ
can actually be a danger even a threat to the gospel more specifically our personalities our intellect in concert with cooperating
with really the wisdom of this world has the propensity to get in God’s Way and in so doing steal the spotlight as it were putting the focus at the
attention on us our personalities our intellect and not on the Lord now it’s so important to understand that this does not mean we as believers in Jesus Christ
shouldn’t have a personality oh my goodness if that were the case you
might as well all go home and I’ll be at the front of
the line we in no way should ever assassinate our God-given intellect and here’s why it’s not really a matter whether or not
we have a dynamic and charismatic personality or
even a brilliant mind or intellect it’s really a matter of does it have
us maybe better said does what I possess possess me because if it does then it has the potential to supersede
overshadow the wisdom from God and the Word of God and this is in fact what was taking place there in Corinth in the church there in Corinth they had
so esteemed and valued the eloquence and the intellect of man that they had risen them above that of the Lord and his word now when that happens it can come at the
expense of the gospel of God which was our first one in verses 1&2 here Paul says the reason he didn’t come to them with that eloquence as
perhaps they wanted or that superior wisdom of man as they had a esteemed was because he
deliberately resolved to know nothing except Jesus Christ and Him crucified and thats what he wanted the spotlight
on the focus of their attention to be on and that alone only in addition to coming at the expense of
the gospel it secondly can empty out the power of
the gospel which is what we saw on Versus 3 through
5 this where Paul says he came in weakness and in fear which is interesting
considering who the Apostle Paul was he was the antithesis of weakness and fear he was very strong and very fearless which again is evidence of this being of his own volition he deliberately did this weakness and
fear with much trembling in his preaching why well he tells us its so that their
faith our faith would not rest on man’s wisdom but on God’s power a demonstration of the power of God and were it to
rest on his eloquence his superior oratory skills his strength his fearlessness well then all of a sudden now his
preaching steals the spotlight and then now it rests on him the spotlight is on him and it’s not on God and the power of God well this brings us to our text
today in verses six through eight where we find
a very interesting one and might I even say a very gnarly one for
lack of a better word it’s our third one which is simply this it can compete with the wisdom of God now verse six Paul says that he presented God’s wisdom not man’s wisdom and there is a
difference just ask James in fact James delineates between the wisdom of God and the wisdom
of man the worldly wisdom the earthly wisdom
from below that is sensual and shelf focused and
self-absorbed as contrasted by the wisdom from
above which is first and foremost pure and peaceable and gentle and easy to be entreated full of mercy
and good fruits without partiality or hypocrisy bearing fruit that’s the
wisdom from above that’s the wisdom of God and that’s what he presented to them it
was God’s wisdom not man’s wisdom and then he says something
very interesting he says it was among the mature what do you mean well hopefully the Holy
Spirit will give us understanding as to why he would
write what he would write and then he says
this he says its also because the world’s
wisdom is coming to nothing the world’s wisdom leads to nothing then in verse 7 he
says this he says God’s wisdom is a secret a secret but why would it be a secret and it’s a wisdom that’s not only secret
but it’s been hidden it’s been hidden why would God hide it why would God keep it secret oh well he says this its a wisdom that God destined for our glory before time began Then in verse eight takes it a step further
and he says none of the rulers of this age
understood it because had they understood it they
wouldn’t have crucified the Lord Jesus now I have to confess
that when I sat myself down and opened up the scriptures and waited on the Lord to give me
understanding into what verses six through eight were
saying I had considerable difficulty because it
was really hard to understand what it is that Paul was trying to
communicate there’s there’s a reason Paul would say
what he would say the way he would say it now why would he say it that way well what Paul is trying to communicate
here is that the wisdom of this age presented by the rulers of this age is bringing them to nothing but emptiness in other words man’s wisdom the wisdom the world has to
offer actually has nothing to offer let me say the
same thing a different way the best that the world has to offer the wisdom that the world has to offer has nothing at all to offer it’s nothing it comes to nothing and that’s what he’s
saying and it brings us them we to nothing but empty and actually other than emptiness it brings defeat despair doom damnation that’s the wisdom of man
that’s the end of the wisdom of man and then Paul even and I love it when it
when he does this I love this about Paul he’s kinda got this sort of this posture of a
prosecuting attorney its kinda remember the Perry Mason TV series of course you don’t you cuz you’re
younger then that I just dated myself didn’t I wasn’t that i mean wasn’t it just amazing because here you are in the court then all of a
sudden you’re my eyes were just open it was one of those aha moments you know when yah wow that is so good and thats what Paul
does and I love that about Paul he’s gonna present evidence of why worldly wisdom comes to nothing with
what I’m gonna call exhibit A is that okay it has to be because I just did but it’s
this rejecting of and the crucifying of the Lord of Glory just by virtue of the
fact that he would call the Savior the Lord of Glory has
far-reaching ramifications at least as far as the Corinthians were
concerned a term a name reserved only for Jesus Christ now we have a problem here this is caused great consternation amongst some and I suppose that in all fairness one could argue that the
rulers of this age didn’t stand a chance I mean after
all God’s wisdom was secret it was hidden and one could arguably reach the
conclusion that had they known I of this secret wisdom
that was hidden from them they wouldn’t have crucified the Lord of
Glory and with a further reason that because they didn’t understand God’s
wisdom the naively innocently unknowingly crucified the Lord of Glory so all of a sudden now God’s on trial now God has to defend himself because he’s now being
accused ever so subtly and satanically of being unjust unrighteous unfair for hiding and keeping secret this wisdom from
above now that might sound right but it’s wrong on every level and this
for a number of reasons not the least of which is the exact
opposite is true and that should come as no
surprise satan reverses perverts twists corrupts everything in fact by way of illustration live L I V E backwards twisted flipped around corrupted perverted is Evil E V I L its interesting in the garden the tree of
the knowledge of good and Evil and Satan is Evil and he will twist everything around so its Evil and that’s what he does here all of a
sudden now God is unjust God is on trial is the exact opposite
that’s true and let me explain why they didn’t reject and crucified Christ because God’s wisdom was hidden God’s
wisdom was hidden because God foreknew they would reject and crucify Christ he’s omniscient is he not he is all knowing you knows the end from
the beginning before the foundations of the earth so he foreknew that they would reject
him so because of that he kept it hidden
from them now Lord willing we’re gonna see this
more clearly next week but for now suffice it to say
and don’t miss this God won’t reveal his wisdom to those he knows will rejected it really why because were God to reveal his wisdom to
those he knows will reject it then God in effect could become party to their disobedience and that is
inconsistent incompatible with the nature of who God is he does not tempt with evil he cannot lead us to sin that would be evil I’m of the belief that it’s for this
reason God in his sovereignty and grace and
mercy will withhold revelation of his wisdom from those he knows will reject well isn’t that that’s cruel no its not that’s unjust no it’s not again it’s the opposite
that’s true by virtue of how God is being merciful He’s sparing them of more stripes more stripes what do you mean well in Luke’s Gospel the
twelfth chapter verses 47 and 48 Jesus by way of the parable explains how those who don’t know won’t suffer as great of a judgment what you mean listen the grandmother the tutu who rejected Jesus Christ never accepted
Jesus Christ as her Savior was never born again and
entered eternity will not suffer the same fate in
eternity in hell as someone like Adolf Hitler there’s a difference there’s a
delineation between the punishment the damnation in hell listen to what Jesus said Bruce 47 Luke
12 and that servant who knew his masters
will and did not prepare himself or do according to His will shall be beaten with many stripes in other words he knew
he knew any still rejected it now contrast that in
verse 48 but he who did not know yet committed things deserving of stripes shall be
beaten with a few now wait a minute that’s not fair no for everyone to whom much is given from him much will be required and to whom much has been committed of him they will ask for more wait a minute what are you saying what i’m saying is and what the Apostle
Paul is saying here is that God in His mercy will keep his
revelation his wisdom hidden knowing we’re gonna rejected and
in so doing in his mercy he is saving us from more
stripes the more stripes that we would be more
deserving of by knowing it and still rejecting
it in other words because God knew that he
would be rejected by them he withheld from them that which would
have meant more stripes for them and this is why God is not
being cruel in hiding the secret the wisdom from them rather he’s being merciful this is the mercy of God this is the
grace of God this is the loving-kindness of God that’s
who God is that’s the nature of who God is some one suggested and I’m of the belief that there is much merit to this that one of the reasons Jesus spoke in parables was because of his mercy to the Jews he knew they were going to reject him and that’s why he spoke in parables to
keep it hidden from them consider Matthew 13 versus 10 through 13 the disciples came to him speaking of
Jesus and asked why did you speak to the people in
parables he replied verse 11 the knowledge of those secrets of the Kingdom of
Heaven has been given to you but not to them whoever has here it is again: will be
given more and he will have an abundance whoever
does not have even what he has will be taken from him this is why I speak to them in parables
those seeing listen though seeing they do not see though hearing they do not hear or
understand I being merciful to them that’s why I teach in parables and keeping it hidden from them the
vis-a-vis those parables in my mercy I mean think about
it if God were really cruel he wouldn’t
speak in parables he would speak very plainly knowing they
were gonna reject it and then they would be beaten with many
stripes because of it that’s not God that is cruel but that’s
not God alright here’s where I’m going with all this our
not understanding of the wisdom of God comes vis-a-vis our acquiescing to the wisdom of the world what do you mean well the wisdom of the
world is at enmity with the wisdom of God and as such its in direct competition and opposition to the wisdom of God and this is exactly what had happened to the Corinthian church such that
they lost they lost the competition I mean come on
let’s be honest you can try to compete but you’ll never
be victorious and so they lost the competition as it
were and acquiesced to the wisdom of the world and that cost was too great to mention unspeakable this opposition from the world gave way to their competing with the
world and here’s what happened it lead to a crossbreeding of their Christianity and it created a hybrid sorts you understand what I mean by a hybrid you know in the automobiles we now have these hybrids that are a
cross-breeding of electric and gas thats a hybrid it’s a it’s a cross breeding in in the I don’t even know they call the word I
never went to college actually but you know when they are
cross-pollinate what’s the and so you know I should have just stopped at the car but but that’s what the it done with their
Christianity there was this cross-breeding with the
world the wisdom of God was crossbred with the wisdom of the world and the result a hybrid
Christianity and this is why the wisdom of God remained hidden and this is also why they were lacking carnal immature spiritually this is why he would say the it was only for the mature the wisdom of God is hidden why because you got a hybrid and this hybrid
Christianity that you have it resembles nothing like the Christianity of the Bible by the way if you ever had someone say
to you when you been sharing the gospel with them and you know
just kinda sharing your faith with them and
witnessing to them and and they’ll say something like this: well
you know I tried that Christianity thing and it just didn’t work for me work for me okay are you sure that you tried the right
Christianity because there’s a lot of different
brands of Christianity in fact it sounds to me like what you tried that didn’t work was a
hybrid no wonder didn’t work that’s why you’ve drunk only from the hybrid Christianity that man has to offer and
by the way that’s why it didn’t work it came to nothing yet
offer you nothing what’s it going to offer you a watered-down crossbred fake substitute that has marred spoiled the purity of the original could this be
why we need to look no further for the reason
as to why so many people doubt are tossed about in their double minded Christianity if this sounds like James that’s because
this sounds like James which were gonna look at here
momentarily could this be why lacking the wisdom of God not receiving or understanding wisdom
from God the wisdom from above could it be the result up this double
minded hybrid Christianity this this blending this breeding of what
the world has to offer nothing with what God in his wisdom has to offer everything James one I’m sure you’re familiar with
this but I want us to listen and read what he has to say through the lens of what the Apostle
Paul had to say to the Corinthians verses two
through eight you can turn their follow along all
began reading verse 2 consider it pure joy my brothers whenever you face trials on many kinds when I first came to Christ I hated
verse two James one consider it pure joy really when you’ve faced you know various kinds of trials
I don’t consider it pure joy what are you talking about well he tells us
why verse 3 because you know that that testing for your faith
develops perseverance and thats not all perseverance must verse four must finish its work so that you may be listen to this
word mature and complete not lacking anything now listen to what he says verse five
if any have you lacks wisdom the wisdom of God you should ask God who gives generously to all without
finding fault and it will be given to him but verse 6 when he asked he must believe and not doubt and here’s why because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea blown and tossed
by the wind that man should not think he’ll receive anything from the Lord he’s a double
minded man unstable in all he does might I add immature in all that he does because of it I want to in closing provide you with two real time examples of what this hybrid Christianity
actually looks like sadly I didn’t have to look far to find them hybrid christianity is
alive and well today like it was in the Corinthians day here’s the first one catholicism catholicism it’s a hybrid of Mary and Jesus that’s hybrid Christianity Mary has
nothing to offer Mary is not co-redemptrix she’s not my Redeemer I don’t pray to
Mary today interestingly watching the news big thing going on right now at the
vatican you know that you hear about this the first time in history two popes are gonna be given saint status i don’t know what the proper name of it is in other words they are gonna be elevated to saints I’m thinking wow my Bible tells me this is not a hybrid by the way my Bible
tells me that I’m already a saint in fact and there was no big ceremony
celebration oh there was in heaven when I got saved when I surrendered my
life to Jesus Christ and passed from death on to life they were
rejoicing in heaven I had entered sainthood dan ta da da sorry that was a little loud but and according to my Bible check this out Saint JD it doesn’t have much of a
ring like maybe some of your names
especially if your name is Paul it just has a better ring you’re Saint Paul you’re saint you put your name then you’re a saint you’ve already entered sainthood its kind of interesting because apparently Pope John Paul the second was
fast-tracked I guess according to roman Catholicism he had to have had one more extra
miracle in order to qualify for sainthood I’m
thinking really so they can I guess they waived that
requirement and I mean one miracle short but they’re still
gonna give sainthood to two Popes while two living Popes are in attendance never happened before
in history amazing that’s hybrid Christianity that’s not
true Christianity look at the result look at the damage that this hybrid Christianity cross-breeding a Mary the mother of
Jesus with the Savior Jesus himself that’s what hybrid looks like now here’s
a second one perhaps closer to home for some of us its denominationalism how’s that a hybrid well denominationalism is a hybrid because of man’s legalism being cross bread with God’s grace that’s a hybrid that’s a hybrid the emphasis on works growing up as a child I was raised in
the denominational world the arena of legalism and I remember my uncle
who is an ordained pastor once being asked by another family
member how many movie should a Christian go to every you know per year his answer 1 per year not two 1 only a Christian can only
go to one movie a year no wonder you know this that really
explains my neurosis because I grew up in that and I grew up
thinking that you know Christianity was a a list of do’s and don’ts can I still smoke and go to heaven I love the answer that actually Pastor
Chuck gave to that he said sure in fact if you smoke cigarettes you can
not only still going to heaven you’ll probably get there before anybody
else hallelujah but see any time that you create this
hybrid with man’s legalism you know what you do you take the finished
work of the cross and you put a question
mark on it which by the way might I just parenthetically say for those of you of my generation remember a satanic rock group by the name of Blue
Oyster Cult do remember their album covers it was always an upside down cross with a
question mark where do you think that came from don’t
fear the reaper who’s the Reaper come on ever since that day on Calvary Satan has sought to pervert question corrupt blend crossbreed anything and everything he can to
diminish the finished work on the cross so now all of a sudden if you’re given
over to this hybrid brand of Christianity that has the crossbreeding up man’s
wisdom in God’s grace when you read it is finished you can’t read it is finished you now have to read it is finished if it is finished but is finished when and any time you put any saying at the end of it is finished you have a hybrid Christianity that offers you absolutely nothing it cannot offer you the assurance of
salvation the jury’s still out which is why some people say well I sure hope you
know I’m found worthy listen if you’re born again of the
Spirit of God you”re in Christ you’re a new creation you will see the kingdom of heaven
because all who are born again unless you are born again you will not see the kingdom of heaven
if you’re born again you’ll see the kingdom of heaven there’s no jury there’s no court its
already finished the verdict is in though your sins be as
scarlet he’s made them white as snow it’s
finished but what if what about what if no is
finished that’s what if it is finished period period have you ever been talking with somebody
and they’ll say something to you like like to
this effect you know when I’ve read the Bible I just it I just nothing I couldn’t
get anything out of it or you’ve invited them to church invited them to this church there’s other explanations but you’ve invited them to
church and they sit down and say that was so
boring I didn’t understand a word he said you know why that is they don’t have the
Spirit of God to comprehend the wisdom of God in the Word of God as do the people of
God and this is again where we’re gonna ahead next week Lord willing until we have those spiritual eyes we
cannot discern spiritual things before I came to Christ the Bible was just it meant nothing I couldn’t understand thee thy thou I
couldn’t understand a thing and after I was born
again oh my goodness its like somewhere along
the line somebody overnight went into the Holy Bible and
put my name in every single verse to every single
chapter in every single book it was talking to
me it came live why because I had the
spirit of God I could comprehend the wisdom of God now what’s the point well here’s the
point: and here’s the thing that we can take away from this be
careful with hybrid Christianity be careful with
the subtle inclusion and cross-breeding of anything that would mar that would corrupt the gospel oF Jesus Christ the Word of God
because the ramifications and the imported
implications of it are so far reaching it cannot be
underestimated you can see the damage in the wake of
the hybrid Christian brands that exist in the world today lets pray Father in Heaven thank you thank you that we do have the Spirit of God enabling us to
understand theWord of God as the people of God Lord I pray that you will watch over us with the Holy Spirit indwelling us to guard us from any hybrid anything at all the wisdom of man whatever it is that would threaten to compete and
crossbreed with the pure gospel in your pure and
Holy Word thank you Lord in Jesus name Amen


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  1. James Vaughan

    April 28, 2014 1:54 am

    Thank You Pastor JD.  "It is finished…Period". Just what I needed to hear.  THANK YOU! I believe it, but I struggle with it.  Again, Thank You.

  2. CjL716

    April 28, 2014 4:25 am

    "God will not reveal his wisdom to those whom he knows will reject it" ,,, Facinating Pastor … thank you for a "meat filled" teaching. This helps me understand the lost – the blind – a little better….  because like you said, "it goes against God's nature to contribute to, to be a party to their disobedience"… God cannot lead us to sin,,, WOW ,,, thank you for the STEAK !!! 

  3. Ham/ Robert

    April 29, 2014 1:10 am

    Thank you Pastor J.D.Farag.  The Word Yahshua (Jesus) is the only Way and the only True Light….. All others are only worldly.  Hallelu-Yah.

  4. Bettie Jackson

    May 1, 2014 1:43 am

    I have never thought about 'hybrids' in Christianity. It makes so much sense to me. You have answered some questions I've had for a long time.  Thank you so much. God Bless!!!


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