What are the core beliefs of Buddhism?

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Right now, beings,
except enlightened ones, are afflicted by suffering of various kinds, rising from
the most obvious miseries to the most subtle discontents. Secondly, these sufferings have a source. That source, or that origin of suffering, is, actually lies in, our
own disordered mind, a mind which is, right now, obscured, its nature’s obscured by ignorance and the disturbing emotions and as a result of that obscuration, we actually are drawn into all kinds of mistaken actions and non-virtuous actions, which lead to suffering. In other words, in short, we cling, we cling to the fiction of a self. And by clinging to that fiction of a self, we then apprehend the world as something to be grasped as mine. So that clinging, that attachment, is the direct source of all
the suffering we experience because that clinging or attachment leads us to conflict with the world. Since no entities in
the world are permanent, are free from suffering, or
have any inherent existence. But we imagine that we
do and cling to them as if they will bring happiness
and contentment to us, but they, they cannot. So, that is the source of suffering, it lies in the disorder of the mind, that sees the self when there isn’t one. But that suffering and its
causes can be overcome: Freedom from suffering,
liberation from suffering, the cessation of suffering,
in short, nirvana is possible and it is possible because all this suffering
is founded on a fiction, a fantasy version of the world which is not something
that we have to overcome, in a sense that something exists and which we must get rid of.
We simply need to realise the fiction is only a fiction and then what that fiction
leads to ceases also. So, liberation from suffering
is attainable for all. And how, what are the
causes of that liberation? The causes of that liberation are to follow the path set out by Buddha and as the eight fold, noble path. Or to make it even more telescoped, the three fold training in ethics, in meditation and wisdom, by which we gradually strip away our attachment to this
fictional version of the world, and through which stripping
away our inherent qualities of compassion and wisdom come to the fore, until they culminate in
the state of enlightenment, nirvana, Buddhahood. That is the core
understanding of dharma, in short, it is what is known as The Four Truths of the Noble Ones.


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