What Are Some Christian Doctrines That We Have an Early Record of?

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you’ve listed the elements of this core
theology that are basically in almost every book, okay. So give me a list of some of the
things that you’ve found right straight through.
Bock: God is the Creator. Ah, the idea that there was a need for a Savior and that Savior
came in line with promises out of the Old Testament. The idea that there would be a
vindi, that this figure would be vindicated, that He would have an exalted role in the
program. The idea that salvation involves body, soul and spirit, not just soul and spirit.
These are the kinds of core ideas that run through the two centuries and they are consistent.
They are virtually, virtually all these core elements are in all our major writers of the
first two centuries. Ankerberg: And Jesus is God from the git go.
Bock: Jesus is God from the git go in these sources. He is God from the git go even in
the New Testament sources, even in some of the New Testament sources that some skeptics
say He’s not God in, He is God, It’s just that if the statement isn’t said it isn’t
made He is God, what is, what is shown is He shows Himself to be God by what He does.


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