UNBOXING: Ultra-Pop Up Pool, Economy Model

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Hey everybody! My name is Mario Cruz. I’m
the UltraTech Training Guy, and today I’m unboxing the Ultra-Pop Up Pool. The Ultra-Pop Up Pool is a spill response
product that can be used for any number of different applications. You could use this for a leaking
saddle tank… place it underneath a truck to capture fuel leaks, hydraulic leaks, any
other types of fluids that might be coming out of a truck or a vehicle. This can be used
to contain that. One of the first things you might notice before
I even take this out of the box is how small it is. That’s going to be very advantageous
for storage. If you’re putting this under a truck seat, for instance, or part of a spill kit,
it’s not going to take up a lot of space. Now this is the 20-gallon size so it’s going
to be the smallest of the different sizes available. When you pull it out of the box, you’ll see
that it’s already rolled up, it’s got rubber bands around it to keep it in place. If you
take those off, you see, just very simply, it unrolls… and that’s the extent of it.
Your Pop Up Pool is now ready to go. This is the 20-gallon size, this is the smallest
that we have available. From here, there’s also a 66-gallon, a 100-gallon, a 150-gallon,
a 250-gallon and a 400-gallon size. Coming up next, I’m going to do a demonstration
for you and show you exactly how the sidewalls work. But basically what happens… there’s
a foam ring inside of the top perimeter of the pool. So whenever there’s a spill, that
foam is going to float with the level of the liquid so it will raise the sidewalls up.
Now I’m going to demonstrate that with water and I’ll show you exactly how it works. So here’s my simulated chemical spill. You can see that in this case, the foam ring
is really not even necessary at this point. The sidewalls are holding the water back,
the force of the water on the sidewall is just enough to keep them vertical. Where that foam ring might come into play
is if this Pop Up Pool had been stored for a long time and the sidewalls were laying
flatter, that’s where the foam and the floatation of the foam would come into play. The water is now getting to the level of the
foam ring, so ideally you wouldn’t want to have your liquid level up this high but this
is also where the foam ring will come into play and help to provide that extra support
and structure for the sidewalls. Well, there you have it, that’s the Ultra-Pop
Up Pool officially unboxed. Be on the lookout for more videos coming your way soon.


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