Two Popular Diets For Busy Women

Are you one the thousands of people who wanted shed excess weight? You may find some difficulties because of the overwhelming volume of information other people want to give you. However, a very stable and effective measure to weight loss is going on a diet with low carb meals. But the information on Low carb meals is something not that accessible to the public, although they are really in demand. This may have been a result of the popularity of certain diets as Atkins and South Beach diet, which is to tell people to take it easy on the sugar.

Personally, I did try Atkins Diet about 3 years ago. My wife and I tried it for 3 months. I will say that it did do what it said it would and we both lost weight, fairly quickly. The first few days of the diet, as explained in many of the books, were the most difficult because of the drastic change you are putting your body through when you switch your food intake with this diet. This phase is called induction. After about a week your body adjusts and the weight starts to come off. The problem for us was that bread, pasta, and especially pizza was something we couldn’t live without. We did learn something from the diet though, and have since used some of the tips we learned from the Atkins Diet in our everyday lives.

Eating raw fruits and vegetables isn’t the new fad diet, or the new South Beach Diet. Believe it or not, humans have been eating this way long before they were eating processed junky foods. We didn’t have access to most types of foods. We were scavengers, picking fruits and eating vegetables were a delicacy. Nuts were also eaten for protein. It was either that or starve. Humans ate these fruits as is, no additives, no cooking. One and a half million years ago we learned how to cook. So for a half million years we ate the food raw, as it was intended. We are the only animals on the planet that cook their food. Eating meat doubled the caloric intake of man, which made it easier to hunt and have enough energy to do what needs to be done.

As of this writing, there are 12 popular Low Carb diets. The most known of them all is the Atkins diet. It starts with a two week period called “induction” in which you can easily lose up to 15 pounds in the first 14 days, and keep on losing weight at a slower pace after week two. This has been a terrific incentive for people who like to see fast results in order to keep the motivation going and stick closely to the plan. Do you think the Atkins diet could be your diet of choice? Keep on reading to find out.

I say this with such confidence only because so many overweight people who have already succeeded on this program tell me so. The south beach diet keto friendly may be new to you, but it has existed for several years–long enough to have helped hundreds of people lose weight easily and keep it off.

Make drastic changes during the first week. Cutting back on calories and completely changing your usual routine can make you anxious, irritable and set you up for cravings. Transition yourself into the new diet with small steps so you ‘re not overwhelmed by the change. Your body – and mind – will thank you.

There is also a daily meal plan. This plan includes strict portion control in the induction phase. An example of a daily snack is 20 peanuts. And 30 pistachios is another snack option.

Unless you have a way to change what food means to you on a deep unconscious level, your automatic responses relating to food are never going to change and you’ll go right back to your old ways.

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