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hey what’s going on you cool cats I’m gonna go through a new song that we have called On Earth As In Heaven it’s a quick little number I have a BPM
of 118 with a dotted delay and a plate reverb it sounds like this we’re in at the top of the song it’s this driving three note and then another three note
progression and so it sounds like these are the notes you’ll be playing over and over and over till Jesus comes back so I typically will add a good Drive on
this and a POG to kind of juice it up and so when you’re playing it it’ll
sound a little bit like this so after your musical turn around
there I think that happens in a couple other spots into verse one we don’t
really play anything but there is a second guitar part that is kind of keeping like
that that dotted eighth like picking thing going like so if you have another
guitar player feel free to have him do that but that’s the majority of the song
for that guy so we are next in top of the chorus and so we’re gonna have a little
lead-in it’s a suspension of a one chord so we’re in the key of B flat here and
so we’re going to lift it that’s the main idea for the chorus now
in chorus 2 and chorus 3 we take a little liberty where we’ll jump up on
the fret board to match the melody of the lead vocal line so the pickup sounds
like this okay so feel free to fun with that one
that takes us into verse two so let’s take some dirt off here and clean it up
and it’s this little part that we’ll play in between the phrases of the
melody sounds like this and then that kind of jumps into a part right here
it’s in a similar spot but it’s little pentatonic sort of riff and that
takes us into the top of the chorus which you know how to play we’ll play that through to the bridge top of the bridge kind of drops down in dynamics and we’re gonna play this little clean picking part here that’s the main idea through all of the
bridge for this guitar part as a song builds throw on some dirt throw on some
POG maybe let it fill out so here’s what that would sound like maybe we’ll get rid of some of that lull see how that sounds yeah so I changed the setting on my pog
that doesn’t have as much of the sub octave and I think that cleans it up a
little bit makes it sound real nice a little bit less mud and so that’s the main idea there it’ll go back to the chorus that same lead line and then the outro so have fun with it
let’s play from the top On Earth As In Heaven you did it congrats hey if you guys have any questions fill that out in the
comments below we’ll see you guys the next time around have a good one


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