Triumphant Faith

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My name is Namukobe Hajira. I had some education
when I came to this village. After high school, I went to
St. Anthony for a nursing course I worked in different places
for doctors in their clinics. That is how I met my husband
and he brought me here. He promised to start a business
for me which he never did. Life became tough, and I spent the
entire time in the garden. We used to go at 6AM
and come back at 5PM. Because of the situation, I used
to feel embarrassed meeting my fellow women
because of how I looked. My friend, Mrs. Mankati, told me
about the women empowerment group,
and she asked me to join. We started saving the little we
had, and surprisingly money grew. I took a loan of Ugx 600,000
($156). I started this drug shop
business because I had the skill
but lacked capital to start. I see people with minor issues
but in severe condition. I give first aid before going to
Nawaikoke Health Center 8KM away. From this business, I have
managed to buy three goats, and I got some money to buy seeds,
and other farm inputs which I recently harvested. This business has really
changed my life. I also get tuition for my
children’s school from this business. I will soon be paying
off the loan, because as of now, I have paid back Ugx 500,000
($ 131 out of $ 156). We have Ugx 8million
($ 2105) on the account. After fully paying back
the loan, I will borrow more – Ugx 1,500,000
($ 395) – to expand my business. I request that you give us
more support through Uganda Counseling
and Support Services. There are many people who
wish to reach that level. But, because of limited funds in
the groups, the process is slow, and we are waiting for those
who got loans to bring that money back,
so we can give to others. If we had enough resources or money,
we would reach many, and many would have already
got started with their income generating activities
to support themselves. If one person is economically empowered, we believe that the generations after that person are empowered as well.


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