Transportation Vs Energy

Today is Tuesday, July 17 in Japan, and Monday, July 16 in Novato. As usual, I was up at 6 AM. I checked a couple of voice mails and then called Karen to check in. It was around 2:15 PM on Monday when I reached her. Great joy! Tony was back and feeling better. She and Karen were working hard on a variety of projects preparing for selling quilts in San Rafael Thursday evening at the open market. We chatted for a bit just catching up and being together even if it was only electronically. Actually I know we are always together spiritually so that helps.

The quick fix solution is to get the humidity out of the air in the first place, since mold and mildew build-up in humid climes. In my current classroom, this remains high priority since I am located in Florida and the door that leads out of my classroom also leads outside! In this case, emptying the dehumidifier on a daily basis may be necessary. Amcor makes a wonderful compact dehumidifier for $50, a fairly reasonable price when compared to the cost of multiple doctor visits due to sinusitis.

The Honeymoon Suite features a four-poster King sized bed, fireplace, Jacuzzi, and private bathroom. The Honeymoon Suite ranges in price from $150 to $225 per night.

Never forget to check on your car fluids. From motor oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, refrigerant, and antifreeze, you should always have a good running supply handy. They are what keep your gears and other equipment like the aire acondicionado pros system running in good shape. Also, don’t forget to fill your gas tank every time, or you might not be able to initiate even Plan A.

Over time, the cost of R-22 will increase as the amount available for use depletes – this means that the cost of repairs for units with R-22 will escalate.

Don’t sit and let your car idle. If you are stuck in a traffic jam switch the engine off and wait until the traffic begins to move again and never leave the vehicle running whilst you run into the grocery store. This is really going to waste gas.

So, when is the best time to plan your vacation? Well, most kids are out of school in June, so isn’t this the best month to come? Actually, it is the worst if you want to go to the beach. We suffer through something known as June Gloom. The coast is essentially socked in by a cloud cover every day. If you are lucky, it might burn off for an hour or so, but that is it. It can really ruin a vacation.

We have the knowledge and we can step into the future and begin the process of saving our Earth by using solar cooling and changing the way we depend on fossil fuels. When one person tries to save money and energy, it may inspire others to follow suit.

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