The Truth About The Actress Who Plays Jasmine In Aladdin


Naomi Scott has officially arrived in Hollywood. With Disney’s live-action Aladdin movie and
a Charlie’s Angels reboot now added to her resume, this British star appears to be the
next big thing in the movie industry. Here’s the untold truth of Naomi Scott. Because Scott’s parents are both pastors at
a Pentecostal church in the UK, you might think that she was pushed into a deeply religious
upbringing. But Scott told The Telegraph that wasn’t the
case at all. She credited her parents with giving her room
to find religion on her own, which ended up making her faith stronger in the long run
— and helped her relate better to non-believers. She said: “Yes, I have a belief system, but I don’t
know everything, and we’re all just as messed up as each other.” Scott called her parents’ church “diverse”,
and “a big family.” It’s also where she started singing. She was a part of the church band and would
sing gospel music every Sunday. Scott told Hypebae: “Growing up in the church fostered an inner
spirituality that also introduced me to the concept of music having a deeper meaning.” Like so many other kids in the UK, Scott played
soccer in her youth. And it sounds like she would have kept playing
the sport, which is known as football in the UK, if she had been good enough. She told the UK edition of Vogue: “[I] loved football, but you hit a certain
age and you feel like that’s not something you can do anymore.” So when the British romantic comedy Bend it
like Beckham was released in 2002, Scott — whose father is English and whose mother’s family
emigrated from India to Uganda before ending up in the UK — connected with the film on
a whole other level. The movie quickly became her favorite. Scott told Vogue: “It was an Indian girl who wanted to play
football. That movie was literally made for me. I just thought I was Jesminder.” The coincidences don’t end there, either. Scott also explained: “I even played football in that same park
as a kid. That was me.” Scott was discovered when she was singing
at her parents’ church at age 12. Kelle Bryan — a member of 90s R&B girl group
Eternal — just so happened to be on hand in another room and was immediately taken
aback by Scott’s voice. Bryan later told The Sun: “I was speaking at her mum and dad’s church
and I heard this person singing in the background. “I said, ‘I want to sign her’. I hadn’t seen her, I didn’t know what she
looked like, I just heard her voice.” Bryan represented actors and not singers,
but she very much wanted to represent the young girl, so she encouraged Scott to go
into acting. Bryan explained: “She was like, ‘But I don’t act. I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, we’ll work on that
— you will.'” Aladdin isn’t the first time Scott has worked
with the entertainment empire that brings magic into every child’s home. She appeared on Disney UK’s Life Bites in
2009, and then followed that up with the 2011 Disney Channel TV movie Lemonade Mouth, which
she filmed in Hollywood when she was 17. Scott told The Telegraph: “I was very green, it was my first movie. I learnt on the job; I had no training, no
drama school.” Scott explained that Lemonade Mouth still
holds a special place in her heart, saying: “I gained lifelong friends, and people still
recognize me most from that movie.” She’s not kidding about the lifelong friends
part, either. The band got back together, so to speak, in
2015 — as depicted in a photo Scott posted on Instagram. And in 2017, Lemonade Mouth co-star Bridgit
Mendler joined Scott at the premiere of Scott’s film Power Rangers, after which Mendler posted
a sweet Instagram post in support of her friend. She wrote: “So proud of my sis @naomigscott tonight you
are the most beautiful and kickass pink ranger ever.” Her career wasn’t the only thing Scott found
in her parents’ church — it’s also where she met her husband, journeyman soccer player
Jordan Spence. Scott was 16 at the time and would go on to
marry Spence in 2014 when she was 21. And if you think that’s a pretty young age
to get married, you’re not alone — Scott feels the same way. She told The Telegraph: “I was never that person who wanted to get
married young. It was never what I yearned for, but isn’t
that the way?” Scott has been quick to point out that Spence
is an “avid reader” and enjoys cooking. But while Scott’s career is starting to heat
up nicely, Spence seems to be struggling to find stability in soccer. He’s bounced around a number of different
clubs in England, and occasionally finds himself unemployed. Spence jokingly told the East Anglian Daily
Times in 2017: “Normally it’s the actresses that are out
of work, not the footballer!” Scott was so excited to land a small part
in 2015’s Oscar-nominated Matt Damon film The Martian that she picked out a special
outfit and invited her friend to the film’s cast and crew screening in London. But, as she explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live,
that excitement eventually turned to disappointment when she realized her lines had been cut from
the film. “And I was like, ‘It’s just the next…
after the rover.’ And I’m like carrying on, watching it/ And
then hope just slips away.” If anything, the experience taught her how
difficult it is to be an actor who comes on set to film just one scene. She told the Telegraph: “Now if I am a lead in a movie, I go out of
my way to make that actor feel really comfortable.” And just FYI, she wasn’t completely cut out
from the movie. She’s in there briefly — she just doesn’t
say anything. Funnily enough, you might have actually heard
one of Scott’s songs already and not even realized it. Her track “Hear the Bells”, off of her Invisible
Division EP, was featured in a 2015 commercial for Sean “Diddy” Combs’s DeLeon Tequila. Scott let onto her excitement in a Facebook
post of the 15-second commercial, which was part of DeLeon’s The Next Level ad campaign. Combs told AdAge, via a statement, that people
today want “quick, enticing content” and that “you have to capture them with the first beat.” Scott said the song — which was the first
track on her first EP — was deeply personal for her. She told HuffPost: “It was about me falling in love for the first
time.” Who could have guessed such a special moment
in her life would end up soundtracking a tequila commercial? Not only is Scott a singer and actress, but
she’s also a matchmaker — at least she was for fellow singer and actress Becky G. In an interview with Mega 96.3 FM, Becky G
spoke about their time together on the 2017 Power Rangers movie — and Scott’s stellar
matchmaking skills. “She’s like it’s fine, it’s fine. I already know who’s gonna marry here. She’s talking to her husband, ‘it’s
Sebby, it’s Sebby.’ And I’m like, who’s this Sebby guy?” The person Scott had in mind was Los Angeles
Galaxy soccer player Sebastian Lletget, who had previously played with Scott’s husband,
Jordan Spence. Becky G initially resisted, claiming she was
too busy focusing on her career, until Scott actually showed her a video of Lletget. She tried to play it cool, but in reality
she was pretty into the soccer stud. Judging by Becky G’s Instagram pics, she and
Lletget are still going strong to this day. What should have been one of the most exciting
moments of Scott’s career quickly turned sour when news of her Aladdin casting was met with
backlash. Scott’s dad is British and her mom’s family
moved from India to Uganda to the U.K., but critics still felt the role of Jasmine should
have been played by someone of Middle Eastern descent. Their line of reasoning suggested that, although
the story takes place in the fictional city of Agrabah, the legendary tale that inspired
the movie was set in Baghdad. Scott admitted that she has a hard time ignoring
the reaction. She told W Magazine: “It’s hard, man. I’m not going to lie to you and say I never
look at Twitter to see what people are saying about me. Anyone who says that is a liar! So you have to train yourself. It’s actually like a discipline not to look.” In an interview with The Telegraph, Scott
repeated those sentiments, saying: “You genuinely cannot please everyone. That feeling of being misunderstood by people
commenting about me — if I put energy into that, I will get nowhere.” Asked whether the backlash hurt or not, Scott
responded: “Of course. You’re human.” The audition process for Jasmine was extensive;
hundreds of actresses around the world tried out for the role of the princess in the live-action
Aladdin. Scott told W Magazine she bought a navy blue
top with big sleeves for the audition, which she figured was “perfect.” It wasn’t Jasmine’s trademark light blue outfit,
but that’s a good thing — she didn’t want to look like a cosplayer. Following the audition, Scott was asked to
come back, only this time the casting directors had a few requests. “And actually they asked me to come back. And they were like, could she put some makeup
on and maybe a dress.” Believe it or not, Scott claimed she didn’t
own a dress at the time, so headed off to buy one. And she didn’t hit up some high-end boutique,
either — she ran to her nearest Topshop and bought a flowery dress. Scott landed the role of Jasmine months later
and, it would appear, now has a few more dresses in her closet. She might be better known for her acting career
than her music, but Scott seems to want to change that. She told The Telegraph that music is her first
love, adding that she realized at age 11 that she was actually pretty good at it. Acting wasn’t part of the plan at all, in
fact. It kind of just happened, largely thanks to
Kelle Bryan. Scott told Hypebae: “Acting is an avenue that has opened doors. I will eventually switch gears to solely music,
but at the moment it is both.” Scott released her debut EP, Invisible Division,
in 2014, and followed that up with her Promises EP in 2016. She told The Telegraph that she has resisted
signing with a label so that she has “creative control” over her music — and because there
is “strength” in owning her masters and publishing. Even with her acting career on the rise, however,
Scott is determined to make music happen — she’s just waiting for the right moment. She told W Magazine: “I think that I have the bits that can translate
commercially when the time is right.” Elizabeth Banks clearly liked what she saw
from Scott on the set of the Power Rangers movie, since she later asked her to play one
of the leads in her Charlie’s Angels reboot. Banks’s people reached out to Scott’s and,
as Banks’ explained in her interview with W Magazine: “They were like, ‘Well, she’s doing Aladdin. Bye!'” So what changed? Well, the Charlie’s Angels start date was
pushed back and no longer conflicted with the Aladdin shoot. Scott auditioned for the role and Banks said
the studio execs knew after 40 seconds she was the right fit. Banks said: “I was looking for an everywoman. A relatable girl next door that audience members
could look at and go, ‘If that girl can become a Charlie’s Angel, then I can, too.'” Scott will be joined on the big screen in
late 2019 by fellow Angels Kristen Stewart and Ella Balinska. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more List videos about your favorite
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    In certain angles, she looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar. I haven't seen the movie and I'll probably wait until it's on Netflix. I don't know why people get so wound up about who plays a character, it's called acting and anyone should be able to play any role.

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    Rejecting the Creator results in moral depravity (Romans 1:20-32). The Bible warns that when mankind rejects the overwhelming evidence for a Creator, lawlessness will result . Since the theory of evolution has swept the globe, profanity, pornography, genocide, hatred, depression, violence, addictions, gender confusion & sexual scene for kids to watch etc. have all risen sharply.

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