The Trend For 80S Tribute Bands

The nation’s longest running culinary arts festival, P&G’s Taste of Cincinnati is set to tantilize your taste buds Saturday May 28 through Monday May 30th on Fifth Street. The event, as usual, will offer a wide range of restaurants, music and comedy to both feed you and entertain you.

The festival began on Friday evening with a corn shucking contest. Teams from 36 businesses and organizations from Loveland competed to see how many ears of corn they could shuck in 3 minutes. It was fun to watch the competition and see how seriously the teams took this event.

Dig out that old boom box and jump to a local Westchester park and have a Motown picnic with the kids. Wouldn’t it be fun to start jamming to those great old songs at a beautiful place like Kensico Dam Plaza in Valhalla? People from all over come to Kensico to relax, exercise and relax. Once you start your little Motown concert, the music vibe will most likely become contagious. Who knows if a little karaoke begins between families? Music can bring everyone together. That’s another great lesson to teach the kids.

If Detroit is ever to stand up for anything again besides the automotive industry or the up and coming film industry we need to look at the music situation once again. We need to see more original acts and venues that will not turn away potential audiences. It is going to be difficult to sustain any type of long lasting effects by treating the music industry, what made us once great, as left over garbage. Music is an energy, it’s an art form and it’s a much needed industry to Detroit.

Thursday night is college night (ages18 and up) and there are DJs, but most other nights they have live music, including a lot of 1980’s wedding band. Many shows are all ages, some are 18 and up. Anyone under 21 pays $2 at the door on college night, and most shows are around $5-$10.

The Blind Tiger is kind of a dive bar, but people love it. It’s fairly small, with a few tables and bar seats, pool tables, and a big open floor next to the stage. They have cheap drink specials Monday through Thursday, and a wide variety of live music almost every night. 21 and up.

The great thing about bands to hire is the appreciation that is shown. Lots of local groups are really appreciative of the opportunity that they are given to perform. Their ability to get paid for performing is how many of them feed their families. This is why they always give 110% percent whenever they are booked. It doesn’t make a difference if they are playing for a small or large venue. They are delighted to performed and grateful for the opportunity.

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