The Power of Belief – Your Mind is Powerful


Can you change people that don’t want to
change? Kris Krohn here with Limitless TV and my wife, Kalenn, joining me today
and she’s had some powerful life experiences that she’s going to be
sharing about how powerful belief really is in our own personal life.
– But tell me can you change people that don’t want to change?
– You certainly can’t but there’s hope. So if we’re going to talk about the power
of belief then let’s go ahead and tackle probably one of the most challenging
beliefs that there is, change is hard and you know what? It reminds me of that
story of Scrooge, you know, the one, right? The man named Scrooge who clearly
doesn’t want to change and yet because he spent an entire lifetime resisting it,
what ended up happening before his death day, well he was visited by these three
different ghosts that ended up helping him discover the power of change. In fact,
the reality is that go ahead and believe change is hard, go ahead and believe it’s
difficult, go ahead and believe it’s impossible and let me ask you, what
results is that belief system creating for you? – And what Scrooge believed was, I
have to hold on, I can’t let go, I have to keep things to myself, I have to keep me
to myself, I have to keep my money to myself, I have to shut everyone else out
because I hate people and what did he get from that? Misery, being alone, having
all the money to himself but he never spent it on anything. – So all you need is
the right kind of leverage. You break someone’s pattern enough times and a new
pattern shows up, that’s exactly the pattern are up that Scrooge had in his
life and right now, if you have any kind of negativity in your belief system,
today’s video is your pattern interrupt because if you’re conscious, you can
create a new pattern and specifically, we’re talking about the power of belief.
So Kalenn, instead of this belief that change is hard or difficult, first of all,
did you ever struggle with that belief yourself? The one that comes to mind
immediately was years ago, before we had kids. I know, that’s like an
eternity ago. I hated working out, I hated working out.
Kris enjoyed it and he would often invite me to go to the gym with them and
just be, “No no no leave me alone. I don’t want to work out.” And I went through a,
you know, as moms do, a series of years where you’re fighting “I need to,
I should, I want to get the baby weight off. I don’t want to you know
pile that on from baby to baby.” And so I would go back and forth from
back and forth to the gym and then I’d be like, “Well I’m just having another
baby.” So you know, it’s just going to come back on again.
That really didn’t help so much but then it was after our
fourth kid and I’m like, okay, I really got to get my game on here and if I don’t
want it to be miserable, maybe I should make a different belief, I should create
something different than “I hate working out” – The only way you create change is
changing what you link pain and what you link pleasure to in your neural system
and that happens through choosing simply into a more productive belief because if
you decide going to the gym is hard then what you’re doing is that, you’re linking
it to pain so by the way, every time you think about the gym, pass the gym, see the gym,
hear someone talking about the gym, automatically, you’re neurally linked to
this idea of pain, difficult, hard, well the reality is, you’re that way because
you chose to be that way, you may have been young when, you made that choice, you
may not have been aware that you are making such a monumental choice for your
life but you did make it so guess what? You can unmake it by making a new choice.
What did you decide for yourself that changed things for you? – Well some of my
beliefs that I had, I mean there was “I don’t like working out” and I had to look
where that came from and it came from my mom didn’t like working out, honestly,
that’s what it really was. I didn’t really give it a shot and when I thought
about it, the few things I did as a kid, I played
softball, I enjoyed it, I was on my drill team so I was one of those those flag
twirlers, I enjoyed that, that the few things I did do up until then I actually
enjoy and so one of the other beliefs was, I don’t like the monotony of running
or I don’t like running. Well okay but what do you like? So I found that I
actually liked weightlifting, I liked going to an aerobics class and
so I decided to find things I did enjoy and then build that as my evidence of, I
do like working out, this is fun, I did it with friends instead of by myself, that
made a difference so there’s lots of things you can do to support that belief
even if it’s new and you’re not sure about it yet and then finally, I came to,
I really enjoy working out, my body feels better when I do.
– So right now I’m going to actually catch Kalenn maybe a little off-guard and
I want to bring up I want to bring up something specific that just
blew me away with the power of her mind because I remember that when we had our
first child, she was really committed to having an all natural
childbirth, we went to the Bradley method training and I was coaching
and training my wife through all this stuff and bottom line is, with that first baby, once it got hard, once Kalenn got to that part of transition, all
the training went out the door, at one point, she was crawling up and clawing up
the side of the wall and it was so painful as her husband to watch this
level of pain and part of me just felt like, man our training
didn’t work, having an all-natural baby was such a painful experience, to
the point that when Kalenn was pregnant with our second child, I remember, it was
about three months before you were going to give birth to Kaiser that all of a
sudden, that fear came back saying, “Oh my gosh, the training’s not going to work.” – I
kept saying, I don’t want transition, I just don’t want to do that again. – And
some of you ladies, if you’ve had a baby I guess I’ll never probably
understand it but transition is like that most painful part before you get to
the push – But I still wanted to do it naturally. I thought that those two things were
just fighting each other. – Yeah, so what was really amazing for me was to say, hey,
Kalenn, let’s take the power of belief to the nth level, let’s do something that
you’d have to call miraculous, let’s actually see how powerful your mind is.
– So he asked me what would be the most miraculous thing in the whole world for
this next birth and it was I would skip transition. – Which would mean, literally,
going from having contractions – It was 8 to a 10 centimeter with just
not feeling it, that would be a miracle. – Meaning not crawling up the side of the
wall like one of those terrifying ring movies. It felt a little that way.
So what was really beautiful is that nearly every night, Kalenn and I went
and we worked on her belief system and I remember, you’d get into a deep
meditative state and we would have the conversation of envisioning your ideal
birth. – Well and I wrote a nice mantra, a nice half a page mantra of how the
birth was going to go, how I was going to feel, where my mind was going to be during it and
it was a comfortable birth, it was amazing. – And every single time we got
to the stages of delivery, we always left out the part about transition and just
talked about that the contractions were increasing, that it was interpreted as
pressure as opposed to pain and then – we’re getting stronger – And so the amazing thing was
the day that Kaiser was born, it was not only like the most amazing short birth,
– it was three hours which was amazing, I walked in at six centimeter. – She
walked in at 6 and and we were sitting down and Kalenn wasn’t
screaming, she wasn’t crying, she was squeezing my hand – I was totally in my zen, it worked, we walked in about an hour after we got to the hospital, it was time to push and
there were maybe one or two really strong contractions but they were
nothing compared to that first baby and then it was, “Oh, you’re a ten, time to push.” and I’m like really? It worked. It worked.
– Friends, our minds are so incredibly powerful if will give them
the benefit of the doubt. Here’s the base advice for the power of belief that I
would share today and that we have is our message.. Do not waste your time
investing in good mixed with bad beliefs. You have to make a choice and start
supporting the left or the right. Start supporting what you want – Or
what you like to say is, plus one minus one equals zero, so if you have positive
beliefs and negative ones at the same time, counteracting each other, like I
want money but money is bad, it’s not going to work. – And so decide today,
this is the bonus for today, is become single-minded, make your eyes single to
what your desire is and exile any thoughts, words, language, verbage, anything
that would counteract the evidence that you’re looking for. We’ve been able to
apply this for years now with our children, with our marriage, with our love
life, with our education, with spirituality, with every part
of life that’s important to us, with our bodies and our health and our fitness
and right now, we’ve got an agreement with each other and the
agreement is, know what we want and speak and create what we want and what we’ve
been purging is human nature, that naturally and unconsciously gravitates
towards negativity. Negative beliefs and limiting beliefs and I’m inviting you
today, we’re inviting you today to make a choice. Choose to either keep it positive
but don’t keep it positive and keep it negative. Just choose one, know what you
want, believe in it, see it in your mind before you’re ever going to see it in
reality, live with it as if it’s already happened and experience for
yourself just how powerful you are. Thanks for watching
be sure to subscribe below and also comment and tell us about some of the
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    Dang, I wasnt first comment.. I swear I get so excited when I think about real estate investing, it is just so stinkin scary to pretty much use all my money to get started. I've watched your videos about starting out with no money, but sounds so confusing and I dont know any people with money to get into it with.

  2. rabbit uchiha

    December 4, 2017 7:13 pm

    One of the current changes I've been making in my life that I am proud of is I'm utilizing my time more wisely. I spend less time doing unproductive things, and instead I've been investing time in myself. One of the things I've started to do is read books!

    Furthermore, my birthday is in a couple of days, and I asked for Kris' new Limitless book! I can't wait to read it!!


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