The Great Secret From Sinai (Episode 1 of 4)


(epic music) – Ladies and gentleman,
we have had a number of distinguished guests and
scholars on Shabbat Night Live with the cutting edge
research that is being done and opened up around the world. And this morning, in
preparation for our guest that I’m going to have on today, we have news that just
came out of Saudi Arabia as of this morning, and I’m going to be presenting
a little bit of that and to help unpack this new information that’s coming out with 4K drone
footage out of Saudi Arabia at the real Mount Sinai. We have a guest that’s with us and going to be with us. Now it’s going to have
to be a few episodes because of what has just happened. You don’t wanna miss a
single episode of this because we have a PhD in linguistics. He is a professor of
education, PhD in education, as well as someone who has trained military officers in Yemen has traveled the Far East, has spent his time in France and in Spain, he speaks several
languages including French. His English is a little bit difficult because of his Texas accent, but ladies and gentlemen, Miles Jones. Dr. Myles Jones, good
to have you with us here and I’m so excited to
have this information coming out of Saudi Arabia this morning just as we’re beginning this series. – We have several things that
no one has ever seen before, and this is gonna take us all the way back to ancient Israelites at Sinai and the great secret they discovered that can affect the lives of your viewers and their children today
in a miraculous way. – That’s right. You have been working with
Nehemia Gordon on some things because of your research and discovery of some ancient Hebrew gospels that we’re gonna be getting into this because this, Miles, you
know this is what we’ve been waiting centuries for this
information to come out and you’ve got evidence
of this coming forth in the Hebrew gospels in the underground or the hidden church, that
which is greatly persecuted because they were Jewish believers and they were the ones
that held on to the gospels in Hebrews and promulgated
them in their society. – Right, well it’s been 2,000 years. For 2,000 years, the
church has been trying to destroy this Hebrew gospel. It’s been targeted for extinction. The fact that it has survived
is a miracle, a miracle. And Nehemia and I, I think,
are the only two researchers that are investigating this. – This is really, for Nehemia and I, this goes back now over 20 years, you have been into this
for a number of years, you traveled in Saudi
Arabia and you were the one that actually deciphered the pictographs that Jim and Penny
Caldwell got out of Arabia and smuggled into the United States. – Right, and they are
the things that point, the historical evidence
that points to the truth of the Bible, the seminal
event of the Old Testament. Much of it has been overlooked, especially the great secret
we’re gonna talk about today. It all springs from that evidence that was found at Mount Sinai. – There is so much ladies and gentlemen, it’s almost like we’re
gonna have to pack 10 hours into this hour. And when I first found out about Miles, it was a number of years
ago because of the program that he developed, an educational program that he developed which was broadcast, actual competitions between
grade school children and certified Mensa
society geniuses, PhDs, and this was something that
was broadcast on television, these competitions that you held because you trained these children, and these children became
known as Jones’s geniuses. Tell us a little bit about that Miles because this is such a
fascinating thing because you know, what we have going on because of the education
system going so far downhill in America and really a Christian school is not helping a whole lot as far Christians wanting
to send their children to like Christian schools
to learn about the Bible. And you know, they’re
not learning a whole lot about the Bible that’s accurate. And so you are developing programs to really raise the standard on this. Tell us a little bit
about Jones’s geniuses, where that all became
began and where it is now. – Well, Christian
schools and homeschooling are better than the public schools. But the great secret is one
that we have talked about before, that we had mentioned before. Everyone knows that the
Jews throughout history have had this enormous secret educational process that goes on. 20% of all Nobel prizes
have been given to Jews even though they’re a tiny fraction, or 1%% of the population. Of Americans who have
received Nobel prizes, 40% have been Jewish Americans, 40%. – 40% of the Americans
receiving the Nobel Prize? (crosstalk) And then one got his
for just being elected, which I assert came out
of a box of Cracker Jacks. But the legitimate scientific– – And his name was Barack so he should count as an Arab, of the 2 billion Arabs in the world. Now the Jewish recipients have received more than 4,000 Nobel prizes and they’re just what, 30 million maybe? Of the Arabs, the 2 billion Arabs, they received a total of seven. – And Barack Obama was one of them? – I suppose so, I think we’re doing about science and mathematics and stuff but… – Okay, all right. – I don’t know how they do that. – I don’t know how they did that either, that was a miracle. – Well, I started on a
spiritual journey really. It’s a spiritual journey. I am an accelerated learning specialist. So I’ve studied all
kinds of case histories and methodologies and how you accelerate the learning process. I mean, I was really living
happily in Europe and Paris teaching top executives,
making good money and heck, you’re living in Paris,
what else can you say? And I was called to go
back into the United States and go into the inner city schools because that’s where the
problems are, I was told, and that’s where the
answers would be found. So I did that. – Okay, and being an expert, not only in linguistics but education, that was your field and
so this was something that they needed help in,
they needed some cutting edge application in and so you
came back to the United States to tackle that inner city,
and what city was this? – I was in Dallas, in Dallas, Texas. – Oh, so we got a lot of Hispanic– – Right, and I taught bilingual classes and I taught first grade
so they didn’t know any English basically when they came in. So I had to teach them two languages. And generally, after one
year, after one year, they had done the first, second
and third grade curriculum in both reading and mathematics in both English and Spanish. – Okay, the one year they went through the equivalent of three years, including learning the English languages, (crosstalk) in two languages, okay, so… – Now what happened is one
teacher that got them (mumbles) they were double promoted from
first grade to third grade. One teacher didn’t like it and she busted them back to first grade. If you’re socially promoted, apparently have the right to be there. But if you do it by academic endeavor, apparently you can be thrown back. So it was rocking the boat, right? – Well, they were showing
up the third graders and they had just gone
through the first grade. – Right, exactly. So what we did is we took these students and we went to a Mensa conference and we asked the Mensa
people if there are any PhDs in the audience, and there were three. And they came up and they
formed a team for the Mensas. Mensa is a high IQ society. They have to prove taking tests that they’re in the top
2% as the smartest people in the country. So we had Mensa PhDs and they were the team for the Mensas. And we gave them calculators and they took on the children in a contest of calculating
powers and roots, and the children did not have calculators. The team that won the
point had to be first and they had to be correct. So the children, I had no
idea how this would come out, it was all in English remember, these kids had just learned,
it was all in English, they beat the Mensa (crosstalk)– – Now you subject them
to compete against PhDs, who English is probably
their first language and probably one of several, because many Mensa geniuses
know several languages and mathematics, and they
are given calculators to do the work? – Mm-hmm.
– Okay. – I don’t know how I
had the nerve to do this and I had no idea how it would come out. But they had the calculators, the children, the elementary
school children did not. These kids were fresh out of first grade, their first month, second
month of the second grade, and they had to, everybody
had to write down the problem and the answer, right? They couldn’t just punch
the button and show you the answer on that. They had to write down the
problem and the answer, and of course you can do any
figuring you want on paper but you’re gonna lose. You have to do it up here. The children beat the
Mensa PhDs by 14 to six. – 14 to six. Now this clip that we have is old, it’s on super low
definition, but this is the– – [Miles] The first, the first one. We did it many times since
then (crosstalk) past 20 years. They’ve never been beaten by
any group with calculators. And we’ve done with
professors from universities, with parents and you know
experts of all kinds. They’ve never ever been beaten
by anyone with a calculator. It could happen. It’s very close, it’s very exciting and it just shows you the capacity, the potential of our
children that we are wasting by not knowing the
great secret from Sinai. – Well, we’re gonna
discuss this great secret in some detail, but since
we had this information just coming out of Saudi Arabia, and we’re gonna show the people up there the video of that which we have because you’re gonna help me unpack this. We’re gonna have to take an
entire episode to do this, but this is one of your
particular fields of expertise that has taken you into
that part of the world. And ladies and gentleman, the first thing that both Miles and
myself are very aware of, Jim and Penny Caldwell. I received a call, it was a
little more than a month ago of a gentlemen that wanted
to go to Saudi Arabia and wanted to get the directions on how to get to Mount Sinai. And so I called up Jim and Penny Caldwell. Jim is the American
oil field engineer who, for nine years, with his wife and family, he was stationed in Saudi
Arabia with Saudi Aramco and he is the one that
was able, with his wife, to get the high definition
footage photography and the video footage out of Arabia, as well as artifacts to bring
them into the United States. He then turned over the
evidence that he had to Ron Wyatt. Ron Wyatt was the one
that found Mount Sinai with the help of James
Irwin, the moon astronaut– – [Miles] And David Fasold went with him. – That’s right, David Fasold, who is a… His particular field was
salvage, marine salvage. And he had worked in
Mount Uratu up in the… For Noah’s ark. – He made a map of how to get there, which was passed on to others who made it to Mount Sinai in Arabia. – That’s right, so Ron
Wyatt, after he came back, he was stripped of all the
evidence, spent 73 days in prison with his sons, but then he came back and was at Nubia, Egypt,
and he gave a map, he wrote out a hand written map and asked the man there, who was an Arab, when he goes to Mecca, to go there and to film and to get the evidence. Well, just a couple hours
later, Jim and Penny were coming up from Sharm El Sheik, they went to that hotel just an hour after Ron Wyatt had left. And as soon as the inn
keeper laid the map out, he was shaking, laid the
map out in front of Jim, and Jim recognized it because this was northwest Saudi Arabia, it’s the land of Midian,
this is his oil field and here he has the map
hand drawn by Ron Wyatt an hour before of the very
thing that he wanted to find, which was Mount Sinai. So what happened? When I got a call, and I
can now say who called me because I was sworn to
secrecy on this because you know, it’s dangerous, these people have risked their lives year after year to do this and so when Joe Richardson, who was with us for Passover, has been with us several
times for Shabbat Night Live, when he said he was going over there, I called up Jim and Penny and I asked them can I have you call Joel Richardson up? They did. They made the contact
and now, this morning, ladies and gentlemen, Joel Richardson in the cave
of Elijah on Mount Sinai. And it was broadcast and
so now we can tell you, Joel Richardson, by the time you see this, he will be out of there and it’s safe and so I could say who
he was or where he was and the cave of Elijah, and
this is where Jim and Penny photographed the altar to the golden calf from that location, looking
down over the valley. And so now, now, another thing that was just sent to us was the video drone footage, and this is what we’re showing you now. The video drone footage of 4K footage of the split rock at Rephidim. This is what Jim and Penny Caldwell, they were the ones that found this. Ron Wyatt didn’t see this. This is eight Miles from
Jebel el Lawz, eight Miles, it’s on our path on the
way up to Jebel el Lawz. – It’s on the west side of the mountain and he had never been to the
west side of the mountain. So he never saw the split rock, he never saw the cave and the inscriptions and things that were there.
– That’s right. And so when Ron Wyatt showed
me the first video footage that Jim and Penny sent him when they found it, when
they sent it to him, this is the first time
that Ron actually saw this. And he showed it to me and I said who are these people? Because I know it’s not Ron because he’s telling me the story. And he said I can’t tell you because of people’s lives are in danger. And so it was years later that
I met Jim and Penny on that while I was lecturing out on the road. And so since then, we’ve had Jim and Penny on our Shabbat Night Live,
we’ve lectured with them, went around the country with them and they were the ones
that really introduced me to the work that Miles
Jones did with them. So Miles we have the
split rock at Rephidim, and then here is the drone flying over and focusing in on the
altar to the golden calf with APIs and Hathor, the
Egyptian cow and bull gods. This was what convinced
the Saudi archaeologist that was flown out there in a helicopter by one of the Saudi
princes with Ron Wyatt, they knew this was Egyptian. This is what convinced them and that’s when Mount Sinai
became an archaeological site by royal decree. And here we have it on high
resolution video footage. And tell us, tell us a
little bit about this. I know we’re gonna have
to go into it in detail, but this is breaking,
it’s just this morning. And so Miles, tell us
about these petroglyphs and how you got connected
and the footprints? – Right, well we need to give
credit where credit is due. All of the documentation
of Mount Sinai in Arabia comes from the Caldwell’s archives. – That’s right. Everything that Ron Wyatt had, everything that Ron Wyatt
gave to me under confidence all came from the Caldwells. And Ron Wyatt loved the Caldwells. They had a great relationship, and Caldwells gave Ron Wyatt everything because he came out stripped of everything with barely his own life.=So he didn’t have any picture. So they provided the pictures. And yes, this made the Saudis
aware of what they had there at Jebel el Lawz. They know what they have now. And so they sent a crew out to debunk the fact that
this was Mount Sinai, but they made a really serious mistake. (chuckles) – [Michael] Because they proved it. – Because they took pictures and the pictures were
the same as the pictures that the Caldwells had. Different camera angle but
obviously the same pictures. Same petroglyphs, same
inscriptions, same footprints and they mentioned it. So they give away so much in this. Of course they came to the conclusion these were not (mumbles)– (crosstalk) – [Michael] Yeah, they’re gonna come up with an excuse on this so (crosstalk)– – This is not Mount Sinai. – Yeah, yeah, that’s what
they’re gonna say, yeah Allah. – It’s called provenance. Experts don’t really accept
evidence, photographic evidence if it doesn’t come with
any provenance, artifacts. If we don’t know where it came from, if we don’t have anybody,
an authority like an expert, a university, scientists or
something who has done it, you can’t really give much credence to it. It’s a good rule. But what happened is the
Saudis sent out these experts and they provenanced the
data of the Caldwells from their archives. (crosstalk) – Now of course there are also frauds. Joel Richardson mentioned that Bob Cornuke and Larry
Williams went down there and wrote about it. But Bob Cornuke is a, and
I’m not ashamed to say this, he is a fraud. He plagiarized, he said
that he got the map and he found it and the
people at Wyatt Archaeology and the Caldwells proved
that he and Larry Williams, even though they got a New
York Times’ bestseller, that he was never there. And Caldwells over and over told him to correct his book because it
was filled with inaccuracies and he couldn’t do it because finally, they realized, as well as everyone else, that he lied about the whole thing, he tried to steal what Ron Wyatt had actually found legitimately and embraced it himself. And now Bob Cornuke has now
come up with another forgery and saying the kinefel mount
is not really the Temple Mount because he’s taking the
work of Ernest Martin, who’s dead now, who did
this ridiculous book, and now he is like anathema. The professional archaeologists
in the land of Israel are so infuriated with him because again, he’s pulled another scam and
the whole Christian world is subject to the scam that he’s running. – Well, he actually got
the map from David Fasold from Ron Wyatt going there and being the first modern explorer to discover it. The ancient people knew who it was– – Right, but he was never there. He got the map but everything
he says in the book– – I don’t think he got into the mountain. He may have gotten into Saudi Arabia, but he just didn’t have any
familiarity with the place and what was there. (crosstalk)
– Right. And we states in his book
is demonstrably wrong, and that’s why Jim and
Penny pulled back and said you know, it’s obvious that
you were not there and so… – Well, he claims to
have seen the split rock but it’s not visible from Mount Sinai. – He was hanging from the split rock. (crosstalk)
– It’s five Miles away and across a mountain range. I mean by the bird flies. So he’s just trying to claim that he discovered Mount Sinai.=So ladies and gentlemen, there are always going to be people who want to fraudulently
claim that they have got some kind of inside knowledge to make themselves up on a higher level and you know it’s important that we get down to the facts. And that’s why I have Miles Jones here, because Miles actually deciphered, and I want you to tell the story because this ladies and
gentlemen, is incredible. – Let’s make it clear, I did
not discover Mount Sinai. But I did get the inscriptions
from Jim and Penny Caldwell. I was working on this, I
was called to do this work, I mean specifically called
to study the inscriptions at Sinai to see, because the Bible says they’re the writing of God, 32:16. I’m a historical linguist,
that’s what we do. We study old inscriptions. And what is this writing of God business? This is what I knew, I’d been fascinated my entire life, my entire professional career that the earliest alphabet,
which changed the world, changed the world, came
from the time of the Exodus and was found in the path of the Exodus. So I started thinking, Exodus 32:16, it talks about him coming
down with the tablets and the tablets were the word of God and the writing was the writing of God and Moses brought these down. So what is this writing of God? Could it be the earliest
alphabet of letters? Well, I was put in touch with, actually through Bob Cornuke, because I picked up a book of his and it had all of the Caldwells– – Right, Jim and Penny
gave their stuff to him thinking that (crosstalk)– – They shared them with everyone. So whoever claims to
have found Mount Sinai, they’re using the Caldwell’s
documentation to prove it, they discovered Mount Sinai, all right? But I called him up and he put me in touch with Jim and Penny Caldwell and they said how interesting you should call. We have inscriptions from the
base of Mount Sinai in Arabia. You think you could translate them for us? So they overnighted them to me and it took me a couple
of years, several years, to work through all the
ancient scripts of the area to ascertain these were in
the oldest alphabetic script known to linguistic science. And I deciphered them and they spoke, they told a story straight, straight from the pages of Exodus, a fascinating, fascinating story. We’re gonna talk about some of it today and going to more detail
when we get into– – Miles, we’ve got to
take a break right now but I wanna come back and let’s
dig into that a little bit because as you say, this is not the only alphabetical representation that is found. There are things around there. But when you’ve got
something that’s written with the finger of almighty God in stone, we’ve got something. And ladies and gentlemen,
we’re going to delve into this when we come back. Miles Jones, we’re going
to take you on a journey and we’re going to have to have him back to go further into Mount Sinai and these different
inscriptions and find out what is this great secret? What is it that the
Israelites, that the Jews, why is it that they are
winning all these Nobel prizes? Why is Israel the new
Silicon Valley as far as– – [Miles] And how can
we do the same thing. – Oh, okay, all right. So Jones wants to have his genius expanded to all of the believers because this is the covenant at Sinai
and we can tap into it. We are back with Miles Jones on the occasion of the video footage from Mount Sinai by Joel Richardson coming out on this day,
and also the drone footage of the altar to the golden calf, as well as the rock at Rephidim that was done by Andrew Jones. And so Miles, you took on this mission by Jim and Penny. They photographed some images over there and needed to know if there
was somebody on the planet that could decipher these things. And so they called on you. What happened and what
was the result of that? – There’s a lot of archaeological evidence but the inscriptions had not been touched. People all over the world had seen the other archaeological– – Right, the altar of the
golden calf, Hapis and Hathor. – But these inscriptions
had not been touched, nobody knew what they said. But this is the tie in
to the great secret. These were alphabetic inscriptions and the oldest alphabet
known to linguistic science. And we start with the footprints and the fact there’s
only been one alphabet in all of human history,
most people don’t know that, but all the others are developments of it. They’re imitations. They look a lot different now but we can trace them
all back to one alphabet, and that alphabet was the writing of God mentioned in scripture that
appeared right there at Sinai in the time of the Exodus. So all the evidence points to Sinai as the site of this alphabet. And the footprints are one
very important part of it because you notice the three
hash marks on these footprints? – Yeah, and let’s talk
about this for a minute to give them context. The altar of the golden
calf had petroglyphs and inscriptions of Apis and Hathor, the Egyptian cow and bull gods, and these are things that
are chiseled in rock. And they were done there
for a specific purpose, and then they found footprints. They found a lot of
footprints in this area, and there’s something about
these footprints and so now we’ve got the same petroglyphs
done in the same area as the altar of the golden calf and so there’s no question
who did these things. – And that’s important. The petroglyphs, the Apis
bull and Hathor, these icons, we know where these came from. I went to Egypt to study these things. They come from Avaris, which
is Goshen in the Bible, and they have uncovered
freezes that cover a whole wall that showed these particular icons. And it’s a bull ritual,
the Apis bull ritual done in very few places in the world. A lot of people have seen
it on the Cretan freezes. It was done in Greece,
it was done in Crete. It passed its way onto Spain
where it became the bullfight. – [Michael] Right, right. – And through the
colonization of Latin America, it became the bull
ride, which is practiced all of the world in the United
States, Canada and in Mexico. That’s where it came from, it came from this Apis bull ritual. So we know where it came
from, it came from Avaris, those same pictographs
you see on the altar at Sinai in Arabia. Any archaeologist is gonna say
that’s where they came from, this is absolute evidence. – And that’s why the
Saudi archaeologist said this has never been part of
our culture, this is Egyptian and that was it. That is what freed Ron Wyatt from prison where he was gonna be tried as
an Israeli spy and executed. That was it. And so these were very, very
important petroglyphs here. – Certainly to Ron Wyatt, they are. Now the other things,
they had the footprints and they had the inscriptions,
alphabetic inscriptions. Now the footprints are so important because this is the first
literate act of the Israelites. You’re looking at it right there. This the first literate
act of the Israelites, is that they would they
would do these feet, and this is a command
that comes from scripture in several places. Wherever the soles of
your feet shall tread, that shall be your territory. So it’s said three times in the Bible. So they were placing
and tracing their feet. And then beside them, they
put an alphabetic caption, the letter K, which means
the soles of the feet. – That’s what that means, (crosstalk) the letter K or, as it
was called anciently, kaf. – Kaf. In Egypt it was kap, and Hebrew is kaf. It literally it comes from the petroglyph on the palm of the hand, right? And so it means the cup of the hand or the cup of the foot,
the instep of the foot. So it means the palm of the
hand, the sole of the feet. And of course, it is the
name of the letter kaf. So that kaf, the triple
hash mark that they put, so here’s the triple hash mark right here, I’m going to simplify it, they no longer had the bull underneath it, eventually it was simplified
to just a triple hash mark and it’s used in these other
alphabetic inscriptions. We have an alphabetic
inscription from Rephidim that uses the triple hash
mark as the letter K. So there’s no doubt that this
is an alphabetical letter, that it is the letter K. – And this is incredible
because this is what term as the Israel’s ancient
title deed to the land. Every place that the
sole of your foot treads that have I given as your inheritance, and so they trace the
outline of their foot, chiseling it in rock and I’ve done it right there at Har Karkom,
right where others are. And so I spent a half a
day doing a petroglyph, chiseling it in, and it
would take all day long to do the soles of the feet, to do that. So this wasn’t some haphazardly, and so you’ve got
literally hundreds of these with these three hash
marks which means literally (crosstalk) soles of a foot. The sole of our foot was there. This is Israel’s ancient
title deed to the land, all of the land from the
Euphrates to the river in Egypt belongs to the sons of Israel. This became their tribal sign. It’s called a wasim and
it literally is doing exactly what you said, it
marked their territory. So finding these in other parts, footprints are not that unusual, right? But the footprints with
the triple hash mark is the tribal sign of the Israelites marking their territory
wherever they went, which is incredible. There will be more. – Now Miles, you are saying that this is one of the foundational things. This is what’s going to
lead us to the genius of the Israelites that is
still resident within the world and it’s really the covenant
at Sinai where it all began. – Right, there are 10 steps in scripture and they are in my book. May I?
– Yes, please. The Writing of God, it’s all in there. You can order the book or just email me at and I will send you the scriptural basis of homeschooling, what we are commanded
to teach our children and learn ourselves. The secret, the great secrets of Sinai. I’ll send it to you for free, no problem. But one of them is they
were commanded to teach the word and the writing of god. That’s what they’re commanded to teach. Obviously the word, the wisdom of Yehovah; and the writing, the message
and the medium of the message. Now we get it about
the message, do we not? I hope we do. But the medium of the message is the part that’s been totally ignored. – The medium of the message.
– The medium. The medium of the message
is alphabetic writing. This is alphabetic writing. Alphabetic writing changed the world. It is a primer for objective, what we would call now scientific thinking because it causes you to do, you have to do deductive
reasoning to read, you know from the specific to the general; and inductive reading to write. So it is a perfect primer for you to learn how to start using your brain, yeah? So the writing was also used as numbers. So they were also a
fundamental numeration system. So mathematics, you can’t do
math without numbers, right? – Right, right.
– So reading and mathematics, literature, the whole
thing came from this seed that was planted at Sinai. Also, the call for universal
education came from there. So there are 10 steps there are outlined. And when you do it, the
way that it says to do it in scripture, in these 10 verses, you will be blessed. And that’s what happened
to the people of Israel, to the Israelites. But there’s nothing racial about it, it’s not just for the Jews. It’s for anyone that is grafted
into the tree of Abraham that wants to walk in
covenant with Yehovah. If you want to walk in
covenant with Yehovah, do what he said to do, it’s a contract. If you do this, this and this, I will do this, this and this. You will be blessed, and all
the people among whom you are will see it, and I will do
marvelous things with you. It’s straight from scripture. And it’s exactly what he did. – The (mumbles) of this
is really happening in the American re-education system today, that they want to really dumb down so much to where people no
longer believe there is a God, there are no god-given rights then and it’s only government-given rights. And so we found ourselves almost raising a global village of idiots now, and that’s why there’s been
such a move to private school and homeschool because
we’ve got to get back to that foundation again.=Well, people are called to this. I mean, all the people I
know that are homeschooled say they have been called to do this because they see what’s happening, the decline of the public schools. The latest data out there, now I’ve studied it for decades so I could drown you in data– – That’s your PhD, so go ahead drown us. – But just this one
thing, the latest data out is from a book called Academically Adrift, and this is an eye opener. This is college. They’re saying that they took a longitudinal study for two years, first two years of
college for 2,322 students using the collegiate assessment test. And so they were checking
on critical thinking, complex reasoning and writing skills and they discovered that 45%, almost half of students, there was no significant increase in their ability at critical thinking, complex reasoning and writing skills in the first two years. The first two years are when you get most of your increase, right? None. So you’re paying for this. And the problem is tuition
has tripled over that time. College tuition has tripled over that time but you’re getting
sometimes less than that. Now the top 10% did well, but you know, the amount of study
that college students do and been cut in half since
the 60s to the 2000s, and the number of students
that admit to cheating on exams by looking at other
people’s papers or whatever has doubled from like 26% to
52% in that same time period. I had a student who once
bragged about being able to pass algebra without
knowing the times tables and I asked him how he did that. And he told me, well, they give
us the answers on the test, all you have to do is memorize them. Right? And just to make sure, the teacher will leave the room for a certain portion
of the testing period so they can compare notes with others. And you’re allowed to
bring in flash cards. – Oh really?
– Yeah. You’re allowed to bring in flash cards, you’re allowed to bring
in cheat sheets basically with all this information on it, you know? So you’re able to pass,
this is what they do. It’s a great watering down. They’re making money,
they’re making so much money, the colleges are making so much money. – Oh yeah, and it puts
the students in debt sometimes for the rest
of their lives and… – Kills their credit, kills the
chance of them buying a home and starting a family,
and they’d get out– – It turns them into a slave class really. – And they so watered down the degrees that they get out and they
really can’t do anything, employers soon find out
they can’t do anything. Not everyone needs to go to college. Welders make $100,000 a
year up on the north shore. There’s really good
jobs that don’t require the kind of skills that
you would do in college. So I mean, financing is great
for anyone who wants to go. But you know, sometimes
they would come out and they’re making a third
of what a plumber is making or an electrician (crosstalk) so it’s not the only way. – As an educator, lesbian dance theory, what has that done for
the education system, college graduates,
getting master’s degrees and they get out of college
and are out teaching people how to row canoes and things like that because you know, there’s nothing
that they’re trained to do that has any practical application. – Well, they’re
entertaining in programming. They’re not educating and giving people the ability to think for themselves. Half the students that come out of college have never taken, never
taken a course in college that involved them doing 40
pages of reading per week and 20 pages of writing
over the whole semester. And that’s what college is about. It’s about reading and
writing and thinking and comparing and contrasting
and examining and analyzing, and they are not doing that. You can get through without doing it. – [Michael] Well, well
there is an exception. – Lesbian dance theory, I guess. – No, no, women’s studies. Women’s studies. This is where it’s a
writing intensive course and they have to read
and they have to write but it is all about feminism and it is to destroy the family. And that kind of
indoctrination brainwashing, that is what they are forced to do. You have to go through this brainwashing so that we are universally
all in the same thing. University, we all speak the same thing, we all think the same way, anyone that doesn’t think the same way, we are going to exorcise, we’re gonna keep them
away from our university because we are all in one verse, we are all saying the same
thing because basically, we’re all now being turned into idiots that don’t believe that there is a God. And without that, then the writing of God and the Nobel prizes are not
gonna be awarded to Americans who have not learned the foundations. – Well, there are still good schools, but they’re the elite schools. Here’s the problem, we’re
paying the same amount of money for all these schools of
students that are failing as we are for the ones
that are succeeding. I mean you know, it’s fine
if you wanna be that bad, but why should we have to pay for that? But they’re moving away
from experimental method, the scientific method that we know and hopefully love, where
you look at both sides of the issue and you examine
them and analyze them, critically analyze them;
and they’re moving towards what they call advocacy research and it is as if you are a
defense attorney in a courtroom and you’re only gonna prevent the evidence that support your client’s case. – This is the media nowadays. – So that’s why you get
people that are such idiots because they only have ever studied one side of the question. So you mortgage your house
to send your child to school and you get back a young man or woman that you don’t even
recognize from the values that you taught them growing up. And that is what many
professors these days think the purpose of college is, to turn young men and
women from red states into blue state liberals. Many of them really have
that as their objective. They’re very serious about this program. Not all of them, there
obviously are very good professors out there, but there are many that see their role as
programming the students into the mindset that they believe in. And I don’t think you have to guess at what that mindset is. The faculty choose the other faculty, so they’ve become
increasingly more liberal, far left even over there (crosstalk) used to be nine to one,
now it’s 29 to one. Yes, very much, very strong. – The new Marxism, that’s the
American education system. – How do you explain it? 50% of millennials believe socialism is better than capitalism. Have you ever been to a socialist country? You have to get in line
to get toilet paper. (laughs) Really, it’s ridiculous. It’s destroyed these countries, it just absolutely destroyed them. – Well, as George Washington said, “You cannot enslave a
Bible-reading people.” So first of all, you have
to get rid of the Bible or understanding it,
thinking critically about it, and all the Ivy League
schools were established to teach the future leaders of America how to read, understand the Bible so that there is a
foundation for moral behavior and so that we could continue on with this experiment, as we were told. We were given a constitutional republic if we can keep it. – And they have succeeded in
dumbing down the population. And yes, this does make
them more manageable. Program them what you want them to believe and you’ve got a, Mark said that, he said I don’t need to
attack them militarily, I can destroy them through the schools and he has all but done
that at this point. We will see, and it really
is kind of dependent upon the people out there. Homeschoolers have saved
the university system because they send kids to college that are actually prepared to
do the work that’s out there. – Yes, yes, we’ve seen a
lot of evidence of that that homeschoolers are
going right into university and are–
– Doing great. – Are acing their way through it as long as they stay away from the department of
re-education system. – Well, we have to prepare them. Your values are gonna be challenged. Everyone is gonna have to
stand up for what they believe, whether they go to college or not. We have to prepare them to do that. And my worry is that people
would be more concerned about getting their
applications in on time than they will in preparing their children for the onslaught they’re gonna receive at the universities that
will challenge their beliefs and try and destroy their beliefs. – Miles, let’s step back,
we have a few more minutes. Back to Sinai, back to the writing of God, back to these foundations
that you are trying to and are effectively infusing
into the homeschool situation, into the education system that is turning first graders into veritable geniuses, beating Mensa society geniuses. (crosstalk) So tell us what’s going on. – It amazed me, but it comes
straight from scripture. Yehovah set up a godly yardstick because you don’t think that
God’s gonna give you a blessing and you’re gonna be ordinary, do you? If God blesses your
education, your children, their education, they are
not going to be ordinary, they are going to be extraordinary. And he gave us the yardstick in Daniel. – Tell us about the yardstick. – In Daniel, the children were blessed because it’s for men, it’s for
women and it’s for children. God gave the knowledge and skill
in all learning and wisdom. That’s Daniel 1:17. And when the king
examined their knowledge, he found them to be 10 times greater than all the wisest man in his kingdom. – That’s right. Now these were the royal family of Israel that were brought into Babylon, and so they were educated in
all the knowledge of Israel and then brought into the king of Babylon because he wants a brain trust. And these guys are absolute geniuses compared to the most brilliant people. – That was their plan. They took conquered peoples,
took the best that they had and they trained them as Chaldeans. They’re Babylonians but they
racially were Chaldeans. Then he would send them back
to their countries to rule. But their mindset would
be Babylonian, right? – [Michael] That’s right, that’s right. – That’s exactly why
he’s programming them. So that was why so much
attention was paid to Daniel. They’re gonna send them back to rule over Israel as Chaldeans. – But what are they gonna do first? They’re gonna make them eunuchs so they cannot have offspring
that they will raise up to rebel against them. And so they’re gonna turn them into, the brain trust of Israel, they’re brought in and they’re given all the knowledge of the
Chaldeans on top of that, and then to send them back
to rule over the people as conquered people. – Right. That’s the historical context of it. But these scriptures are good right now. They’re still vibrant, they’re still part of the Sinai covenant. They’re here for us today
and he said your children are gonna be 10 times better than the wisest men in the kingdom. Well look at these children that went in. And without having any
calculators in their hand, they did the calculations mentally, they beat the Mensa PhDs by 14 to six. That means they were
first with their answers and they were correct. Now you have to ask yourself
is this a rhetorical flourish in the Bible? Are Mensa PhDs a reasonable approximation of the most knowledgeable
men in the kingdom? Now whether they did 10
times better than them, I’m gonna let you, I’m gonna
let the audience be the judge. But this is the potential of our children that we are throwing away with the current educational system because it’s not a godly one, and God lines it out for us
exactly what we need to do, starting with teaching the
word and the writing of God. So that’s what we do now. – Now let me put you on the spot. This is your field of education, we have a lot of homeschoolers out there in the messianic world. They pull away from even
the Christian schools because you know, the version of the Bible that they’re getting
is replacement theology and such watered-down stuff. Jesus stories instead of
teaching what he taught. And so we’ve got a lot
of intelligent people, we just recently had a
little 10-year-old girl on our program that’s got a YouTube site where she teaches the Torah. Can you teach these, can we invite them to join your program and to introduce them to this yardstick? – That’s what we’d like to do, and we’d like to offer this challenge to all the Aviv Fellowships
or any homeschoolers. (crosstalk) – You have Aviv Fellowship
in your home, right? – Yes I do, I have an Aviv Fellowship right there in my community. And we just like to invite
everyone who wants to do it. You can contact me
through or contact,
A Rood Awakening and they’ll forward it to me and I’ll send you the information on exactly how to do this. And I think we talked about having some these youngsters come and perhaps come and be on Rood TV, (crosstalk) we can see what they do. – Oh, that’s right. Miles, we don’t have time to export now, please stay with me. Let’s do another episode
because I want to really put this thing out to our people out there because I think we’ve got a lot of junior geniuses out there. And so Jones is going to take his Jones’s geniuses curriculum and put it in our hands, and so I’m gonna invite him back. But ladies and gentlemen, I’d
like to close in prayer now. Jones, Jones, Jones of
Jones’s geniuses, Miles, thank you for being with us and I’m gonna hang on to you. We’ve got a lot to discuss here. Okay, ladies and gentlemen, this is the opportunity that generations have been waiting for the evidences that we now
have in our hands right now. These are the greatest evangelistic tools that we’ve ever had in our hands to show people the
reality of the scriptures. We’ve got Mount Sinai, we’ve
got these things coming out now and we have got a tool to reach the world and to wake them up and shake them up out of their evolutionary nonsense and get them back to the word of God and to start thinking critically. But you’re gonna have to
join us again next time. I’d like to pray. (speaking in foreign language) To all the fans, (speaking
in foreign language) have a good week and we’ll
see you back here next week with Miles Jones and Shabbat Night Live. Good night. (applause) (uplifting instrumental music)


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