The “Doctrine of Discovery” justified indigenous genocide in 1493. Here’s why it must be retracted.

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Well, this day, Indigenous Peoples’ Day,
is — it’s Indigenous Peoples’ Day every day for me and my community. You know, we have to fight colonization and
try to maintain our identity every single day, because it’s been stripped away from
us through efforts and, I guess, just what we’ve been through and what’s been taken
from us from Columbus and his crusade. At the American Indian Community House, one
of my goals is to sort of reclaim space, our culture, and find a place and presence within
society today. So, for us, it’s not just a day to celebrate
us; it’s a day to remind everybody else to take responsibility and step up and rescind
things like the Doctrine of Discovery. The Doctrine of Discovery, if you could explain what that is? Last year, representatives of Indigenous groups
in the U.S. and Canada went to the Vatican to request a retraction of the Doctrine of
Discovery. Explain. Well, that was — that’s the beginning
of it all. In 1493, that’s when the Doctrine of Discovery
was created. Pope Alexander VI papal bull. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And what that does is that gives dominion
for white men or for Christians over non-Christians — rather, Indigenous people, us. If you’re not Christian, if you’re not
Christian people, you’re not considered humans, or there’s nobody there occupying
that land, or we basically can’t have title to land if we’re Indigenous and non-Christian. And that’s always been the root cause of
all of this right now, colonization. That’s the number one tool.


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