The Art of Belief Episode I: The Next Generation

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The Orthodox Church is all about the experiences.
It’s all about the senses and how you experience God within the church. You walk into the church. The incense is the
smell. You hear the chanting. You pick up a candle. You touch. You put it in the sand.
You do the sign of your cross, you kiss icons. Then you open your eyes. And the icons really do you help connect with
God, if you let them. I grew up in a church with white walls. And
I never really understood the impact that the iconography would have, growing up. I actually remember the moment when I saw
the transformation, the full thing, without the scaffolding. It blew me away. It was great,
it looked amazing. Never would have expected it to turn out like that. The point of the film, right, is to spread
orthodoxy. We have freedom here. We can worship here in peace. We can connect with God. And
that’s what our goal is as Orthodox Christians. And icons is a big part of Orthodox theology. I thought the film was really well done, and
for a few reasons. It took a step back and it allowed us to basically see what we had
accomplished as a congregation, because many times we do things as a church and you never
really take the time to basically reflect on it. Having the iconography being brought to my
church has definitely taught me to be more involved in my faith and I think it helps
my goal within this church is to definitely grow stronger in my faith, and I definitely
want to raise my family in the future here like my parents have raised me and just get
them involved in the church. It’s very meaningful to me, in present day,
to be able to look the hard work and efforts that the people at our church has put forward
to this project and others, to basically be able to see my daughter growing up in this
church as well, and really be able to reflect and see how she is going to enjoy
some of the fruits of the labor that have come before her, is really very special. And it’s something that I know that when
she looks back and she sees the pictures of the church before the iconography, she’ll
be able to appreciate the hard work and efforts of, of everyone involved. For His Eminence to come today to bless all
the icons solidified everything today. Everything, all the hard work people have put in towards
this church has been wonderful, has been great. And the archbishop basically locked the door.
I mean, he finished the whole house. Everything is done now.


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