Taking Care Of Your Pool

Adult supervision for kids at swimming pools is very essential. Don’t allow kids in pool areas until or unless there is adult supervision. It is not sufficient that the kids know how to swim; there are lots of other things that could happen such as underwater cramp and if no one is supervising than it may lead to more risky situations. Lifeguards at a commercial pool are also very essential and they should be liable enough to take care of your children.

Cleaning the walls and floors provide clean also helps to maintain water quality and to prevent problems throughout life. The investment in pools is a big one. It is even more expensive to make significant repairs when something goes wrong. For this reason it is often wise to invest in the quality of care from the start.

Once a week we add about a pint of pool acid to the water. A gallon of pool acid cost about $4. Every month or so we take a water sample to our local pool dealer, to test the water. This is a free service, and since they are located down the street from our office, it really is no hassle. The testing tells us if we need to adjust the acid or salt.

Make certain the pool cover you purchase is made of solid material. Winter covers can tear easily if they rest on the edge of the above ground pool for the winter season so swimming Parrish Pool Repair provider will place foam padding on the edges before installing the cover.

The second reason is the application of chlorine. If you have ever entered a local commercial pool, you have certainly smelled the high concentration of chlorine or felt that scratchy feel on your skin. It is much worse in the community spa (yuck!). Given the number of kids and (sadly) adults that pee into a pool and/or spa, this hyper-chlorination is necessary. But personal pools do not experience this kind of chemical abuse. As long as a customer maintains the water’s right chemistry balance there is neither a chlorine smell nor a scratchy feel on the skin. In fact, it really takes very little chlorine to keep a portable pool clean and inviting.

You are almost ready to put the pool cover on but first you will have to lower the water level according to the cover manufacturer’s recommendations. Typically, this means 12 to 18 inches lower for the mesh covers, 3-6 inches for the solid floating covers. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

If a contractor asks you for a large deposit before beginning the job, say goodbye. A small deposit — about ten percent of the projected cost — is reasonable. But any more than that, and you’re asking for trouble.

People interested in this should locate and call a pool service company. Eliminate yourself from dealing with the dirt, grime and algae, and let professionals do the work. It is definitely worth the money and will save you many hours of hard work.

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