STUDENT SNAPSHOT: Master of Divinity

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My name is Amanda Richardson I’m a Master of Divinity student at Lenoir-Rhyne’s Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary. I expect to graduate May of 2019. And then, for me, I’m taking a little different route than a lot of other students. I will be appointed as a licensed local pastor within the United Methodist Church and then, for a year or so, I’ll do that, and then, after that, I’ll go for provisional elder and then become ordained in the United Methodist Church. I chose to pursue a Master of Divinity degree from Lenoir-Rhyne’s Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary because I wanted a hometown experience. I already had a lot of respect for this place, a lot of gratitude, because a lot of people who have influenced me in my life who are now ordained in the Methodist Church and the Lutheran Church were graduates from here, so I wanted to be a part of that as well. Being in this setting- in a safe place to ask the questions to people who come from all different backgrounds, both with professors and students, too, for me, that is what has kept me in this program. It’s not just the studying, but it’s the people who are in the process with you. Within seminary, I’ve lost my father, I’ve lost my mother-in-law within a short amount of time, and so, I think, seeing what it’s like, not only from the pastor’s perspective, but being the one who needs consoling from a pastor, so being able to bridge that gap. For me, it’s just applying it from my personal life and knowing what that feels like and what that means, but also being able to take what I’ve learned here in class and being able to apply that and putting myself in those people’s positions.


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