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KENNETH: Hello, everybody. I’m
Kenneth Copeland. Welcome to the Believers
Voice of Victory broadcast. And have we got a
surprise and a broadcast for you today. Would you
join me in welcoming Marilyn Hickey to this
studio? MARILYN: Thank you. Thank you. KENNETH: My, my, my,
my. How thrilled I am that you’re here. MARILYN: It’s
mutual. Mutual. KENNETH: Oh, my. She sent me three chapters of
her new book, which is her autobiography, It Isn’t Over
Until You Win. And, man, I read it and the first thing I did, I
texted. I said, “Where’s the rest of it? I’ve got to have the
rest of this.” It is dynamic. And I want to say this before we
get into it and then… Boldness is one of the most misunderstood
subjects in the New Testament, and it is of vital importance to
everybody, but especially those that are called into public
ministry. And there’s so much of the miraculous depends on
boldness. And this is one of the most bold people I have ever had
the privilege of knowing. And I’ve known some pretty bold
people. Oral Roberts, very bold man. Kenneth Hagin, a very bold
man. But I didn’t see either one of them preaching healing in
Egypt. I’ve never seen anybody else preaching healing in
Pakistan, huh? Glory to God. Amen. And just go in there and
just preach Jesus and it’s the healing. Miracles all over the
place. And I’m going hush where we can get into this story but
I’m so excited about her being here. KENNETH: This is the life
Marilyn Hickey and It’s Not Over Until You Win. And the Lord
today gave me this scripture, and this is our golden text. The
man that had been a mad man and Jesus instantly delivered him.
Thousands of devils. He was possessed by one ruler of the
darkness of this world and then the legion of demons operating
in and out of him. And he wanted to go with Jesus. Of course, he
did. But Jesus said, “Go home to your friends and tell them how
great things the Lord hath done for thee and hath had compassion
on thee.” And, so, my dear Marilyn, let’s begin. MARILYN:
Yes. KENNETH: This journey, it’s not over until you win. MARILYN:
And I love that scripture because that has really been a
theme of my life. Because when I wanted to start on television,
the people said to me, “You’re not television material. You
would never make it.” So this is a big station in Denver, but the
Lord had told me that I was to go on. And, so, I just sat there
and I thought, now God, this is your problem, not mine. One man,
none of these are born again, said, “Well, I think we ought to
try her. I think she’ll pay her bill.” Now, how many years ago
was that? They’re not in television, and I’m all over the
world. This is what Jesus does. This is what the word does.
KENNETH: Yeah, that’s what it does. MARILYN: Yes. KENNETH:
Amen. MARILYN: Yeah. KENNETH: Well, just start right here in
Texas where you were born and take us through this wonderful
journey. MARILYN: Well, I was born in Dalhart, Texas, which
you know where it is. A little town. KENNETH: I was born in
Lubbock so we were just next door. MARILYN: Well, you were a
little larger town than mine. But Dalhart small town. If you
had seen my family, we lived in a little three room house that
my father built. And so it- KENNETH: Let me say this Marilyn
before we get started. Marilyn, I was born closer to the end of
the Depression. I was born in 1936, she was born in 1930.
MARILYN: One. KENNETH: In 1931, which was the beginning of the
Depression, so they went through the heart of the Great
Depression. And particularly in that part of the world, what a
lot of people don’t know, and this has a big to do with all of
this, that not only was the Depression on, it didn’t rain.
It did not rain in that part of the world for nearly 10 years
and it created the Great Dust Bowl. I remember it as a young
boy, and it was terrible. It was absolutely horrible. People died
in those dusts storms. Cattle suffocated in it. So I just
wanted to tell you that to give you a perspective about when
Marilyn was born and the kind of atmosphere in which she entered
into the world. MARILYN: Well, I think being born in Texas is
wonderful. I am glad I can say I am a Texan. I think you are too.
KENNETH: Yes, amen. MARILYN: We like Texas. KENNETH: Yes, ma’am.
MARILYN: But I look at the process of God. And I want to
say this, it seemed like as a little girl, I had a hunger for
God. I didn’t know why. And so we lived in a little town and so
then… And we had moved to Pennsylvania when I was 11. And
I said, “Lord, I want to be where you are. Are you in the
Catholic church? Are you in the Methodist church? Where are you?
I want to be where you are.” And he said, “I’m in the word.”
KENNETH: Oh, praise God. MARILYN: And Kenneth, that has
directed my whole life. And so I began to read the Bible. In
those early years, I really had a hunger for the word. But when
I was 16, I got the author of my heart, i got born again. So my
family didn’t quite know what to do with me, we were in a liberal
Methodist church, because I wanted to read the Bible, I
wanted it to go to church. And my family were kind of, what’s
so strange about you? And, so, that was my early beginning of
God drawing me. And I believe he draws everyone. It says, “The
grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all
men.” I don’t know how he’s going to do it, i just know how
he did it with me. And I began to read the Bible in that time
and that began to change my life. MARILYN: So in this timing
I’m reading the Bible, my family are going to a pretty liberal
church. And then my mother got a tumor in her breast and they
were very concerned about it. And she watched Oral Roberts on
television and I told her, “Don’t do it. He’s flaky.” She
did it anyway. And he told them, “Touch the television set and
you’ll be healed,” and the tumor disappeared. KENNETH: Oh, glory
to God. MARILYN: And I want to say this, I think if we can see
the process of God, you will never get discouraged because
you’ll see how God did this, he did that, he brought that
person, he allowed certain things. And so that really was a
big deal. Now, I didn’t think it was right, but what could I say?
The tumor disappeared. Then he came to town and had a meeting
and she went. And I told her, “Don’t go. Don’t go there.
That’s flaky.” Isn’t this hilarious knowing in my history
now with Oral Roberts? So she went and she had a friend,
excuse me, who had warts all over her hand, and they’re just
sitting in the meeting and the warts disappeared. KENNETH: Oh,
glory to God. MARILYN: So see, I began to see the word is
miraculous. It works where you live. And that’s what I love
about it so much. It works every day where you live. So I think-
KENNETH: Now, this would have been in a ’50s? MARILYN: This
would have been… Yeah, this would have been in the early…
No, maybe ’48 or 9, someplace in there. KENNETH: About the
beginning of his ministry. MARILYN: Yeah. Yeah. So she
would watch him all the time. I didn’t, but I loved the Bible.
So I’m reading the Bible, and I’m underlining my Bible. It’s
just really messy. And somebody said, “Don’t you realize the
Bible is holy?” I said, “the paper isn’t.” So what happened
is the Bible began to read me. And I love this, that he says,
“God.” Psalm 51 says, “God, thou desire truth in the inward man
and in the hidden man, you will make me to know wisdom.” So I
always tell people, “Hold up your Bible, your phone, if
that’s where your Bible is, because God wants this to be in
here. He wants truth in here.” MARILYN: Now, here’s the
wonderful part. Then he takes the truth in here, and it says
it, and makes it wisdom up here. So what you are putting in here,
God is preparing to be used up here. So little truth, a little
wisdom. A lot of truth, a lot of wisdom. Don’t you agree?
KENNETH: Oh, absolutely. MARILYN: Yeah. Of course, I’m
turned on to God, but I don’t really know that much. My
mother’s watching Oral Roberts and I think he’s flaky. She’s
having people who are friends that are getting real turned
onto God and getting spirit filled. So my father had a total
mental breakdown, was put in a mental hospital and they said he
will never come out. But by this time my mother is in the word
and out of her desperation, she has gotten spirit filled. So I
remember going with her to the psychologist and he said, “He’ll
never come out.” And she said, “He’ll be out of here in a
year.” And he was. KENNETH: Praise God. She got what she
said. MARILYN: He was. He got born again and water baptized.
So see if we can watch the process of God in our lives and
not just jump from here to there, it’s a process, isn’t it?
And we’re in a continual process of faith. We go from faith to
faith. We go from strength to strength, from glory to glory.
KENNETH: Well, if you don’t, you can’t just stay in one spot.
MARILYN: No. KENNETH: And, if you don’t, you begin to slide.
MARILYN: Right. KENNETH: But, if you just stay in the word, and
the continual growth of faith begins to change things.
MARILYN: Right. It does. And then we got to hear Kenneth
Hagin. So he came to a little Foursquare church in our city.
We haven’t been married very long and- KENNETH: Now, where
were, you now? What city. MARILYN: We were in Denver.
KENNETH: You were in Denver. MARILYN: I was married by that
time. And so we got to go in hear him and I couldn’t believe
it. I thought if the word will work like that for him, it will
work that way for me. So that was really more of, what can I
say, the process. The beginning of it. And then, of course, I
used to listen to you, to Charles Capps and Jerry Savelle,
all these various people. And those were all part of the
process. But I never thought I would be in the ministry. I’m a
school teacher. I teach Spanish and French and Latin and
English. MARILYN: And so about three years after we were
married, my husband comes home and he’s discouraged and he’s
crying. “What are you crying about?” “Well, I feel like we’re
failing God.” “How can we be failing God? We go to church all
the time. We teach Sunday school, we sing in the choir.
We’re not failing God.” “Well,” he said, “I feel like I am.” So
he began to fast and pray. And our pastor said to us one night,
“God told me today that he’s called Wally and Marilyn into
the ministry.” And that really resonated with my husband. But
now in the meantime we’ve watched Oral Roberts, we’ve gone
to Voice of Healing. We’ve seen William Branam, we’ve seen
miracle ministries so we’re not going to be happy without signs.
We’re just not going to be there. And absolutely, the word
brings manifestation. MARILYN: So when the pastor said that I
had an aunt in Dalhart, Texas, she went to a little Assembly of
God church. She said, “I’m going to tell my pastor you’ll come
and you’ll hold a revival meeting.” We’re about as
prepared as a mouse. And so the pastor invited us. So Wally
would fast and pray in the day time. And I thought, these
people haven’t had anybody saved for several years. So I would go
door to door and take women with me. And so we had people get
saved because we went and got them. KENNETH: Yeah, amen. Thank
God, Marilyn. MARILYN: That’s been a big thing for me to go
and get them. And so we had people- KENNETH: So that began
really with you way back there way back then? MARILYN: Way back
than, Yeah. KENNETH: Isn’t that marvelous? MARILYN: Then we
became assistant pastors in Amarillo, Texas. ER Foster
invited us, and that was a huge church at that time. There was
500 people. They Had two assistant pastors. Oh this is
just slap happy for Wally, he’s leading worship. And so they
said, “We have a young married class.” Now, see, I’m pretty
young. I’m like 26 or 27. They said, “Would you be interested
in teaching it?” I thought, I’m young married, but in Texas when
they burp them, I think they get married. They married so young.
And so I went and took the class. And then, MARILYN:
Kenneth, I began to see how the word would work. So the class
grew to about a hundred people in a few months. And what I did
is I went after people through the electric company because
every new family that moved into Amarillo had to sign up and they
gave me the names. And so I called every name and I had
women who helped me and so our class grew. You say, “How did
you get them?” We went after them. And that’s always been the
process with me with God, go after them. They’re not going to
sit and come to, you have to go after them. MARILYN: So then we
were there two and a half years and Wally felt like we should go
back into evangelism. So we went back to Denver and we had
neighbors that we had led to Christ and they said, “We just
lost our pastor,” this little church. “Would you help us out
until we get somebody?” That’s 65 years ago, the longevity of
God. If you had told me then, I had a thought you were totally
crazy. And so we took that church. And ,again, how do you
get people? I mean, who wants to come and here Wally and Marilyn
Hickey? What do they know? They haven’t been to Bible school.
Come on. What do they know? And in your own town, they don’t
want to come and hear you. So we went after people. MARILYN: And
what I did, and to this day, I love to do this, I started a
home Bible study and I had seven women. And over a cup of coffee
and a cookie, we studied the Bible and they began to get
saved and spirit filled. And pretty soon I had a hundred,
over a hundred Bible studies. No, I had 22, that’s an
exaggeration. It grew to a hundred. I had 22 home Bible
studies and they said, “You don’t have anything for men.” So
we started a couple study at night. MARILYN: Now, you say,
“Well, that doesn’t sound very exciting.” But those people said
to me, “You ought to go on the radio.” “Well, I don’t have the
money for the radio.” “Well, how much does it cost?” “Five
dollars a day. Five days, that’s $25 a month.” I went to my
husband and he said, “Well, they like you so well, let them pay
for it.” Best thing he could have ever said. So I went back
to them and they paid for it. And so pretty soon the Bible
studies began to grow and I had a group of people who took me
and sponsored me. And I’m on all these radio stations and I’m
hearing you, I’m hearing Kenneth Hagin. I know that faith works.
This is so powerful, this faith works. MARILYN: So after I got
very involved in the radio, then I began to go out to TBN as a
TBN teacher and teach once a week. I didn’t go every week, I
went every three weeks and than taped them. And then they said
to me, “You know, we’re getting so much mail for you. Why don’t
you go on daily?” Isn’t God cool? Think about the man who
said you’ll never make it. And you need to think about the
people who say negative things. MARILYN: I had a man say to me
when I was early in pastoring, he said, “Of all the pastor’s
wives I know, you’re the biggest example of a failure.” I said,
“Well, why do you think that?” He said, “Because you don’t play
the piano. You don’t play the organ. You don’t lead the
worship. You don’t lead the women’s missionary council. All
you do have those silly little home Bible studies.” KENNETH:
Oh, my gracious sake. MARILYN: Process. And I like to tell
people this, I really like too, because everybody thinks you
start up here, you don’t. KENNETH: No, no, no, never.
MARILYN: You start being faithful and saying what the
word says and people telling you, “You don’t speak well, why
don’t you sit down.” All of these things, and holding onto
what he says in it. So, Kenneth, I got nervous about this because
I thought, people said to me, “You’re a woman, you shouldn’t
speak.” And yet I felt God had called me. So I said to the
Lord, “You know, I’m a woman.” And God said, “Yes, I know.” I
don’t think he was shocked. So I said, “I don’t understand where
I am in the body.” You have to remember this is way back.
KENNETH: Oh, yeah. MARILYN: I mean, when women certainly
didn’t speak. And the Lord said to me, “You are a bridge.” And
he said, “You won’t just speak to men and women, you will speak
to nations.” KENNETH: Praise God, Marilyn. And you’ve done
it. MARILYN: So you find out you’re a bridge. I think you
have seen yourself as a bridge, haven’t you? KENNETH: Yes.
MARILYN: You have been a great bridge for the world. I mean, I
go in all… I’ve been in 136 nations. They know you, they
love you. They really, really do. KENNETH: Glory to God.
MARILYN: If you say your name, they turn on. They really do.
And I’ve put my hand on my heart, put my hand on the Bible.
That is the truth. So I just started that way. And Wally, God
bless Wally, he was so behind me. He would always say, “You
are really good,” because he’d have me preach every other
Sunday and I’d feel so inferior. “No, no, you’re really good.”
And I was so shy, i would leave the service early, go out and
sit in the car and roll up the windows so I wouldn’t have to
say hello to anybody. MARILYN: Yeah. And, again, it’s very
important that we stay in the process. So I fed myself the
word. I fed myself on different teachings of faith. And then I
said to God when I was 45, “What do you want me to do? I don’t
know what my call is. My husband is a pastor. He knows I don’t
know what I am. Am I called? Am I just with Wally? What do I
do?” And that’s when I went… And I only fasted two days. I
fasted and prayed and God said, “I’ve called you to cover the
earth with the word.” KENNETH: Oh, praise God, Marilyn. My, my,
my. MARILYN: So how do you do that? KENNETH:
We’re out of time already. We’ll be back. Amen. We’ll
be back in just a moment. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and
remember Jesus is Lord.


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    Oral Roberts prayed for a tumor, a big one on my husbands wrist…..that night it exploded and drained out into a towel and healed 100%. Praise the Name of Yahusha!

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    Yes Kenneth over in Zimbabwe we love you…you keep changing me and my sisters life…God bless you now and forever


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