SPOILER: Saiba um pouco de ARROW 8X3: “Leap of Faith”!!!

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SPOILER: Learn a little about ARROW 8X3: “Leap of Faith” !!! the worlds of DC
DC’s Worlds Thea is in constant struggle with The Thanatos Guild, derived from the Assassin League, and her journey is to extinguish this group by herself. Oliver and she go to meet Thalia who knows where Nanda Parat’s files are, which may contain the information Oliver wants. They find a map of constellations, which Athena, leader of the Thanatos, also wants. The map leads to the tomb of the first Ra’a Al Ghoul, which contains archives and the sword, with the same meaning as the Assassins League ring, that whoever wields it will be the new leader. Athena, having the map, goes after that weapon. Thea defeats Talia and gets the sword, but doesn’t want to be the leader of a group of assassins invites Talia to form League of Heroes, which Talia accepts,
Oliver and Thea say goodbye Meanwhile, John and Lyla are on a mission to rescue Connor and Sandra Hawk,
In the future, Connor, Mia, Willian and Zoe still try to stop the Terminator Gang commanded by J.J., Diggle’s son. J.J. is planning to end the names behind the Reunification Project, which will join Star City with the Glades, Connor, Willian e Zoe usariam Willian para atrair J.J., mas Mia não aceita e todos seguem o plano dela, mesmo contra a vontade, principalmente no caso de Zoe. Mia loses the fight to J.J. Zoe goes to her aid, she’s killed by the new Terminator, at least it seems. the light hits them. So we see that the three of us, Oliver, Dinah, Diggle and Rene are in Team Arrow’s probably past Bunker. For the first time we see the adult Mia and Willian meeting with their father. Thanks for watching! What did you think of the video? Leave it in the comments !!! Credits
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