Spirituality Versus Religion


What’s the difference between
spirituality and religion? Well, the one summary that’s been used over years you
know is religion is for those who fear hell and spirituality is for those who
have been there. You know, what are you going to say? I mean, it’s just kind of it. So and that is it in a nutshell, because religion becomes kind of a place
to to think about those things, almost worry about those things, hell, and almost gratuitously seeking God. Like just doing it, going through motions.
Spirituality is experiential. It’s, “I want to know, not believe, not suspect,
not kind of belief, semi-believe. It’s a real experience. So we’re gonna talk
about that a little bit. And when I’m done, I’m gonna share a couple of special
announcements kind of along these lines. But I asked folks on my friends of
Michael Moore dad Facebook page where do you see religions going, you know in the
future? Not just tomorrow, but I mean like a hundred years from now, even, and I
would say it was almost 50/50. At least that’s my best guess. A good number of,
good proportion of them thought it’s going to be gone. There’s not
changing with the times. They’re gonna be gone, which is partly true, but some said,
I think that there’s there’s gonna be changes like
shake ups and wake up’s and so there’ll be some change some morphing into
something better and I think that’s true as well. So some were kind of like it’s
hopeless and some were like now there’s going to be some changes and and even
though you you probably have heard me seemingly making fun of religions I have you’ll also need to know that that I I
explained that everything has its place so you’ll hear me making fun but it’s
not actually hatefully I mean I just make it’s make silly some of the things
that are so silly and ridiculous the things that are ridiculous like
persecutions that some of them have pulled off you know so there’s some
silliness and some you know so on but I make light of it so that we lighten up
and it’s a light way of seeing through some of the dark pieces to these kinds
of things but religions have a and one of the primary places for
religion is to kind of give people a foundation but it’s more for basic
people to give kind of basic people a basic foundation of spirituality since
so that’s why they kind of they memorize rules and they try to live by these
guidelines as a spirituality it’s like you you kind of move outside that box
because the problem with religion is here are the guidelines but then heaven
help you if you ever move out of the guidelines but spiritualities for people
that are already out of the box they’re like yeah I got the guidelines let’s fly
no no stay on the ground well airplanes birds and touches aren’t
made to stay on the ground I mean they’re they’re made they can move they
can fly so I think of it as sort of learning to write learning the alphabet
and how to make letters but then expanding out of that eventually you
take the lines up when you’re you know I learned to write probably in sixth grade
now it’s like when you’re three months old but the lines we used to have to
write within and now you remove those at some point you eventually take training
wheels off the bicycle and that’s to me spirituality versus the other would you
ever shame a child for using training wheels I hope not but that’s what
religion is and that’s not a rude statement it’s the truth it’s what
they’re there for to give you some foundation some you know some
groundedness so the basic traditions that that’s that’s that’s just perfect
and but the day will come you know all religions traditions customs all things
that people used to do within guidelines eventually all that’s going to fall away
and for religion too it’s going to be things that they won’t change things
that do not morph will cause them to end and the things that they’re able to keep
adapting will keep moving them in the right direction and you know many
leaders of different groups and thought systems have asked me to talk about this
and to share because they trust my insights and I’ve told them if you don’t
change and create like the next step for people the next people will run past
that next step and you’ll be looking at the back end of those people because
you’re going to be still sitting there with the same old thing so everybody’s
got their chance to kind of move and you know if you still go I still like a
tradition of some kind that’s fine remember it’s for basic things for basic
people basic learning basic guidelines call it for what it is but don’t expect
generally don’t expect religions to cut you loose to train you in freedom
because that’s not what they’re designed for and I’m not dissing what they are
designed for that’s necessary the training wheels but there’s a point
where we go god I got it you know and you just get ready to fly so the
challenge with these places is you know these these church these traditions it’s
it’s kind of a slow process I mean it really is it’s already been a couple
thousand years just within the Christian traditions and they’ve they’ve been left
in the dust by free thinkers and mystics people that are going I got it
I’m gonna know what Christ consciousness is what do you mean Christ consciousness
no we want you to worship a person you know and certain statuaries and whatever
el you know Jesus on the cross kind of a thing so the other issue is that these
traditions these religions there’s not a single one of them that doesn’t to some
degree try to protect itself believe it or not even Buddhist factions compete at
times with one another it’s really strange and that may sound oh my god I
can’t believe their religions they’re all religions and so there’s a certain
amount of if you don’t come here you’re going somewhere else we want our money
to grow and we want our numbers to grow because then we’re a larger religion and
which to a degree they’re saying that means we’re spreading our word which is
understandable but you’re just not going to get something spiritual when you’re
worried about keeping things kind of under control so there you know there
are people that just they still compete there’s still strange behaviors along
those lines so they they protect this little thing you know the Latin in the
Latin languages this there’s a word for this even though religions are
protecting their little thing you know like this is our religion we’re going to
heaven and you’re not and then the other storm will we will just keep in
reincarnating until we do you know so they’re they’re all having their little
thing the Latin term look for a little thing is called mafia that’s what the
word mafia means it’s our little thing so when religions have to protect their
little thing it’s kind of mafia like you know and and strangely enough they act
like it so what starts to happen eventually is with all these religions
we learn to start embracing we just we learn to be open and embrace all of them
but some people say oh I embrace all traditions and they don’t even mean it
it just sounds really cool to say it I honor it look I even wear beads from
every different religion tradition I don’t know anything about what they mean
and I don’t practice true spirituality but I where all the cool essentials you
know like you’ve shopped at some sort of multi religion you know bazaar or
whatever you know so it’s it’s like we can say I embrace all religions and
traditions and I’ve been to many centers many many people and and they they they
they they talk it but they don’t really mean it you can go to some new-age new
thought unity some unity some religious science we honor all traditions and then
you say really can we do a pagan ceremony we’re not really into that you
know it so immediately they show you there’s there’s limits because they got
to protect their little thing so it may sound cool but really what happens is
those of us who break out of the religious traditions we start to say
okay what’s gonna happen if I break out here’s what’s gonna happen you’ll know
where you are in this kind of movement you start off with embracing when you’re
religious or even mystics they’ll start off with the basics a religion or two
that you most have an affinity to okay cool some of your gonna go that’s me
okay cool then what’s gonna start to happen is you’re going to embrace more
traditions so it’s kind of cool you you know you might go from one or two but
then you start to incorporate many traditions and you start to go I really
honor all of them I can see that they all offer something
and then there’s a point where you say I got it you drop them all and you start
to experience and live what was underneath them all so it might start
with one or two you might expand to some more and then say look at me but you
know I really draw from various traditions I’m a musician I can play
some native stuff and I can also play some middle-eastern stuff I have lyrics
that I’ve written that are Celtic tunes or written you know something that South
American very cool you’re diverse you’re eclectic spiritually musically very cool
but there’s a point where you’ve gone from a couple too many and then you go
to a place at some point where you kind of drop them all you’re not dissing them
you’re just dropping them because you become and that’s what a lot of us have
learned to you know call people that we learn to call mystics mystics are not a
tradition they’re actually people that have kind of gotten the experiential you
know they moved out of the dogma and they kind of went to Wow actually living
it actually experiencing it so you know again but each religion has a place and
I’m going to share a little a little I drew a little chart here because each
religion is associated who has an affinity to any one of your chakras so
this is another way to look at it there are no religions out there there are
only the religions that we project or reflect out there that are in here so
when you say I’m studying this religion you’re actually talking about reflecting
one chakra or another or another or another and all religions are going to
be one of these four lower chakras because these are our human four chakras
so and by the way these these chakras are still our human chakras so that
means religions can only at best reflect material for of the human nature which
is a limited nature which means religions can’t actually launch you into
spiritual experience you would have to have an upper three chakra religion and
there isn’t such a thing because religions are for mankind mankind is the
lower four chakras make sense so far so how do I you know how do I
break out of that and go up here you don’t have to break out let’s learn
these let’s embrace these these are me and there’s people I swear they eat and
they all protect themselves our religion is better no your religion is that
chakra your religion is that shock or be quiet you’re all chakras that’s it you
don’t have to compete and prove anything that’s like saying can you surgically
remove this chakra it doesn’t make any sense just love them all man they all
have something to offer so when we look at it of course in miracles’ has a great
quote which is something along the lines of a universal theology is impossible
but a universal experience is necessary that’s the difference a universal feel
we’re not going to get it to happen everybody’s not going to convert to this
religion to that one why because their human expressions and humans do not know
what oneness is to have oneness one belief system one experience you would
have to float up here where God is one but as soon as you start talking things
this ritual that Dogma this piano piece and that rule and that law you’re
descending back into human and they divide the one light goes through the
prism and refracts into colors so the one light of God comes through the prism
which is the veil across our below our throat Center and refracts into our four
lower chakras remember that on the Pink Floyd any okay so all these religions
claim to want to introduce you to God but they can’t because they’re human
expressions you see all the religions are still human
that doesn’t mean bad because if you say okay I get it I don’t want any of that I
just want to float up and be in God now you’re a bliss bunny you’re ungrounded
we need you to show up here we need you to show up here and be able to talk it
so so to try to avoid all the other the human expressions of religion or ritual
or beliefs might be escapism and you have to watch for that what would show
healthier is I am and I’m willing to do I am how are we doing let’s honor this
Jewish holiday today I am let’s honor and do this pagan ritual today
I am let’s do this I am let’s do that you see and then you’re truly embracing
them all because you’re coming from a different place
so the religions all have their place so let’s start with the root chakra clearly
earth religions shamanism paganism but it teaches you foundation and respect
foundation the root chakra even if you’re all airy-fairy
you need grounding so come in here oh I just love being one with the Angels
really sit by this tree and Center into the earth oh but that’s the material
world yeah and that’s what your checkbook is in the – you need to show
up you need to show up and get a little root stuff going some grounding wouldn’t
hurt for you to have sex – so with people that are actually in their bodies
you know okay anyway I snorted sorry navel chakra if
we’re using earth water fire air as our process the water emotional chakra water
religions the most well known water religion is Christianity people would
want to go no Christianity’s got to be higher there’s no higher they’re all
equally important all four centers I swear to God they are they’re equal in
this so water religions but what are the water religions teach us mostly passion
now miss could misdirected the passionate Christian religions or water
religions you know they do things like you you know they get up there and do
the televangelists thing and you are going to hell you know it’s all but it’s
emotional I’ll take the passion any day I’m not interested in what you’re saying
but I like the passion that’s kind of cool the solar plexus chakra fire
religions fire religions man there’s some zeal and passion again but it’s
also about focus and discipline here Islam Judaism Zoroastrianism you know
it’s it’s it’s there I mean it’s it’s the fire religions they even have hot
dryer places it’s fire all religions have a little of each chakra by the way
the Native Americans have fire rituals I mean they all mix it up a little bit but
generally they’re you know in an area so but this is the mind not the emotions
this is about discipline which is why Mohammed was so adamant about have some
discipline he was telling some very undisciplined tribes and people they
need to get their act together Moses here there are some Commandments you
must keep he was saying basically we read between the lines
man you people are out of control you need to get it together here are some
guidelines to follow the heart chakra almost all the traditions from the east
it’s hard to pin Hinduism because Hinduism so broad in so many ways but I
could say Hinduism Buddhism Taoism it’s the air element New Thought traditions
are very much more air you know so so the air and we think I like the air
that’s very breathy and new-agey and spiritual that’s nice but how you doing
here it’s got to be equal it’s got to be balanced so what we’re learning just in
that is technically I could would study all religions now if I study them
intellectually what you’re doing is you’re becoming like a theologian or
you’re becoming an academic around a religions and what you’re doing is by
studying them so much you’re actually distancing yourself from ever being them
the more you study God the more you distance from God so you because you
want to analyze it a shaman says do you want to understand this lizard sit with
it and be it and imagine if I am this lizard how do I feel and how do I
function what foods do I like and so on what are my fears what you know and so
just like you become it science says to understand the lizard we must kill it
dissect it put it under a microscope and analyze it and then even name some of
the things we’re looking at and that’s what we do that’s the left brain that’s
the linear the right brain goes I’m gonna what is it I’ve shared this before
but Einstein you go home and he’s Wow Wow he’s a master what a mind
so Einstein can we interview you you know Albert how did you come up with
some of your great theories theorems your beliefs like does the speed of
light he said not well when you analyze it enough and do the math it’ll show up
what he said was I imagine that I am like beaming through the universe and
then ask myself how I feel and the light answers and I get my ideas see like when
I say when I do talks I do it’s like a search find I just kind of think of a
topic and then it all starts downloading right so that’s how it’s done it’s it’s
more hole minded and any of us can use that in our lives are specific lives a
doctor a nurse could improve as a doctor a nurse when they when they start to go
what’s really happening here what am I being called to do and what’s really
happening rather than linear but remember the linear world shames if you
go outside linear religions Sciences whatever happens to be science religion
politics like I said those are the unholy trinity you know those are the
Antichrist because everything about them is trying to get away from feeling
knowing believing experiencing so the heart chakra and so all all religions
though in one where aren or another the good news is they are in one way or
another trying to introduce us to God but they can’t because they’re still of
man but they’re still at least you could say well intended especially since they
they they just can’t introduce you to experience they can only introduce you
to the history or some of the rules and laws and theories they can’t give you
experience because it’s like a religious site it’s like a science
I love religion to analyze and so it kind of keeps you away from the
experience itself but again what’s nice is we can say but I can still gain
something from each of those I literally have told people if they’re low on one
chakra their energy is low you could tell them to study the traditions of
that chakra and it’ll help turn it on somebody that’s too Airy we can talk to
him about doing some earth work some grounded stuff you know getting into the
earth onto the earth connecting and it could help balance that imbalance
between the heart and the the root chakra so each religion might claim to
take you to God but by nature they’re limited because they’re made from human
so the next piece I want to share is the when we start to look at the the history
of things technically what’s so funny each of these yeah it is she knows
what’s coming Kanye you know when we start to look at these I want to explain
one more thing if I said these are based on limited but something’s here what is
it that gets you here technically the only thing that’s ever been taught out
there that can get you here is called Christ consciousness or I am it’s God
only God can take you to God the the humans can’t they can only talk about it
they can’t get you there so God or what I call Christ consciousness now what’s
nice is you can look at some of these traditions in these these other people
there you know root religions the solar plexus religions whatever their thought
systems teachers and you’ll not hear them praising each other you don’t
usually hear Mohammed Shaikh saying well Lao Tzu Wow I mean Wow
nor do you typically hear you know Buddha saying something about a Middle
Eastern teacher but you’ll find that all of them talk about Christ Buddha said
there’s a light-skinned person coming prophet coming that will take you beyond
what I can take you to he’s not going to talk about reincarnation and clearing
your Karma he’s going to represent grace which takes you above the doings of
clearing your karma Mohammed says I had a vision of all the prophets of history
and Jesus was the capstone he was the top the Native Americans say there was
this light-skinned one that came to visit us
light-skinned one and he wore a seamless robe and had marks on his wrists and
feet he is the teacher of teachers the healer of healers see so all these
various traditions they got it they knew it the the ascended masters if you’re
into that they talk about Jesus being the master of masters
all these various traditions see this is how I kind of found what I’m into I went
I don’t like to settle on something like a piece of something I’m like I’m open
to studying all the religions but for a moment you think if I study them all
then I get it because it’s all pieces and if you get the pieces together you
know the whole puzzle and I found no the pieces are still pieces of a puzzle and
it’s still a puzzle what causes the lines of each piece to disappear and
then the the puzzle picture becomes a picture and then the picture becomes an
experience what does that and I went God so that’s why I don’t settle I don’t I
don’t tell us to do and get caught in any one thing I just talk about anything
what are we going to talk about today oh let’s let’s bring that in let’s bring
that in because they all play a part and when I came into Sedona some people love
that because they go we love being eclectic so they go this is Michael guy
he’s like the eclectic of all eclectic he can talk about anything one minute
he’s 12 stepping the next minute Zoroastrianism and so on is it Wow and
they thought that was cool because they like being eclectic because that then
becomes their religion to do nothing except talk about sideways stuff so it
collected you’re addicted to everything but did any of it take you vertical oh
no we just want to talk some more about more stuff
Michael is amazing he could keep talking about stuff then I say no I don’t listen
to me I talk about stuff and then I take it
vertical and then I talk about stuff and then I take it vertical always back to
God and a lot of people got that that’s why the room is as full as it is you
know typically you know it’s people go there’s something here and it’s to
introduce people to God to get back to God first we can still talk about all
the other stuff but back to God so there’s really great rhyme and reason to
all this so and another group though and then there’s the Jews talking about the
coming Messiah and the Messiah we’ll get into this but the Messiah then is Jesus
so all these different groups are really talking about the same person
someone that didn’t start Christianity making Christianity the top religion
because it isn’t it’s a water religion just one religion and it’s emotional
it’s all about guilt and shame but also the love of God Jesus loves us so it’s
still emotional which is cool but it can go south now and again
however there’s something else there’s another group the Druids the Druids are
interesting because some of you’ll go well yeah I heard about the India you
don’t just hear about them explain this if you ever heard the name Essenes the
Essenes are not just an interesting group the Essenes are a group of the New
Agers of that time they’re the Gnostics and new ages of that time 2,000 years
ago and even more 3,000 years ago and they got together and said all this
horizontal stuff is really cool but why don’t we set something up to get us
right back to God directly which doesn’t dis this stuff it means embracing this
but only the essentials into one thing that helps you discipline and focus and
so on but to God so the Essenes were taking us home okay
they were taking us home they were like hey this is what this is about
the award is seen means expectant ones like pregnant the Essenes we are the
expectant ones what do you see you guys live in constant anticipation like
that’s doesn’t sound very centered no expectant ones meant we are expecting
the Messiah we are expecting the Christ to come into body and the pagans are
going yeah we do that all the time every year we celebrate the coming of the son
the coming of light to the world planet airily and the Essenes go yeah but now
it’s actually gonna happen it’s gonna be embodied in someone so everybody’s gonna
know this is cool they’re seeing it the Stars the Magi of Persia you know all
the wise men through Wiseman the birth of Jesus you know they’re like it’s in
the star something’s happening something’s coming let’s get ready for
this so the Druids are kind of like a
priestly tribe a priestly group for the Celtic people or or all they really all
the Western European people it it’s beyond just one little town or city or
or even a continent it spreads a lot more than people know but the the
priests of the celts and the celts are called kimrie orca Marian’s or even Cal
TOI but then they add the belt for the OO but instead of Celtic L die or Celt
we call them Celts but these priests these are the druids for the Celtic for
the Western European people they’re the they’re the Druids and there’s some
remarkable similarities between them and the priests the Levite tribe of Israel
so you go well that’s amazing how things can be so startingly
startingly similar from one continent to another it’s not an accident so I’ll
explain that these Celtic people these these druids are just like the priests
of the israelites they believe in one God they abour a vital worship and they
even used to walk around with a replica of the Ark which the Israelite priests
used to carry the Ark of the Covenant remember Raiders of the Lost Ark right
so the Druids are walking around with this replica of an ark and people like
oh we don’t know they must have heard a rumor and started making something up to
kind of carry around no they knew about the Ark they actually knew about this so
they even believed in a coming Messiah and they called him before he was born
yes ooh so the Druids knew about the coming
Messiah but the priests in Israel chose not to honor him when he arrived but the
Israelite priests in Britain honored him and expected him the Druids are nothing
but we’ll call him Jewish priests that’s all they are once again they’re just
connected they do the same thing they wear the robes they look to say it’s
amazing almost you know breastplates at times they had very similar garb and
belief so I think that’s just fantastic so the British people become you know
they’ve become considered to be in by and large British the British people
British means the Covenant people and that’s what the Israelites saw
themselves to be where their chosen words were the Covenant people so it’s
really amazing and the high priests are known to have walked into wars some of
the battles they had to fight to protect themselves because they’re like we are
the protectors of the truth and that’s because the the Druids were sort of a
replica they were a branch of the Benjamin Knights there’s 12 tribes of
Israel and the Benjamin Knights were the ones that were the warrior
protecting the Jews in their worship and the priests so in the Celts you have the
warrior Celts that are the Benjamin Knights that have traveled and you have
the high priests which are like the Levites of the tribe of Israel except
their druids so there’s mention that they’ve gone into battle the Celts and
they’ll get the druid priests out in front and the brute druid trees would
wear their robes their druid priests they wear their robes and they would
have three golden rods on those as symbols painted on their the GAR and it
was the rod of Aaron from the days of Moses and you know an Old Testament they
would be the rod of a tree so why are they in Britain why is that they’re in
England England meant the land of the angels or English the angelic people God
man or angelic people there’s something here guys it’s so deep and so beautiful
but easily missed so we say the Celts are the Celts are made up of a couple
race the British and then there’s a meaning to the word British the Saxons
who are the Saxons the Saxons are Isaac’s sons the tribe of Isaac Isaac’s
sons the tribes of Israel and one of the tribes you know it’s a it’s a heritage
of Isaac so the people that said we are Saxons meant to say we are a tribe of
Isaac’s sons so what happens is during the Babylonian captivity and during the
Egyptian captivity most of us don’t know Babylon cap to capture the people of
Israel but the people of Israel that’s not Jews that’s one tribe Judah are
called Jews one tribe and in the region they were warring with each other so
they decided the Jews are going to live at one end of the Judean region and all
the other tribes are going to live at the other end more or less so they all
got taken into captivity karmically because they were fighting with each
other they all went into captivity but people don’t realize they also got out
of captivity besides Moses that story that’s just
later the Israelites left but nobody knows where they went so all we hear
about are Jews because that tribe most of them went back to
Judea and where the other tribes go they went to Britain they went to other
places and their name is sort of carried but look at the tradition so part of
what I’m getting to is that those those druids were the same as israel chosen
people but one chose not to make their way ready for the christ because in
there the Messiah know that but the other did so we here for example if you
look in the Bible you’ll hear about Paul going off teachings Jesus said to the
Apostles go off and teach the Lost Tribes where are they and why are they
lost do you think they just hung around the Judean region are they lost they’re
there where are the other several tribes and we don’t realize that Paul Peter the
Apostles where did they go the Lost Tribes meant the tribes of Israel that
took off in different places the Mormons even talked about this and
say we believes the tribes influence the Phoenicians and the Phoenicians came to
America long before Columbus there was so much more activity on this planet
than people know so much more interaction but I’m talking about a
spiritual purpose behind all this so I’ll get to that so Jesus says go and
teach the Lost Tribes because the Lost Tribes and and the Jews are holders of
the the root their light and the fire the mind we’re going to give you a
tradition but we’re going to give you discipline so we’re gonna be the holders
of the law so they’re holding this space so that we can make way for the coming
of Christ consciousness but some of them missed that chose not to honor that
but the Celts did that’s why we have Christ as it as a religion but Christ
consciousness was birthed in Jerusalem or the region Judea region where though
did it go after it was born it was Europe it was Britain so Britain became
the place where it grew as a consciousness and I’m not just giving a
history lesson I’m saying there’s reasons to this why the Druids were
involved and why they said we believe in Yeshua we believe in a coming Messiah
and then when Israel with Jesus was crucified and ascends the people of
Israel started murdering the Christians started you know persecuting Christians
and all that they didn’t know where to go or the families and the apostles of
Jesus so they got on a boat and they splint with Mary Magdalene they went to
the South of France she said I like it or else take the rest of them went to
Britain they said you know she said I want more sunshine I’m saying it Francis
so the rest of them went to Britain this is this is recorded stuff they go to
Britain and the great uncle of Jesus his name is joseph of arimathea he gets to
Britain and people go well yeah we heard he went there he didn’t just go there
the Druids were waiting for him they were the Israelite masters that did
accept rather than didn’t accept so they said we’re not only waiting for you
we’ve already prepared land and they gave him thousands of acres and it was
permanently tax-free to Joseph and mother Mary who he was taken care of and
John the Beloved went for a little while and some of the other Philip and some of
the other apostles but it’s amazing so in other words the growth of not just
Christianity because that’s a weird thing Christ consciousness was spreading
well it is you know it was spreading so the thing called Christianity was turned
into a religion over time where did it go to do that Rome who was running Rome
the Romans okay they were into killing everybody so the church became the holy
what a weird use of words holy roman catholic church and that’s where that
came from and they said and we’re the one in a rich of course you’re gonna say
that your romans you like to conquer everybody so you’re the one and only
religion anyway so these people are going let’s follow
the Druids you know it comes from the word jos or different two different
pronunciations but Druce or drew drew it and they say
that’s where the word comes from because it means oak right but it comes from
actually from the word drew ‘then which means the truth
it means servants of the truth against the world the druids true name comes
from jus ‘then which means you know we’re protecting the truth against the
world ah got chills when I even said that Wow
okay yeah she’s having a cigarette after that one okay so think about this the
drew it’s now the Druids are saying we know they didn’t accept you there and
I’m talking to you you may not be accepted in your family of origin but
someone’s waiting for you the Druids are waiting for you not literally because
even that can get corrupted but religion starts coming up a little later but the
they call it the the apostles and disciples of Jesus they said let’s
spread the light they weren’t talking about religions but they were called
bringers of the way guardians of the way before it was called Christianity it was
called the way because jesus said I am the way so to study Jesus’s teaching
meant you were studying the way the way what the way home the way to Christ
consciousness it wasn’t made dogmatic and religious but grown set out an edict
and said kill all Christians and Christianity was growing in Britain you
don’t just hear they hit you we think we’re hearing history about how the
Romans invaded Britain because they wanted to take it over they wanted to
kill and stamp out Christianity that was being developed in Britain they went
after Britain because of their beliefs we think it was just war it wasn’t they
were trying to stop out their beliefs just like people from your past your
religion your family whomever your X’s try to stomp out not just you but it’s
actually believe it or not they go after your light they rape you they molest you
because not just dysfunction of humaneness they’re trying on some level
or another to stomp out your light that’s what it’s all about
people they may not know it consciously that that’s what they’re doing they just
think I’m just dysfunctional I have addictions I’m you know misbehaving it’s
underneath it all it’s a spiritual warfare and people are trying to snuff
out your light so in Britain the Romans kept going and trying to fight them and
you know historians will say oh but those Brits were so strong and no the
Brits said we’re fighting for the truth you cannot take freedom from us we will
not be enslaved ever and we have beliefs but the beliefs they were holding was
Christ consciousness you didn’t fight people as many people fighting in
Jerusalem for christ consciousness at best they were just being put to death
in Britain they said no not today because you and I all have to learn to
honor our boundaries and essentially like even course in miracles’ Jesus says
you have to protect your inner Chuck Christ child it’s a weird thing to say
you have to protect it yes because the Christ child is new in US and it’s
growing so by us learning to set healthy boundaries and protect that it can grow
into maturity so the Druids were protectors of the way and the Celts were
like we’ll fight to the death and here’s one reason why they believed in
immortality just like the Knights Templar and just like the Cathars they
said there is no such thing as death the Romans were like we’re pretty ferocious
but these people aren’t afraid of us and that’s why they were fought off so well
and they never conquered Britain at best they could get a truce because they
figure we just can’t defeat them but if you are the place that Christ
consciousness gets developed and people keep trying to wipe you out just do what
the Druids and the Celts did say no the ego doesn’t actually have the power to
conquer you nor does the Roman Catholic turn or Rome the Romans they don’t have
the power to destroy us they don’t have any power except what we give them and
what we forget is during that time Mother Mary sitting right there in
Glastonbury where she lives in a in a home and she eventually passes away
there and there’s other disciples of Jesus apostles they come to say goodbye
to her so it’s an amazing thing that place a sacred holy land like Blake said
and did his feet in ancient times walk upon England’s mountain green you know
and was the holy Lamb of God right it’s a beautiful prayer song poem that
Blake wrote and it was recorded by Emerson Lake and Palmer but I’m just
mentioning the song called Jerusalem you know it’s like there’s this powerful is
it true that Jesus is associated with Britain more so Christ consciousness
planted there not in Jerusalem that’s it you know Jerusalem was like a child
prematurely being born but you’d get him to the right place for the health and
nurturance born in the back of a cab but get him somewhere safe so born in a
place that didn’t want it except it still has its beauty still has its
sacredness but all the religions lost something somewhere which was the
experience they wanted to keep the rules the laws and the little structures
anytime you break out of that they get a little freaky about it so it’s not an
accident that I decided some dance you know someday I believe we’re gonna
create a retreat I call it Eden Shire now but we’re gonna create a retreat
that’s for people just like these these people into Christ consciousness went
and the Druids welcomed them we too are gonna go somewhere and have a retreat
where we can live and and honor that it’ll be like you know a new version of
druids but it’s no accident it’s no accident that the president of our board
is enacting druid but is dedicated to Christ that but is dedicated to Christ
consciousness okay it’s not an accident I’m serious it’s not an accident and
it’s no accident that that you know all these things we talk about I mean it’s
for a reason I’m not just like talking there’s purpose behind it and when you
when you hear some of what I just said some of you were going Knights Templars
or Cathars or and the Druids guys all of them are bearers of the light for the
longest time my newsletter was called the Light Bearer because it represented
the the Druids and this group and that groom and the Cathars and the Essenes
holders of light not holders of tradition and Dogma holders of the light
first of all light bears let’s show the way light bears and those of us who
recognize we’re made in the image of God which is liked and work on developing
that remembrance of our light are called light workers so it’s a term I believe
you know a lot of people say it’s something I coined I don’t know you know
but that’s what’s said a long time ago in the 80s I started using it and it
started catching on so it’s become kind of a common term lightworkers none of
this is an accident you know the the old religions I can tell you they are in
their own way gonna fade away or they’re gonna change so much some of them will
change so much you can’t recognize them from a few generations later if that’s
what’s gonna happen in this world so we can honor all religions but not
gratuitously we can learn to honor all religions all right why is it’s why it’s
it’s it’s perfect but they are a human expression so let’s honor religions as a
human expression of our quest for spirituality fair enough all right but
then we can also honor spirituality not religions can be honored for our quest
towards spirituality but spirituality should be honored because it takes us to
spirit one takes us one level the other takes us the next level is that all
making sense and I and it’s no accident that I’m
looking for a retreat up in probably Colorado but by chance that’s what we
picked and the place the region we’re looking is because this idea this idea
of a retreat is rooted partly in my retreat I had in Bellingham Washington
and when we’ve been talking here in Sedona
strangely Bellingham Washington is along the same latitude as Glastonbury and
Sedonas along this close to the same latitude as Jerusalem so all these
things the whys why am I even saying this today why not last week and win our
week from all these things are somehow part of a design and saying in another
way guys this isn’t the first time you or I if you’re into something like this
have done this you know some of you were the celts some of you were the is seen
some of you were both some of you were the Knights Templar some of you were the
Arthurian Knights and they were a real group it’s light work we’ve done light
work some of you in Lemuria did light work some of you did light work in
Atlantis and some of you didn’t some people out there were naughty in
Atlantis but some of us you know but some of us you know some of us were
doing light work even in Atlantis and if you’re in this and watching this you’re
likely someone to tasted light somewhere along the line and became part of it
this isn’t the first time I’ve taught this isn’t the first time you listened
worshiped prayed celebrated laughed meditated together we’ve done this some
of us did it as Anasazi see there’s another word for lightworkers the
illumined ones the ones that glow and you watch History Channel the gold that
must have been aliens in some cases because there are such things as light
beings higher dimensional beings that are also light workers but not all other
dimensional beings are into light just like humans you meet some and they’re
into light and some that are into darkness and other species from other
place the same thing some are malevolent some are benevolent
but our job is to find the light cling to the light for lack of a better word
cling to the light and work that let’s shine more light can I can I light my
candle on your please thank you and then you take that
somewhere and light someone else’s candle and so on so the illumined ones
the shining ones the Anasazi people where did they go who
were they oh they were a native tribe no they weren’t just interview the the Hopi
tribes the Hopi people and they’ll say no they were not they came before us
we’re not actually blood per se blood descendants of the Anasazi that were
here in the southwest before the hopi the Hopi say they’re their own people
they were taller light-skinned they had a glow kind of to them people that do
light work start to shine sometimes for metaphysical reasons
that’s there but sometimes it’s just an energy like you know and so the people
that a pope saw children captured in Britain brought to Rome to be slaved
enslaved he saw them he said who are they you know in the the the Centurion
said these are captive to capture children from England or Britain and the
Pope said yes they are indeed because the word meant God man or or angel
people and this Pope said these people glow but he didn’t literally like
metaphysically mean they glow they had this amazing blonde it’s long
hair blue eyes clear just clear eyes they had this amazing countenance to
them see and you’re one of them somewhere along the line and if you if
you sometimes go with God not at all I mean I feel broken and and and I dressed
dark and I to hide a little bit that’s because somewhere along the line
they broke you but if you’re still here you weren’t broken completely it means
they beat you up and it wore you down now you drop the cloak of darkness and
you stand up and you say I got it I’m back I fell asleep because we all get
tired sometimes I fell asleep and now I’m I’m awake again and that’s what it
means to be born again to say not today there’s all the other other colorful
terms I could use for it but but not today to say that to all the peoples at
the pit and don’t hate them and don’t shame and hate you know wronged them a
judge just go Wow today and that’s what these warriors did
and the Romans were like what are we gonna do with these people they just
won’t give in but it wasn’t because they were from a different country it’s
because they had a real belief they believed in something real and they knew
live or die that doesn’t even matter we’re connected we’re servants of the
truth so do you think it matters you kill us we’re still servants of the
truth only good can happen to us when we’re staying aligned with this if we
succumb to fear and you know Roman the thumb of Rome trying to press this down
then we’re not alive anyway so we would rather die alive than live dead let’s
take a few centering breaths on that note let us pray let’s tune out the
stuff of the world let’s take a moment to sort of marvel
that everything’s connected everything’s connected
whatever my beliefs Anasazi helped be this religion that religion whatever
they’re all just things along the way they all have a place this tribe that
tribe what’s amazing is the deeper
connectedness of all these there’s purpose there’s rhyme and reason and I choose to
be part of the reason I choose to be part of purpose
God’s purpose even if the gears move slowly in this awakening process I
choose to be one of the gears that turn in righteousness right consciousness the
right direction awakening rather than asleep then tune
in for a moment just breathing out the world and being open open open how do I
connect to any of this there’s the traditional side of any of
us well I’m this culture I’m that race I’m that gender I’m that religion that’s
fine we know all that if you need to name that name it and get it out of the
way but what else are you so taking all the traditional definitions and genetics
of me what if I go further bigger broader and I start to realize I’m also
like a lamb Orion those ones that were living under the law of one they called
it the children of the law of one the children of light even in ancient
ancient times tens and hundreds of thousands of years ago does that feel
familiar to me whatever I might know about Lemuria if I have an attraction to
the lush because that’s what the continent was like lush green tropical motherly peaceful oneness gatherings
gatherings of light love people gathering they loved scent they loved
vibrational healing they loved vibration does that resonate what about other dimensional beings the
Andromeda system arcturion system the Sirius system could be Pleiadian or
Orion that you resonate with whatever it is some nurtured light some didn’t but
just see what smells familiar to you light beings do I feel any connection to
light beings higher dimensional beings multi-dimensional beings like the
Arcturians shining ones beings of light and the cultures on earth do I feel any
resonance with the Anasazi ancient southwestern people taller light-skinned
and were said to be able to manifest water where there was no water they were
tuned in they were connected and then the Hopi say they never died they never
got disease they didn’t die in it that’s not why they went away they ascended and
on the other side of the planet around the same time strangely enough the
Cathars and the Knights Templar disappeared for the most part how is
that the connection these are waves of light workers coming into this world to
make a difference the Arthurian Knights there’s a reason why Arthurian sounds
similar to arcturion the Arthurian Knights the Knights Templar the Cathars
it’s okay if you feel a little warrior inside sometimes instead of all just
floating kind of mellow lamb Orion it’s okay that you feel sometimes you might
have been persecuted because you might have been a Kathryn Knights Templar it’s
okay that you feel a little bit of a angst inside about authority figures
churches politics because that’s what they do control and often cause harm
just see it for what it is and no longer hate or revile or shrink back from them
stand in who you really are and recognize even if I ever were persecuted
they have no power really so I’m gonna go back even in time and give myself
power when I was burned at the stake or hung or mistreated or made into a slave
I’m gonna go back in time and tell myself I’m sorry that we experienced
that but I’m giving you light that you forgot even back then feel this light
feel immune to all that those people ever did to you rather than just anchor
more hatred or hurt about it like some people do light give yourself light even
if you were a my old slave give her him light say I’m
here with you you’re allowed to pass through time I’m here with you and guess
what look behind me they’re shining ones standing with me let that person that
man woman the one burning at the stake or wherever they are show them they’re
not alone tell them die well not believing in any
of this moments after the persecutions you’re going to awaken to a whole new
level of who you are rather than merely reincarnate with the hurt over this
experience so let’s give them rebirth let’s give them a new chance I love you
tell them and there’s a lot of love standing here with me Christ
consciousness itself is here with us giving you all the strength you need all
the courage but also the guidance to know if you’re born again today the
guidance to know where you’re led tomorrow to bring your light to shine
your light to bring your lantern trust and believe in this and spend just a
half a minute more letting the truth of this download you don’t have to try to
figure out or discern who you’re talking to what’s talking what they’re saying
just try instead feeling it let it download to you and then become aware of all the other
people in the room doing the same thing and imagine because it’s true
people all around the planet like watching us are participating in this
try to see guys we have a spiritual tribe it’s not better than anyone in the
big picture it’s not better than it it’s just that we chose to be awake we chose
to do light work and that’s honorable so I’m grateful that I’m making healthy
choices I’m grateful that I probably played a role in the past and I’m
grateful that you’re all with me we’re saying that to all the other beings
doing this I’m so grateful you’re all here with me you give me support you
give me something to feel like there’s I’m not alone in this so feel that
gratitude and visualize how cool it is it’s as though all of us shed the body
and we’re all beings of light now and it brings up feelings like thank you it
brings up feelings like yes it brings up feelings like there you are all kinds of
wonderful insights and then just gradually slowly but gradually
stretching out acknowledging this is permanent in my consciousness this isn’t
something we talked about and it’s gone meditated and gone this is permanently
in me as me I’m part of something very powerful very unique and I’m grateful
that I’m part of that


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  1. Prismatic Sovereign

    April 20, 2018 4:44 pm

    religion is an AI construct in what was once a 3d garden realm- spirit is the unseen, find a way out through dimension or stay and be recycled

  2. Salena Yoga

    April 22, 2018 9:38 am

    This talk that you gave Michael wow what can I say you covered so many areas and different angles ! everyone should listen. you really do put the pieces of the puzzle together for me I gain such great insight and conformation of my spiritual path to wholeness and spreading light and love out to the world I loved the reference that the chakras representing the religions of the world, it makes such sense And being English the historical references were beautiful .keep doing what you are doing I will be listening thank you so much for being truly REAL MUCH LOVE AND LIGHT Salena Mary clark πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜˜

  3. Joan Nemeth

    April 23, 2018 10:15 pm

    Right on…. Religion is for those who are afraid of hell, ,and Spirituality is for those who have been there….


    March 7, 2019 2:47 pm

    Great video!! found you through suggested videos. I just started a Youtube Channel not long ago and very interested in the human evolution and spirituality topic. Keep following your passion and creating great content. Sending you good vibes and lots of love πŸ’–

  5. Nicola Byrne

    August 1, 2019 4:02 pm

    The problem with the training wheels is that many are never given the push to drop the wheels and ride free with the oneness of their true divinity. People are given limiting beliefs from childhood and then fear anything different. I feel religion and the divide it creates between each other and with god, it is a sad roadblock in human development.


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