Spending the Rest of Your Life Teaching Sound Doctrine

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If you’re going to go into the ministry of
any kind, whether you’re a missionary or a pastor or whatever it is, you will spend the
rest of your life, if you’re faithful, teaching sound doctrine. That’s what you will do. So, systematic theology, Biblical doctrine
is not an option. You can’t say, “Well, I’m not really interested
in doctrine. I just want to minister to people.” The only way you can minister to people is
to teach them what God has revealed as true, because we live our beliefs. People have to believe in something. You know, we live in this day of tolerance
and, you know, wanting to let everybody have their own viewpoint and your truth and my
truth might be two different things but we’re each entitled to our own truth. That is an absolute lie. There is absolute truth and that truth is
contained in scripture and you have to understand that truth because that’s what ministry is. It’s conveying and communicating sound doctrine
so that people can first understand it, then believe it, then hold it as a set of convictions,
and then live it and declare it.


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