Shaun Wright Phillips on Self Belief


In my frame of mind, I just know when City are
on the pitch, I just have to go for it. Don’t hold back, there’s no reason to hold back. I knew maybe I wasn’t gonna be as big
and as strong as everybody else, but… … I just think there’s stuff that I can have that the
strong and big people might not be able to have, so… … it came to a point where in games and in training,
they were the sort of things I was working on. The first team I tried was Nottingham Forest which actually said
I was too small and um, not good enough, so… … that was kind of a blow for me, but I just picked
myself up and dusted myself off and just put my head down… … just kind of believed in what I had, and my mum and
my dad were the main characters behind me for all that. [music] When you’re in the academy and you’re coming through the
rungs, there are a lot of players obviously, there’s two age groups, and you obviously don’t know but you have
a feeling that some won’t get there and some will and the main difference with the people that end up
playing professionally are the mental tough guys, For me they’re mentally strong, then can take knockbacks,
they can take criticism and if they get shot down once they’re willing to
come back and knock back on the door again. Um, no disrespect but the ones that don’t make it normally
think ‘Alright, I’ve been knocked back, I’m not good enough’ and just turn to something else, when if you
believe in yourself, that’s never the case. [reflective music] Today the thing that I’m most proud of is that I’ve had
the chance to wear an England top and represent the country .. in vital games. That also has come with a lot of downs with
it as well but you just have to be really strong and… … kind of just pick yourself up and go again, but that’s the
proudest moment of my football career, other than playing for City. The downs that come with putting on a shirt is
that you’re not always gonna get picked for things, no matter how many games you play, it doesn’t mean
you can’t miss a tournament, and unfortunately I’ve missed… … three tournaments, so for me, that was a blow, and you need to
be positive and have belief in yourself to get back up again. Once I’m on the pitch I’m kinda like in the zone so I don’t
really hear too much about me. Obviously you hear the jeers… and the people getting excited. I kinda just focus but there has been
times when the crowd gets frustrated and I see it as… a praise, to be honest with you, cause the times they get frustrated is
obviously they know what I can do and I’m not doing it… the way they want me to do it, which for me is perfectly fine,
cause at City the crowd is like my family, and they have… the same belief in me as my family and
always has done since I was young. In my frame of mind, I know when City are on the pitch I just
have to go for it. Don’t hold back. There’s no reason to hold back. If you don’t play well, at least you was positive every time. Football is not all plain and simple, and all smiles and easy. It
comes with a lot of rough rides and downhill slopes, but then… when it is good, it is nice so you gotta learn to deal
with both really to enjoy the game and always remember just… for me, I always smile cause I’m doing something I really love.


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  1. sodijgosdjgosdjgojsg

    June 13, 2010 5:24 pm

    Sean Wright Phillips shouldn't be on the england squad.
    Everytime he was given the ball during the england vs usa game, he gave it away.
    He's too small to win headers.
    He runs with the ball instead of crossing it, and then he just runs it out of play.
    Why the fuck are you playing instead of james milner in that game.

  2. jimmyrich1

    July 16, 2010 5:27 pm

    @sodijgosdjgosdjgojsg What do you know really? its far to easy to watch a game of football and think you know whats best and to think you have the right to shout the odds, but do you really? give the guy a break

  3. guitarsly111

    July 17, 2010 11:10 am

    @sodijgosdjgosdjgojsg hes the best substitute we've got…. he changes the game for us? do you watch football or like read about it or somat?

  4. Abdul - Quddus Wahid

    July 20, 2010 4:26 pm

    @sodijgosdjgosdjgojsg England r shit anyway, so stop complaining on 1 player, i mean what did rooney do?


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