SEPTEMBER YELLOW – Talking about my depression and faith

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hi everyone welcome to my channel sure a few things you need to know before you watch this video I actually recorded it over a year ago for a very special friend of mine called vision II she has a wonderful project about bringing people together through music and the reason why I’m releasing this video now in my channel is because we are at the end of September yellow September Suicide Prevention Month and I think it’s very important to have more people openly talking about mental health and their personal struggles if you feel comfortable talking about your personal struggles so here I am exposing a little bit of my depression and anxiety we’re like and how that’s related to my faith which has always been present in the way I tried to deal with my personal problems so I hope you enjoy it leave your comments if you like thumbs up if you like and I hope to see you more often around here hi I’m Susanna I’m Brazilian but when people ask me when I’m from was kind of hard for me to answer because I’ve lived in several places I moved around a lot as I was a kid and I I’m still kind of a nomad I also feel like I’m a little bit from every place that I’ve lived in and that includes Argentina and the u.s. moving around a lot of them was a kid gave me a lot of anxiety and depression it just made it really hard for me to really connect with people and be open to new experiences but as I grew older and I became more mature and aware of how I handle things because of the anxiety and the depression I learned that what I needed to get better was precisely to open up and connect with people to things that turned out to be my biggest passions because they’re my way of connecting and opening out is music and my faith and for me they’re both so intimately related mainly because I think music is pretty much defined and I think it’s just crazy how we can all understand the language of music in a way no matter what background we’re from my faith I have a pretty weird way of living out my faith because and I’ve really tried to impose anything of what I believe in on to others I just it changes the way I view the world and I decided to study theology in college because I like thinking critically about faith so much and that changed even more the way I relate to my religion and everything because it just makes me seem humanity as a whole always try to understand the different contexts that people live in and what causes them to think the way they think or act differently and it just gives me a more wholesome perspective on just existence I guess but if I were to say what what’s the key to happen is all what order like how to make the world a better place I think those two questions are related and I would have to say just the key would be for an each person to be open to what’s different and be willing to connect to different people I don’t think it’s possible for that to happen like you snap your fingers and everything’s okay everybody is coming together and bonding but I think if we if we think of it as like baby steps each person tries to commit to that idea of connecting to different people and understanding that despite our differences we all kind of struggle with the same things wrong vulnerable kind of in the same ways and will try to find happiness and the little things I think that’s that’s the way to just one day at a time be a better person so turn the world into a better place so that’s what I have to share with you guys I hope you have a great day and I hope that you somehow become willing to connect more with other people as long [Music]


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