Secret To Passing Your UK Driving Test 2020? Tips For Passing The Driving Test


Hello, I’m Chris. Some learner drivers search for it and some know it already. What exactly is the secret to passing the UK driving test? Well, if you promise not to repeat it to anyone else, I’ll tell you. Actually there isn’t a secret there never has been any. To pass the driving test just takes hard work, practice, determination and most importantly experience on the road. To give you a better chance of passing the driving test though I’m going to give you my top 5 tips. Anticipate what will and might happen next and plan ahead. Driving is unpredictable and you never know what’s round the next corner. Which also makes the driving test unpredictable. But there are certain things that you can expect and you shouldn’t be surprised by. Such as pedestrians wanting to cross at pedestrian crossings. Especially look out for zebra crossings as they’re not controlled by traffic lights. Try not to just think about what you need to deal with right now but also what’s next. Such as this zebra crossing. Not only do I need to creep out to get a better view when it’s safe but I also need to scan both sides of the crossing carefully for pedestrians. You might have heard of someone failing their driving test before because a car came out of nowhere and they didn’t brake in time. Believe it or not but cars don’t come out of nowhere. You just need to be prepared and don’t drive as if you’re the only car on the road. If you can’t see round a corner then approach it slowly ready for the worst, such as a bin lorry. At a closed junction where you can’t see very well, emerge carefully. Observe properly and don’t assume it’s clear. In fact, always expect the worst. Effective observations are so important, because your life or somebody elses life could depend on it. When meeting oncoming traffic, don’t just think about the space you need to go into. But how you’re going to get back out too. Try to constantly to think and be prepared for what’s next. Not only have I got to think about what these lorries might be hiding from my view but also the mini-roundabout and what’s after the roundabout. If I was driving faster expecting a clear road then I would’ve had a problem and probably would’ve had to reverse. Always plan ahead and expect the worst. Keep up your awareness and look out for any potential hazards. Signs and road markings are all there to help you. Here I can see no-entry signs and the road markings show that I have to turn right. It takes a lot of concentration and awareness to be a good safe driver on the road. Plan ahead for what might happen next and try to be ready for anything. Take in all the information that’s around you including what you see in your mirrors. Keep scanning the area ahead. Look well ahead and try to spot signs early so that you have time to think and react. All it takes is to miss these signs and road markings and you could end up driving over the speed limit. Or even driving too slow if the speed limit raises and it’s safe to drive faster but you haven’t noticed. If you’re unsure what the speed limit is then look out for smaller repeater signs. I’m anticipating that the bus could stop at the next bus stop. Has anybody pressed the button at the pedestrian crossing? Is it safe to go round the bus? Any pedestrians near the front of it? Plan for what might and will happen next. In fact it’s so important to keep anticipating and planning that I can promise that as soon as you stop doing it, mistakes will start to happen. If you’ve probably got the message by now how vital it is to plan ahead. But it’s worth reminding you that regular checks of your mirrors is essential so that you know what’s going on behind and react safely to what you see. It’s also important to know when to have a quick sideways glance into the blind spots. For example before changing lanes. Don’t assume you’ve failed your driving test. Yo might make a mistake that totally puts you off. Such as stalling when pulling up.“Why did I do that? I don’t normally stall. …I’ve definitely failed for this. I’m going to have to book another test, pay loads more money, I can’t believe it, what’s the point in continuing? I know I’ve failed anyway.” You carry on with the test, dwelling on what you think was a big mistake, only to make more serious mistakes as you’re still thinking about what just happened, and aren’t concentrating. The mistakes start to snowball and you just want to go home. The driving examiner see’s it quite differently. The examiner noticed you stalled and restarted the car. But there wasn’t any actual or potential danger and you didn’t affect any other road users. So you haven’t failed but you might get a driving fault or a minor as they’re commonly called. If you do make a mistake on the driving test then forget about it for now, recover from it, think about what’s next and just concentrate on your driving. There’s no point dwelling on mistakes and definitely don’t think you’ve failed or give up during the test. Because what you think was a serious mistake could be a driving fault to the examiner. Don’t be distracted by what the examiner is writing. The examiner will have the driving test results sheet on their lap and they might occasionally write things. But don’t be tempted to have a peek at what they’ve written as it could distract you from your main job which is to drive at your best. The examiner doesn’t always write bad things, so stay focused and positive. The examiner might also chat to you when there’s not much going on. Which might help you feel more relaxed, but remember to also stay foused on your driving. This can be a bit more challenging, especially if the weather is bad, or there’s something else distracting going on. Don’t assume. Don’t assume the road you’re still on has a 40mph speed limit for example. Or to ahead at the roundabout you’ll always need the left lane. Or you can never drive in bus lanes. Going back to tip number 1, plan ahead and look our road signs and markings. The driving examiner isn’t there to trick you or catch you out. All the information is there. It’s just up to you to see it. If you don’t and something serious happens then unfortunately you’ll fail your driving test and have to come back as you’ll need more practice and experience. Try to have an early night before the day of your driving test. Waking up and feeling tired won’t help your concentration levels and will put you at a serious disadvantage. There’s obviously more to driving than just these tips but I really hope they help. If you’re looking for tips on the how to do each of the maneuvers then have a look at our other videos as you might find out something you didn’t know. Unfortunately there isn’t a short cut or magic way to pass the driving test. For the best chance of passing, it’s simple, just practice lot’s, build-up your experience on the road and learn from any mistakes. Some people go for the driving test when they’re not really ready. If you’re constantly making serious or dangerous mistakes during your driving lessons or failing mock driving tests in a big way then you’re probably not really ready for the driving test or for driving on your own yet. Consider delaying the test and get some more practice. But don’t go for the experience, mock driving tests are good for that and they’re cheaper than the real test. Go for the driving test because you feel confident and not only have you proven to your instructor that you have the skills for drivining safely but also to yourself. When you begin your driving test, stay calm, remember that you just need to show one more person what a safe driver you are. And most importantly, believe in yourself. Thanks a lot for watching our video. If you have your driving test coming up soon then good luck. Please subscribe for out latest videos. Keep safe on the road and see you on the next video.


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  2. Christina Collinge

    April 1, 2019 9:04 am

    Tuning in for the tips but also the lovely soothing voice, calming me down for my test later!

  3. Francis Koomson

    April 4, 2019 8:18 pm

    Thank you very much Chris.
    I passed my test first time today.
    I kept listening and watching most of your videos many tmes. Please anyone preparing for test should listen to Chris, he is excellent.

  4. keith6400

    April 8, 2019 4:00 am

    8.14 Lane 1 (left lane) is for leftย AND right turners.ย  Lane 2 (right lane) is ONLY for right turners.ย  Watch out for cars like the Fiat in the wrong lane but signalling a radical intention.ย  Potential collision if you are alongside this type of driver.ย  I like to be staggered in dense traffic not alongside.

  5. Ce Nonya

    April 8, 2019 6:11 pm

    Watched a load of your videos a couple of hours before my test- passed! Thanks for helping to refresh memory just before x

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    l guess l have to come back here thanks, l passed my driving test today, your video helped me a lot, l would like to say thanks once again.

  7. Jeannee Jean

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    Passed my test first time this morning with just 3 silly little faults, quite religiously watched these clips. Good calming voice!! Toot toot

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  11. Sardine Can

    May 3, 2019 1:10 pm

    I watched this video this morning before my test and passed first time, the best thing to do is if you've made a mistake literally forget about it until you finish, I thought I made a big mistake but it was a minor and I still passed

  12. A J

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    May 26, 2019 4:24 am

    Don't focus on what you need to do, learn how to drive. Examination day Is just another day, no pressure

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  18. Sammie Hilton

    June 1, 2019 10:33 am

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you. I watched a lot of your tips for driving videos whilst learning and I am proud to say I passed first time. So excited to get out on the roads.
    Thank you so much! The guides saved my ass, especially the roundabouts ones.

  19. King Leopold II

    June 9, 2019 8:27 pm

    basically, just be aware of the environment and dont just drive like its easy at all time

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    June 27, 2019 12:08 pm

    These videos can be helpful but as some have said anything can happen on the day. I took my test in the early eighties just before the seat belt became compulsory. I had failed a couple of times so that didn't help with my nerves.
    Things got off to a good start and it was going smoothly until I spotted a woman between some parked cars who then stepped out in front of me.I slammed on but kept control and stopped within a couple of feet from her.I had my seatbelt on so was ok,but my examiner didn't ,he head butted the dashboard and got a good few bruises. After checking every one was ok we continued with the test my examiner said "We will call that your emergency stop I won't be asking you to do that again. "
    Athough I was a bit shook up and made a few mistakes he passed me,thankfully, so always be prepared for anything.

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    Dude the whole people don't just come out of no where is a blatent lie, I had someone pull out on the wrong side of the road at a junction from behind a parked car he was speeding, reckless, unsafe and had a license. I pulled up checked both ways multiple times following all mirror and safety procedures and failed because me and the examiner went for the breaks at the same time. I had 0 faults so don't give me the "people can't come out of no where" line because I have seen it.

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    Everyone the driving test really isnโ€™t that bad. Had mine today, passed first time with no minors. Just relax and seriously donโ€™t presume every mistake is going to be a serious or a repeated minor. Just donโ€™t forget to check your mirrors LITERALLY EVERY TWO SECONDS, as well as all 6 points when you stop. Good luck

  36. Mike Byrne

    November 2, 2019 6:59 pm

    Such great advice, the last advice you have to show one more person is so true, after all you have to drive on your own and be safe anyway so in a sense you have to prove to yourself that you are good at all situations. I guess like anything its constant practice and experience and knowing what to do in different situations. My dad always said you become a great driver after you passed your test as you gain more knowledge. A lot also seems observation and looking at whats going on around you so staying safe. I am terrible in test situations same whatever test I do ๐Ÿ™„

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    I wonder if you could answer this question World Driving? I've tried to get an answer lots of ways but no-one seems to know. Tried asking Google but it doesn't understand the question l think. I passed my test a long time ago, 1973, and l haven't had much driving experience since. At the time my mum had a Mini, which she let me borrow now and again to go to work on her days off. Loved driving it. Then l got married and never managed to get a car of my own, due to marital circumstances. Then around the year 2000 my mum had a stroke. At that time she had a little Corsa, and as the stroke affected her eyesight badly, she had to give up driving so l drove the car around for 6 weeks until it was sold. And that's my driving experience. Ive now just turned 64, and am struggling to get to work on a bicycle so l bought a little Renault Clio from one of my sons and am trying to return to driving. My question is, can l put L plates on the car as a full licence holder, while lm practising with a qualified driver beside me? I've always renewed my licence and kept it valid, but lm not sure how this works in law, about the L plates.

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