Rid the Mind of Stress


A child returns from school, and an
elder gives him a piece of sweetmeat. He put the sweetmeat in his mouth, Not sweetmeat, let’s take candy floss;
What is it called? Candyfloss. Kids like that. A piece was given, which he puts
in his mouth, and starts playing. Within few moments, the play ends, as
does the sweetmeat or portion of candyfloss. At once the child asked, “Uncle,
can you give me one more piece,” “Because I was so busy in playing,
I was oblivious to eating it.” The uncle must be like me,
so he gave another piece. But understand one thing that,
whenever you are ‘oblivious’, 1)You don’t realise the taste of
the sweet. 2)You will ask for more things and
more expensive things. The way the child asked for a second piece, Check this in your life. You receive a lot of sweetness in life, It is unclear who the Uncle is, Does the Uncle represent God, the
system of karma, or the Sadguru’s grace. All these views are being
discussed simultaneously, Is it destiny, or anything else. Whatever ‘Uncle’ represents,
therefore, I’ve just said ‘Uncle’. A lot of sweetness is received in life, But you are so occupied in your game, The sweetmeat is in your mouth,
but your mind is filled with worry. A sweet incident takes place,
but your mind is filled with, Worry, tension, stress, thoughts,
whatever you consider it, So you won’t feel the sweetness. What will the result of this be? You will ask for another, and more, And that ‘another’, ‘more’,
or ‘new’ thing, which you ask for, Will start becoming costlier
and costlier. In the example of a kid,
I gave the same thing. But what happens in life,
because of the desire created, You start asking for newer, more,
different, and costlier things. What I am trying to say is,
life dishes out many sweet events. But because of your cunning mind,
unawareness, hastiness, worry, Because of not remaining in the
present moment, you don’t experience it; Because you don’t experience it,
you ask for more. Else, in one satsang you would
be content, In one darshan, you can be content;
if you know how to fully experience it. Then you won’t need to say,”Uncle,
give me another portion of candyfloss.” However, at that time you think,
“Will I do it properly? Will I do this or not?” “How will I answer if I am asked?”
So much is going on in your mind, At the same time, the candyfloss
is also in your mouth, So, you don’t experience the taste. So, the game and the sweet are
both over, and you say, “Uncle, can you give me one more?
I couldn’t taste it.” Life brings many sweet events,
yet why don’t your desires decrease? Because, you are not experiencing
the sweetness of these events. As your mind and emotional mechanism
are disturbed and dysfunctional. One man had a lot of work, “I need to complete it today,
and I don’t want any disturbance.” He had his office door shut,
and pasted a notice on the other side; ‘Do not enter today, unless
there is an emergency,’ And he resumed his work. Very soon, a man entered, There was the clause of an ‘emergency’,
so it was obvious, it must be an emergency. So he asked, “Is there some
urgent work?” He replied, “No, I’ve come casually.” Casually. The man asked, “Did you not read
the notice?” He answered, “Which notice?” So he took him out, to
the other side of the door, And had him read the notice
in red letters, “I hadn’t even seen this.” Your mind is running so fast, What is in front of your eyes, in
a language you know, in big letters, But because your mind is preoccupied
with some other thought, you will say, “I have not heard this” or “I have not
seen this,” or “This wasn’t there!” This means, your mind runs faster, So fast, that it comes in between
the object of your vision, and your eyes. Such a large notice, when they went
the second time, could be read, But when you entered,
“I didn’t even seen it.” This must be happening often with you. So often you don’t see the toothbrush,
which is in plain sight, You shout at everyone,
“Where did it go? Who took it?” Only to say, “Oh, okay, I didn’t see it,
sorry.” When you were shouting at others,
it was like a big calamity had struck. But when it turned out to be your own
mistake, you simply say, “I said sorry, right!” What does this show? The Enlightened Ones give a simple
advise, learn to use your eyes. Meaning, live with attentiveness, Fit awareness in every sense organ. By saying “sorry”, “I made a mistake”,
self-realisation will not be attained; As it will need more and more,
present moment awareness. When there is a lot of work, how is
present moment awareness possible? Present moment awareness! Else don’t say you are practising dharma, Say you are doing menial labour. If your mind has stress, tension, worry,
then you are not practising dharma, Then, no matter what you are doing
externally, you are not practising dharma. That is very clear. A man comes, He was in front of me, yet
I asked, “Have you arrived?” He asked, “What did You say?” I repeated, “I asked, have you arrived?” That’s it,
Over. Isn’t it foolish to ask, when you
can see him in front of your eyes, “Oh! have you arrived?”
Don’t we ask like this? Is there a ghost in front of your eyes? You ask the person who is in front
of you, “Have you arrived?” The one who hasn’t arrived,
is not questioned. “Have you arrived or not?” Learn from this, Why did I ask,
“Have you arrived?” Because I can see
his body has arrived, But I cannot see
his attention having arrived. I will give proof. The proof is that, when I asked,
he replied, “What did You say?” Because his attention was elsewhere,
till the sound waves hit him, But because he wasn’t present,
he could not decode. Anyone who asks again,
his ears are in perfect condition, But he does not have awareness,
and you should tell such a person first, You are not attentive, you are not focused,
you are not in a state of awareness. You are in fear, you are in some complex. You are in anxiety. Because, a question at
such a small distance, Why do you want
that to be repeated? Your mind is working faster, So I realised about that person,
his ears had arrived, but not his mind. His body had arrived,
but his awareness had not. His eyes had arrived,
but his sight had not. Can’t we make out from some people’s
eyes, especially children, They are staring at the blackboard, but
the teacher knows they are inattentive. Can it be figured out or not? Then, can’t I figure out by
looking at your faces? So many times you are
attending to some work elsewhere, Yet I feel your consciousness is here.
Such is the play of the consciousness. Due to the the mind overthinking
or going in past repetition, Because of these two, you are here,
and not here. Right or wrong? So I said, “What time is it
according to the watch?” Jovially, I said, “I’m asking the time in the
watch, not the time where your mind is stuck.” Did you understand? Often, you have arrived here but
suppose you had an accident on the way, After a lot of trouble, you arrive here. Your mind is there, but your body is here. So any reaction you have, is still of that time. You are still at a time half an hour ago. Your watch will have the correct time,
but your mind’s watch is half an hour behind. Seeing his mind, and
peace, the actual time won’t reflect. Seeing his mind, either a time half an hour
ago or two months hence will be reflected. What time is it in your watch?
It’s 10:45 in mine, Should I ask all one by one? What time is it in your watch? Examine your mind, and answer
where you truly are in the mind. Have you arrived here,
are your body and mind in the same place? Are your eyes and sight
in the same place? Are your ears, attentiveness, and mind
in the same place? You may say no, for a minute it,
went in a sweetmeat, or somewhere else. Don’t convince yourself that,
they are important thoughts. I wrote to one person,
‘Borrowing will not lead to progress.” Whether it is life or it is business, You need cash. In life, borrowing will not
lead to progress, means Do today’s work today itself. Don’t keep it pending. There’s a reason for this as well,
because there’s a habit to procrastinate, Have laxity, delays, uncertainty, Due to which we want to postpone the decision. Leaving it for tomorrow, postponing,
what happens after postponing is another story. Is all the information required to do what you
have postponed till tomorrow, available today? Then why not take the decision today? If you have to make a conclusion, an enquiry,
implement something, take a decision, anything. Why? If you postpone it till tomorrow,
there will still be tomorrow’s work, Tomorrow’s problems, tomorrow’s load,
plus today’s ‘bag’ for tomorrow. So tomorrow, 30 Kgs is there,
plus another 10 Kgs from today, Because you feel it won’t be possible
today, so tomorrow. So how much is there for tomorrow?
(40 Kgs) So the chances of having a composed mind
tomorrow, have decreased. Because, now, you have to carry
40 Kgs, on your head. Postpone tomorrow’s work for day after
as well, then how much will it be? This load keeps increasing. Understand one thing,
if loans aren’t paid, the interest accrues. Likewise, if today’s work
is not completed today, If it is kept pending, the
interest will accrue. That interest is, worry, stress,
tension, fear, etc. This will ruin the equilibrium of the mind, Due to which, even your worldly duties
will suffer, Due to which your spiritual practises
will be compromised. You will make such mistakes, that whenever
you do your spiritual practices, Only those thoughts will come, Are you understanding? Such a tension filled mind; until the mind’s
style of working does not change, You won’t have peace, happiness, and your
being loving will be extremely superficial. Borrowing will never lead to progress, Today’s tasks to be completed
today only. Cash. Only then, can you predict
tomorrow’s well-being.


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