Religion of Abraham – 03/05 – Quran Says – by Shaikh Muhammad (2009)



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    April 19, 2014 12:55 am

    AL-HAJJ 22:78 (M-Shaikh)
    And jahedo / you strivein (the way of) Allah as the right of jehad / strivingin (the way of) Him.He has chosen youand He has made no difficulty over you in ad-deen / the judgment(i.e.islam / to attain peace)The millat / religion ofyour ancestor Ibraheem.He has named you muslimeen /submitters from before and in this so that the messenger be a witnessover you and you be a witnessover mankind. Then establish salah / prayer and give zakah / justificationand hold fast with Allah. He is your protectorso He is the blessed protectorand the blessed helper. 

    STRIVE / STRUGGLE  When we come to know the essence we should strive and struggle to follow and practice. Same way as we do for our carriers.

    MESSENGER is witness over us because we recite the ayats after understanding the essence similarly we are witness over mankind with the same ayats when we recite to others.


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