Recovering From Religion

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Since leaving the religion I was
indoctrinated in, I realized it’s taken quite a bit of time recovering from it.
from Deconverting to undoing the fear of Hell to losing relationships in my life
simply because I’m no longer a Christian to not having support around me and
feeling guilt and shame because I don’t believe. Also coping with the harmful
effects that are consequences from being indoctrinated all of this and more took
a toll on me and if you’re someone who’s currently experiencing this know that
you are not alone I’m fortunate that the religion I left was Christianity and I
know that for some people leaving their religion can be extremely dangerous in
life-threatening I wanted to point to a resource that can help if you are
someone who’s having doubts about your beliefs recovering from religion is an
organization that offers hope healing and support they provide resources for
anyone who might have questions about changing or leaving their faith and they
offer two ways of support peer support and professional support you can simply
call them you can also message them through a chat on their website and
there’s a way to connect face to face with support groups I think this is
extremely important because I know from personal experience and also religious
studies sometimes when people leave their religion they are rejected by
their family I think being rejected by your own
family can be crushing and hurtful finding support from recovering from
religion in this way can really help they also offer the secular therapy
project here you’ll be connected with the skilled licensed therapist who will
offer evidence-based and non-religious treatment I wish I had known about this
resource before when I was looking for a therapist when I was still religious and
I sought a therapist the Christian counselor that I ended up seeing told me
that my negative thinking at the time was because Satan was putting those
thoughts in my head years later when I was realizing I was an atheist I found
another therapist who I didn’t know at the time was religious it was harmful to
talk to someone who is only interested in making sure I became a Christian
again I had just opened up to her about not believing in the Bible or the
Christian God or any gods and her response was belittling and judgmental
she told me that I needed to reread the Bible because I clearly didn’t get it
yeah I don’t see how any of this advice is helpful I feel like the secular
therapy project is such a great resource for anyone who would like to talk with
someone with out fear of judgment or if you’re
someone who has questions about leaving your religion or really I’ll be above I
mentioned before maybe you’re struggling with a fear of Hell or maybe you’re just
not realizing you’re indoctrinated being able to talk with someone who is
non-religious and also evidence-based can really help with putting everything
in perspective when you leave your religion it’s like a whole other life
opens up your life is different now you get to reinvent it it can also maybe
feel a bit overwhelming take it a day at a time and do things at your own pace
personally I was afraid of an idea of Hell even years after I came out as an
atheist I’ve also lost some relationships in my life that I ended up
grieving over I wasn’t trying to kill the relationship on my end the
relationship ended because the other person couldn’t tolerate me walking away
from religion everyone’s situation is different and you just have to figure
out what works best for you and recovering from religion can really help
know that you are not alone


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