Reason #77 – Taylor | Duke Divinity

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Reasons to give number 77. Taylor. Marker. Hi, my name is Taylor Pryde. I am at the Divinity School. When I did career cruising in middle school, I realized the thing I loved most was the church and I
had a mentor who was a Duke alumni who helped me see that maybe that would mean being a pastor and I’ve been pursuing that dream ever since. The Annual Fund answered that prayer in the sense that I wasn’t really sure what it would look
like to go to a school like Duke knowing it would be expensive but also knowing
that it was my dream. So, when I was awarded a full ride that was an absolutely invaluable gift. I hope to change the world by being a pastor who sees beauty and abundance in the communities I’m called to. I hope that means sharing people’s stories, being involved in the community in ways that when people look at where they live they see the goodness of God all around them.


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