(Really) Bad News For Religious Conservatives


so we have a recent poll by Public
Religion Research Institute and in ass Millennials if they’re so
interested in the church if they have a religious affiliation and how what issues might have affected
whether they have a religious affiliation on a an answer is clear listen this seventy percent of Millennials think
that religious groups are alienating young adults by being too
judgmental on gay and lesbian issues themes so all that NPK fervor pushed by the also right-wing religious groups
evangelical groups like I had good putts I we ate the gains it turns out it’s actually driving
people away from them that’s boss that just this because young people realize that it’s
ridiculous is discriminatory its hate porn then they’re not interested in it
in fact when Millennials were asked about
negativity around LGBT issues in religion affecting their departure he
came in among me most important issue 17 percent
saying that it was somewhat important factor in MEM relieving religion in 40 percent saying
a very important factor so combined night comes in at the top in
fact when you now look at Millennials are you
ready for this I think this is a huge factor okay only a to at a free Millennials now say they
even have a religion 103 millennial say that they have no religious affiliation
at all now understand why that’s such a giant
number because when you ask people hey what is
your religious affiliation the great majority people when they
actually practice it or don’t practice it was simply answer whatever they were
born into on the question I’m a Jew are Muslim et cetera right you have to go outta your way to
say no even though I was born while those
things I have no religious affiliation I’m not any of those things for one hour
3 Millennials people under the age of 34 to say that
are I can keep sayin Fox 26 is a culture where you’re right and they think they were winning there
right we r because we’re in a new age a reason is
this thing called the Internet might be weird story was when ugg a a
guy whose job was to spread mormonism throughout the world you know how they
send people to go preach about Mormons ’em he started reading the Internet and
finding out what his religion was actually about and then he started asking higher-ups in
the church don’t use like we don’t we don’t really believe that do
we the liking of course we do Lisa or boy MacBook Air and as a lot a
young people are saying well this LGBT issue words other issues they’re going online
insane is that what the Bible really says and we had one other take care
legislators from Arizona on TV the other day with Anderson Cooper Anderson Cooper
said well your bill discriminates against
gays how buddy who dis really yes divorced people like it says in the
Bible is like who partnered up their proper I booklet thing a Bible of course there is
of course there is is because they have a red he know what
young people are more educated they go online they read verse in the Bible know that I
am a minute ago says and then they look at hateful people are in the religious
right-wing and accept I don’t wanna be in a room
with those guys I don’t think the people I don’t want a on them I don’t discriminate against
anybody so they are driving them away intros among all americans one in five
Americans say that they have no rose affiliation but
on major 34 to 13 and its only grown bigger I all my like people
Tommy all janky know you know your guests with the ukraine you’re fighting
a losing battle you never going to win that battle users have been around for two thousand
years but you know that for eighteen hundreds aren’t years al that
two thousand they couldn’t even read the Bible for so
long the Bible was written in Latin scopic
ill it was in their native language all that
was English Spanish or whatever happened to be they had no idea what was in another
know what the pre-sold now we can actually read the Bible and its online you don’t need just your
priest and when you find out what’s in the
Bible and the koran and the tall mood you run for the hills religion is gonna
go away at least these religions and these
dogmas and these rediculous ancient axe they were put
together by politicians from thousand years ago not
religious figures politicians thousand years ago they’re gonna go by
the wayside I’m not saying it’s in 10 years but
tick-tock tick tock


16 Responses

  1. Charles F

    August 1, 2018 3:01 am

    Yes yes yes the Christian empire is crumbling run back to your emperor constitine the creator or your religion


    August 4, 2018 11:18 am

    ~ Four years later and religion is just as toxic. VOTE in November for anyone not espousing religious nonsense. Cheers, DAVEDJ ~

  3. apeek7

    September 6, 2018 8:15 pm

    A message to Trump supporters… When evil comes it will be wrapped in a flag and clutching a cross…

    A message to Christian conservatives – When you dance with the devil – you WILL get burned…

  4. Texas Rebel

    September 19, 2018 4:45 am

    Yea. Because we all know that millenialss are the smartest, most experienced, most knowledgeable to what they been indoctrinated to believe. I mean everyone knows that they have a mind of their own. They're not conformists. Every body knows they're unique in their own right. Right? I mean they're free thinkers. So what they think must be prophecy. I mean who would you rather believe, a book that has been around forever, or a book that some human with a degree who believes in a book that has been altered and misinterpreted for a shorter period. I mean, they couldn't even get George Washington right. And we're supposed to believe history books that have been altered to justify what teachers teach you and what theyve been taught

  5. Communist Pootis Birb

    November 10, 2018 1:53 am

    Notice how people liked TYT BEFORE the whole Trump debacle. Proof that Trumps presidential campaign separated America. You can blame main stream media but if Trump had not run I guarantee we would not see the hatred we see in our everyday YouTube lives. Don't act like trump is completely forgiven either, he has called Mexicans rapists and was quoted as saying, " laziness is a trait in blacks".

  6. Ely Lee

    November 15, 2018 12:36 am

    It's ironic how I grew up studying in a catholic school until college and ended to be a non believer after graduation. I've seen too much hipocrisy amongst cathoic comminity.

    Right now I only believe that in order to live peacefully one must respect anothers beliefs.

  7. ContagiousRepublic

    June 2, 2019 6:36 pm

    ALSO: irreversible trend. Toward progressive the nation marches on, and internet will NOT let censorship ruin anything.


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