Police To Speak To Chris Brown After All

Share the photos you have on Instagram on other social sites like Facebook, twitter, Tumblr. I try to post a photo on networks like twitter to create awareness of the fact that we are on Instagram and I try to make sure that it is a special photo.

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The only thing that could have triggered this, besides some sort of error on Facebook’s part, was that my eight year old son hijacked my watchinsta. Once I discovered this, I changed the profile to his identifying information so my friends would not think I had turned into some Minecraft freak. After discovering that he called the next door neighbor “stupid” on Instagram, I deleted the application and never gave it another thought. Had I known the possible repercussions (being suspended from Facebook) I would have taken action to delete the account.

It’s refreshing to know that no matter one’s social or celebrity status in this nation, one must wait long hours and maybe even use judgment to decide whether or not your fellow citizen should serve time in jail. LeBron reported to jury duty in Summit County, Ohio at 8:20 a.m. and left the courthouse about an hour later with roughly 50 other members of the jury pool were told that they would not be selected.

Read the agreement terms before you authorize Followgram.me to gain access to your account but keep in mind that you will not be able to retrieve a Instagram web address or URL until you accept their terms. It’s like this with all the 3rd party Instagram apps since Instagram does not supply web addresses or URL’s for their members.

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