Pashmina Shawls…The Gift Of Love!

Do you know what pashmina is? Many people don’t. In fact, I talked to a woman the other day, and she’d never heard of it and wanted to know what it was.

If you are going for a stylish, unique design, then Dillards is the place to shop at. Most of the pumps they sell cost more than $80, but the quality and durability makes up for the price.

A bindi, also known as a pottu, is a round colored dot placed between the eyes on the lower forehead of an Indian woman. A red dot is used to signify that a lady is married. These days, it’s more of a fashion statement. Ladies use decorated sticker bindis which are made with felt and a little glue at the back. Sometimes, little gemstones are even added. I use a bindi whenever I adorn myself in an Indian outfit.

Your lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush should be yummy looking. And here’s another way to get that look without paying for it. For example, go to a cosmetics counter at your local department store.

Give her the eco-friendly pashmina 100. It is extremely soft and anti-bacterial, anti-itch. The shawl is made from bamboo fabric that has a natural sheen and softness.

For those with heftier, but not outright crazy budgets, then a faux fur shawl is perhaps right up your alley! Faux fur is of course the alternative to real animal fur, which some people do not choose to wear, either because of budget constraints or just personal preference. However, with such advancements in technology, faux fur is hardly distinguishable from the real thing! It is almost guaranteed that no one will be able to tell the difference. The faux fur has a “real” feel and look to it. These can be purchased online from a reputable seller for as little as fifty dollars shipped. Now that is a real bargain!

The Power of Black; Black is in all garments this Fall, in combination with other colors or just black. There is not much change from previous seasons in regards to style, the pieces continue to be ritzy and beautiful. Remember all well planned wardrobes must include a black dress, a white blouse and a black skirt and black either heals or pumps. Experimenting with all your pieces will make you a pro at looking renewed, stylish and chic. And at a very inexpensive price. Good wishes with your new hobby!

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