Palin Asked On Bush Doctrine – Stumbles On Answer


uh… when she was asked by the bush
doctrine flat-out stopped elbow from the sky she’s like uh… can you explain that a little bit more
charlie no why do you interpret the preemptive
action answered it george bush doctrine of two thousand two
trillion since then and she’s like hiding out well she’s and right now she’s thinking installing this which i know this one so let me uh… favor i i’ve been there
matt states have a look at your your pain segue you know i think that george bush wanted to rid the world of
islamic extremism and terrorism and i think he’s been
doing the job he’s made some blunders but that’s what
we have elections uh… replace people and where do better job and gives us like well actually the bush
doctrine of two thousand two is one of preemptive strikes against other countries at the necessary
criticism or lower court judge uh… so arm my hands and that is not
you know it is an imminent threat than of course we need to strike before the
strike out which is a and that’s why the answers
findings of rebecca tell you a picture of all of the city did you for your act was an imminent
threat obviously there were even closer an
imminent threat withdrawal houston did not ask us for
question but anyway the overall point on this uh… bush doctrine is she doesn’t know see that’s all the things that he was
talking about you can’t just study for two weeks and going into and go into a whatever final it is an italian final popliteal politicize fido of psychology final biology a_p_ jammed by
whatever it is and the like ally dot okay i know chemistry although i don’t
want policy here yet ask questions uh… that you dot another issue too
because you didn’t develop that base of knowledge and so she got burnt on this and this is
our first hand that she could be several interviews
she’s gonna continue to get burnt she never go to the first place if she studied it’s somebody’s insist
she might get some of them right which is so that i didn’t get all my if she
doesn’t know she’s just a study of the last two weeks


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  1. Victor Luiga

    November 21, 2010 10:23 pm

    @TheJcp1234 Because the U.S. are doing so well? Greece are fucked because they tried to run from there problems. Communism doesn't work, socialism does. I'm from Sweden and we have a lot of socialism still we were one of the countries who came out of the 2008 financial crisis best. But it will be funny to see the coming 20-40 years when the U.S. economy will be surpassed by both China and India. Don't think you'll be as cocky then.

  2. golden454

    November 23, 2010 3:24 pm

    @TheJcp1234 Turkey is a beautiful country, one of my favorites! I love Istanbul and Capadocia. How can you say a place sucks if you have not been there? Greece is great too!

  3. Sam Schrage

    December 15, 2010 2:33 am

    To be fair, I hadn't heard of the Bush doctrine either until that interveiw, but then again, I'm not a VICE FUCKING PRESIDENT.CANDIDATE

  4. smhfc1984

    January 8, 2011 1:10 am

    Young Turks is the name of this show? Interesting to name yourself under a movement that was responsible for ethnic cleansing and genocide. Why not call yourself the NAZI Party or something it would be just as appropriate.


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