Our Experiences After The Lost Years Series



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  1. musicluver9154

    March 1, 2020 9:58 pm

    Thank you for this whole series; I relate so strongly to what you’ve both discussed 💕

  2. Tomas Hernandez

    March 1, 2020 10:01 pm

    OMG, just blazed for the first time this week and realised I missed the Monday Ear Biscuits! So happy, I love the Lost Years series!

  3. Shavit Sapozhnikov

    March 1, 2020 10:08 pm

    Hey Rhett!its great you are sharing and letting us know of your experience trough this journey! At 19:25 I am sure I am not the first to say this but what this people are doing is the no true scotsman fallacy where they are saying you were never a "true" believer to begin with they are setting the standard themselves, like a scotsman in a bar saying no true scotsman wears underwear under his kilt but who is to say who is a scotsman, this people have no leg to stand on so they attack your character don't let fallacious reasoning get you down. 🙂

  4. Marta Kurpickaja

    March 1, 2020 10:22 pm

    everything just makes so much more sense to how the're as people. and being a fan for so many years I can not comprefent the fact of how much respect I gained for them. (apolgise for my english)

  5. Vannic Wolf

    March 1, 2020 10:23 pm

    Love and Fear are the only two sponsoring thoughts. All outcomes arise first from one of these.

    Well, if your still taking questions…
    1. Do you still believe you are a three part being? (if not holy trinity maybe Id, ego and super ego? Brain, body and SPIRIT?)
    2. Do you believe you are, the body, the observer or a process?
    3. What do you think is happening at realities most fundamental level? (go beyond splitting an atom)
    4. Do you think we are all one?
    5. Do you believe or want to believe life is eternal?
    6. Do you believe you could have had this life or one similar before?
    7. Do you see duality in ALL things?
    8. Do you think anything can exist without its opposite?
    9. Is EVERYTHING ok?
    10. Why is my hand like the Buddahs?
    I have a ton more id like to hear you discuss. You mean a lot.

  6. Angela Garcia

    March 1, 2020 10:34 pm

    i personally found a lot of comfort in their lost years episodes. i started watching GMM at a very, very young age (we’re talking elementary school) and Rhett and Link both helped shaped a great part of my developmental years. i got off track of their shows around two years ago, but i decided to check in, and viola, i run into the ear biscuits episode of Rhett’s spiritual deconstruction. never had i seen these two men be so unapologetically raw and open to, not only each other, but to the audience of mythical beasts watching. i heavily related to what he and Link were saying, having grown up in a very strict religious environment as well, and it struck a chord in me knowing that i wasn’t crazy or a “sinner” for questioning my faith and the inconsistencies along with it. so really guys, when you’re worrying about the negative responses, it’s a minority compared to those who are very open minded and mature enough to respect the decisions that you both have made. love y’all forever and always, and thank you for being so real and honest.

  7. Ayisha John

    March 1, 2020 10:39 pm

    Would really love to know your wives story and how your family back home took your deconstructions

  8. homesteadwitchery

    March 1, 2020 10:40 pm

    I was saddened when I listened to both your stories, but not because you left the church. I felt sad that you had to feel that loss that obviously was difficult for you, and uncomfortable, and I am sure you were sad about it. I just don't like seeing people hurt. After that, though, I was happy to hear that you've come to terms with it and are content where you are/with the people that you are.

  9. whatiwasgoingtosay

    March 1, 2020 10:43 pm

    I didn’t see any of these critical responses to your stories, but seriously, forget them. You believe what you believe and you don’t have to explain or defend it to anyone.

  10. Ayesha Niazi

    March 1, 2020 10:45 pm

    Though I am religious, I respect your respective journeys to where you are currently. We should all have autonomy over the way we navigate the world, and it’s sad that people are trying to oversimplify that by assuming things about the two of you. So sorry about that 🙁

  11. Silas Buus

    March 1, 2020 11:41 pm

    Man’s nature is a perpetual factory of idols, what do Rhett and Link currently worship? I use to worship myself and the created things instead of the creator. I wonder what Rhett and Link find their highest joy in currently. For to worship is to find joy. God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him. Otherwise we are lost.

  12. Silas Buus

    March 1, 2020 11:46 pm

    I appreciate you guys sharing and have been intrigued and am thinking through the content. You cannot understand love unless you look upon the cross. At the foot of the cross we truly see love modeled for us. Without understanding Christ’s love for us, and the rejection of Him, we lose how to love altogether. In an atheistic worldview all love is, is fizzling of chemicals.

  13. Jeanine Twomey

    March 2, 2020 12:07 am

    I appreciate the introspective thinking involved in this process. Some have not had the benefit of diverse experiences to possibly contemplate a different approach to how to view life. Sheltered is too simplistic a word for the view that some things are best less seen or discovered. Some also prefer to stay distant so as to not alienate themselves from those they hold dear. I am not of that mindset, but I can understand why someone would want to protect themselves and their families from views seemingly foreign and unsafe to them.

  14. Aarkenth

    March 2, 2020 12:20 am

    Everyone has their own journey, and I thank you for sharing yours. It's been enlightening and encouraging.

  15. transylvanian

    March 2, 2020 12:52 am

    Congratulations for managing to escape the cult, for achieving mental liberation from the shackles of superstition and indoctrination, and for being brave enough to admit it.

  16. Bob Billiams Productions

    March 2, 2020 12:53 am

    “The moment you take love out of the interaction, you’re missing the point, regardless of what side of the issue you’re on.”

  17. Maria Serrano

    March 2, 2020 1:28 am

    I'm glad y'all have taken the time to talk about this very personal topic, but talking about it for a few more episode might be a little long-winded. ..to be clear, I will continue to listen to every episode, but for someone who is trying to re-establish their faith, it's a little disconcerting.

  18. Amanda J

    March 2, 2020 1:53 am

    Thank you both for all you share with us… The fun and laughs of Good Mythical Morning, the hilarity of the Mythical Kitchen, the behind the scenes view of the vlogs, and the raw truths of Ear Biscuits. They all have a special and fun impact on those of us who watch and listen. Personally, the past few weeks for me have been difficult personally and professionally, but I have found laughs and insights to consider on your channels. Thank you and keep it up.

  19. Melissa Berg

    March 2, 2020 2:15 am

    I just wanted to apologize because I was one of those who commented on your previous videos that I was sad for you. And after listening to how that made you both feel I wanted to express my sincere apology. I admit that when I was writing my previous comment I was thinking selfishly and only about how I felt about your situation. And I realize now that that was wrong of me. Thank you for posting this video today that helped me realize that it is not helpful or loving for me to respond the way I did before. Thanks guys.

  20. Daniel John Price

    March 2, 2020 2:18 am

    Thank you guys soo much for sharing your stories. And yes Link, both Rhett and you made a difference and yes you helped many people and myself. It has been like 3 years since I have revisited my story. It helped me basically finish processing my journey. To be not alone is the best feeling in the world.

  21. Tara Pinto

    March 2, 2020 2:20 am

    There are a lot of sad things in the world, someone finding a view of life that makes them feel happy and fulfilled is not one of them.

  22. julry19

    March 2, 2020 3:06 am

    My favorite author is Flannery O'Connor and she, like me, was Catholic. One of the most touching exchanges captured in the collection of her letters called The Habit of Being was between her and a young man struggling to determine exactly what he believed. One of the things she said was that "Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief" … is the most natural and most human and most agonizing prayer in the gospels, and I think it is the foundation prayer of faith."


  23. Karan Harsh Wardhan

    March 2, 2020 3:17 am

    Rhett: I want to please people
    Link: Time to stop meme-ing and start BLASPHEMING

  24. Jack Miller

    March 2, 2020 3:41 am

    I’m a blue ridge mountain Tennessee hillbilly and I didn’t know what to call myself. I didn’t what an agnostic was until I heard the lost years episode , but i guess that’s what I am. If there is a god I don’t think it’s as complicated as about six billion people make it.

  25. bizzy ru

    March 2, 2020 3:56 am

    Here for the hair !! Lol 😂 not really ear biscuits is what I listen to on Sunday afternoons and evenings when I’m getting ready for the week. Not a religious person myself but I grew up in a church but I just faded away from it . Links words are inspiring me to take an active role in my own journey instead of staying complacent.
    I have really appreciated these conversations

  26. Kate Harding

    March 2, 2020 4:06 am

    Link: it’s not like we are crying in the mini van every Sunday….we don’t even have the mini van anymore. We have a Tesla

  27. Maximilian Hilpert

    March 2, 2020 4:25 am

    Question. Did you two purposely decide to film the Buies Creek Series, part 2 for example where you guys re-experienced going to church, knowing that months later both of you were going to talk about the lost years? Also, have you been back since?

  28. mju34

    March 2, 2020 5:00 am

    Too much self-absorbed navel gazing in this episode for my tastes. ("process," "share," "journey" lather, rinse, repeat). I think you would have been better off simply answering some audience questions on the Lost Years topic, instead of putting those off in favor of this, mostly glib content

  29. Harper B.

    March 2, 2020 5:02 am

    i’m so proud that Link has decided to try going to therapy and is being open about it!! therapy can be an incredibly beneficial tool to help us as humans be our best selves, not just for others, but for ourselves. i hope it works out for him and that he finds it a valuable and useful tool when it comes to being the best and most idealised version of Link he can be. 💓

  30. yuka a

    March 2, 2020 5:42 am

    I really enjoyed the whole series! I respect how thoughtful, vulnerable, and thorough you guys were throughout the process. And yes, I agree with your stance which may be why I don't have a problem with it, but still! It's not easy to talk about and I really respect you guys for going for it. i will always support yall no matter what x

  31. Dylan Leavitt Price

    March 2, 2020 6:09 am

    Going to therapy has been the greatest thing I've ever done for myself. So happy and proud of you both! :0)

  32. Jalal Frazelle

    March 2, 2020 6:25 am

    It has been very interesting to hear your interview with Rainn WIlson after these Lost Years Series episodes.

  33. Kingjohn33

    March 2, 2020 7:23 am

    I felt very interested by their stories. It makes you reevaluate and help better understand who you are and what makes you tick.

  34. Declan

    March 2, 2020 7:33 am

    Not religious, never really been. Just enjoyed listening to this conversation cus it gives me insight into a world that I've never experienced. Just think of you two as the same people as always 🙂

  35. filthysock

    March 2, 2020 7:35 am

    I hope you guys are aware that 99% of us are oblivious to these issues, and don't really pass judgement on your religious stance or otherwise. If anything, the evolution of your lives makes for good stories which are interesting to listen to. In other words: we really just enjoy your content. Speaking of which, this was interesting to listen to as well. And the fact that you guys have found such a healthy way of dealing with these issues is just inspiring. Just keep on keeping it real, guys.

  36. Birch Weber

    March 2, 2020 7:46 am

    You guys coming out about this experience has magnified my respect for y'all like crazy. It's an important experience to share because there's a lot of indoctrinated religious folk who have sensible thoughts but can't see a path towards happiness through their loved ones and communities who all believe.

  37. Matt Purcell

    March 2, 2020 9:45 am

    I think you guys are thinking a little to deep about it. Don’t let the comments bother you as much

  38. Matt Purcell

    March 2, 2020 10:02 am

    Do you guys still believe in a greater god? Or don’t know yet? Just wondering if you guys have a current belief, loved the podcast

  39. Nova Nova

    March 2, 2020 10:29 am

    Rett and links lost years series is a strong manifestation and reflection of how many people already felt but never had the opportunity to hear it from someone else in such an honest and vulnerable way i that would resonate with how they felt, till this series came out. This is happening enough globally that is manifested itself it this fashion where there are more influential people being real.


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