Opening to Divine Revelations


When we’re going through life, we go through
tests and some students don’t like this term. No, there are no tests. One of them I hear from people is, “There’s
no test, there’s no point, there’s no goal, it’s all about the journey.” It’s really a nice, new age-y kind of, granola-y,
kind of sentence that people use, and they have no idea what they’re saying. It just sounds so nice. “It’s all about the journey… ” Really? Because if it’s all about the journey, then
it’s kind of like no point. We’re just here to kind of hang out with the
journey by that kind of concept just be… Just hang out with the journey, just experience
the experience, just be with the experience, and it all sounds so lovely and it really
is kind of poetic. But if you know me, I’m going somewhere with
that, because it’s not… Ironically, it’s not about the journey, there
is no journey, it’s a journey without distance to a place, you never left. So, I’m contradicting almost every teacher
and teaching right now. And I love doing that, because people get
so used to going horizontally with their spirituality. They’re like, “Oh, if it sounds good, I’ll
just hang out with that and never get anywhere, just hanging out with it.” Well, I’m not about that, I’m like, Hell,
I’m like Buddha, Jesus, we’re like, “You know, we don’t have that kind of time, guys. Just stop, let’s wake up, let’s get home.” Let’s connect. You know? So, we’re not here for the journey. It’s only about the goal, the Alpha and the
Omega-God, the beginning and the end, the Lord thy God is one, it’s all about God there. It’s only about the goal now truly the goal
will become an ironic goal because it’ll be a goal to a place that we never left. So the goal will be the beginning and the
ending all at the same time. But no legs. I’m sorry man, it isn’t about the journey,
the journey is not something I’m saying to dis… Because since we’re here, we see that’s the
operative words, seem to be on a journey, but don’t get to attached to the journey. How did you get away with saying It’s all
about the journey? How did anybody… How come nobody called them on that? How come nobody said Wait? No, no, like the child in the fable the Emperor
is naked meaning that’s pretty ludicrous. You know, somebody should have called all
these nice statements saying kinds of people, umm, ’cause they just say things that sound
nice, but then they’re not true there’s no reality in them. It’s not about the journey, ’cause there is
no journey, it’s a journey without distance to place whenever left. But while we’re here, we will seem to go through
tests, tests meaning I am as God created me, but I forgot my divinity as I looked. I have an aging body there’s karma, there’s
lifetimes past lives, there’s yet of this kind that kind, there’s lessons and wounds
from the past, and all this stuff. That’s the journey, it’s all about the journey
really well, that’s why people are stuck here for so many lifetimes because it’s all about
the journey, you know. So there’s people that deny the journey well,
they’re screwed, they’re just stuck into lessons the hard way. There’s people that start to understand, there
is a journey while this is nice. Got some lessons. So let’s work on that. And that’s cool ’cause they’re at least recognizing
that there is a journey, but that’s not the end. You don’t wake up till you realize like Buddha
said, “There is no journey, it’s a wheel, it’s a will of illusion. It looks like you’re going somewhere, but
like in signs it, if you follow a lying far enough out into the universe, strangely you
think, Okay, I’m gonna go straight. But you never end up in a straight line, no
matter what you do. It’s kind of a strange city concept, you know,
some spaceship that could go through that, the speed of light boom, through space and
think they’re going somewhere, but if they go far enough out, they’re just kind of, making
a loop, in Seine Paris, then he’s right, ’cause you can’t leave you so you’re always gonna
do back in some way, to where he started, ’cause it’s you so you know, do you think
it’s great to say, Well, a man, how many lifetimes if you had… Oh, I was told by a psychic. I had 35 now… 83. So, you got not one as though you can boast
the number of lifetimes you had. No, to me, Wow, 83. It took you that many on… You still haven’t figured it out. That might be my attitude about it… ’cause
when I’ve had people, you know, when I was a kid, I have psychics and things like, you
know, people like that at centers and events, they’d say. Oh, can I do a reading on you? You know, when I was a young guy and sure,
“Oh you’re a very old soul. And that’s a valid thing if you’ve heard that,
that’s fine. People told you that that’s fine, but old
so meaning what did God create me before? You know, that’s not what old soul. That’s another one of those things that I
got to come around and straight now. Because people say things that aren’t true
old soul doesn’t mean you are created before me old soul means you’ve had many experiences. That’s all it means. Old in wisdom, old an experience you just,
you know, wow, it means wow, you’ve been here you kind of know stuff don’t you, you know? And instead of going old… So here, man, I’ve been here many times and
I have one up on you all. I used to make jokes about it when they would
say that they would say old so I say, “Yeah I’m a slow learner, and turn it the other
way so we could laugh instead of having people get kind of funky about it and think it that
makes me somehow superb. Just keep it all equal, if you can, you know,
anyway so we’re in this universe and we’re in one respect, we’re just living like as
though we have three-dimensional holographic headsets on, as though we’re paying a video
game, a seemingly real one we put the headset on, and now all of a sudden the world teams,
real take the headset off in-between lives were like, “Oh damn, are you kidding me? I didn’t see that I was in there, and I thought
it was real when they said you failed you know third grade, you gotta get set back. I took it seriously and took it on to my self-esteem
created a whole life where I felt lesser than people when I was divorced three times, I
started thinking all my God, you know, I never wanted to imagine being divorced three times,
and we took all this seriously, when someone told you, you’ll never amount to anything,
you’ve got the holographic head set on, you’re going. Oh really, I’ll never much anything or somebody
that hurts you and used you. It all looked so real. Take it off between lives and it’s like, “Oh
I can not believe that. I forgot to read my manual that said by the
way, when you get there, don’t take it seriously because it isn’t real, it just seems to be,
if it’s not real, then why are we doing this? ’cause there’s no journey, it’s not real. Then why are we doing this? What’s the value of the journey? Well, the value is because you think it’s
real, it is showing you lessons, it is showing you things that are worth you looking at. Because if I see them and see through them
and get over them, I start to identify with the me that was at the beginning is and will
be at the end and forever shall be. I’ll be back to my divine self. That’s the ticket. So really, there’s no… Ultimately, there’s no lesson and purpose
and no life. And no stuff, no Carmen no life, it’s all
an illusion, but that’s a little surreal for some people. So let’s, it’s breathe, after if some of you
agree with that breath, then pause, let soak it in and then let’s go and move to somewhere
else, which is… That’s the truth, but we gotta know that in
the back of your mind, but we have to respect that we think we’re here, so since we think
we’re here, let’s play the game since I think I’m here. I might as well start looking at what comes
up, what lessons and so on, and this isn’t going to be just to talk about life’s initiations
and so on, ’cause we’ve talked about those, if you like, some of these points go on, look
at other videos that I have online, because they’ll resonate they’ll kinda tell you about
some of the things we’re talking about here. In this case, what I’m trying to address what
I want to address is that at the end of the day, we sometimes say the words and not understand
when we say “Life is a mirror, “the world is a mirror but it’s absolutely true using
the reference to, let’s say you have a dream last night and in the stream whatever characters
there were whatever happenings they’re all actually parts of our mind being reflected
to us. The dream is just a sleeping dream when I’m
awake. Like right now, I mean, I’m sorry if this
sounds a little out there, but right now you think you’re watching me speak to you even
if you’re watching this ten years after the fact, you’re watching this video, and it appears
that I’m sitting here talking to you the truth is, I am a mirror inside of your mind and
reflecting something to you. If you say This guy’s an idiot, don’t like
anything he says. I don’t agree with it. You’ve just spoken about yourself now, you
just saw a part of yourself that you don’t like, you’re dining and condemn me. Sorry, you did that because now that’s going
to have to come out in some form. Now, if you are dusting me as I sit here and
I’m a part of you, I’m just reflecting a part of you and you spit upon me, then what’s gonna
have to happen? You’ve just condemned yourself. Now, it’s gonna have to happen is someone
is gonna be drawn into your life to act out, out to act that out on you. To be your judge, and jury, because you just
did this already. Now, they’re gonna condemn you for it. Now you’ve attracted an act of compensation
in the law of compensation. It’s one of the universal laws. On the other hand, let’s say you go… Wow, this is great. Or this guy, it’s not this guy, it’s reflecting
something of yourself. So, if you think I’m the cats and you go,
“Wow this guy is connected. The truth is I as I believe myself to be I
feel good, I feel connected. Great, thank you. But why are you able to see me? You could not be hearing this, if you did
not create it if you were not of this caliber if you think… Wow, the one zero to ten. This guy is an eleven. You’re actually complimenting yourself. I’m not trying to take the credit off of me,
I appreciate the feedback, but I know that it means more than just me. That’s why Jesus said, “Hey guys, “unparished
apostles. Hey, guys, how’s it gone? Oh, good God, Jesus. Yeah, we’re all just kinda hanging out, having
a little fire barbecue. Great, just curious, who were people saying
that I am? Oh, as some say this. And see, he’s testing them, he’s kinda messing
with their minds, checking it out. Hey, what you guys think? Oh, well, you know, they say this, they said,
Cool, what do you guys think? And that’s what he’s trying to get around
to. You can just picture this except an aroma. Who do you guys think I am? I mean, you’re telling me the people are saying
I’m a profit or whatever. Who do you guys think I am? Well, I think that you could be this, you
could be that, the different guys are speculating. And Peter… Peter, who was kind of an ass, you know, he
was a bit rude kind of rough around the edges, he wasn’t the smooth as sweetest, he wasn’t
the heart-centered guy, you know he wasn’t the necessarily, that he wasn’t the most philosophical
but Peter above all the other steps up, he did some screen things here and there. But as a person, he was known to be quite
an ass prior to his conversion, and he just says, “You know what, it’s kinda cool. This is one of those kind of rude shocker. D-types of guys. This is what’s nice because he doesn’t try
to overthink it, he doesn’t try to act all mystical. Oh, Jesus. I believe that you are a being from Venus”
that is manifested from the higher one. No haters. Like, “You know what, screw all that, you
know what I think? I think you’re the Christ, I think you’re
the crap. This guy did. Everybody has said the ones that the humor… People have predicted is coming, the Messiah. I think your him the others are like now,
like that I can… You guys use… It is big because A… They’re thinking… Is that gonna tick him off, is he wrong who… That was too bold and that’s why Jesus says,
and I’m paraphrasing, woulda is amazing. Peter don’t… Do you realize you could not have said that,
had you not reached a certain level of consciousness that’s how you interpret that is not Peter
speaking that is the Spirit of God. See, some people say That was God then channeling
to Peter, who’s just nothing but an ass. No, it means the guy that was once that kind
of a rude guy has changed raised his consciousness to be able to see spiritually ’cause he awakened,
spiritually. That’s why there’s people watching this kind
of program who have had lives where they’ve messed up and done these kinds of things that
they might be feeling ashamed or, regretful. Forget that it’s not about the consciousness
you’ve been… ’cause we’ve all screwed up, at one lifetime or another. Let’s forget that, you know, but it’s the
consciousness to which you rise to and the consciousness to which rise its spirituality. Love like, Wow, I’m opening my mind to something
new, and that’s what happened. So Peter says, “You know, I think you’re the
Christ, and Jesus says That is not a man speaking that’s the spirit of God. Meaning, you have reached a level of consciousness
that you not… I am so spiritual. You can see it, that’s not what he said, he
said, “You’re so spiritual, you can see it. Do you guys see that, the complement there,
the righteous evaluation of a guy’s consciousness, and that’s what I’m saying, about us that
we’re mirroring life to each other. So watch out, what are you… Mirroring when you have dreams? It’s never bad you have a nightmare. That character in a dream, a main character
but that character could be either trying to get a message across. So, they’re sounding a little louder than
you would prefer but what’s the difference between a sleeping dream in a waking dream? They’re the same loud, obnoxious, people on
the planet, whether it’s now here, or when I’m sleeping, they’re the same. There are people that I could be trying to
get an important message across, that I might not have been listening to B, they could very
much be a reflection of my ego instead of God. So when I look at characters and the dreams
and the waking dreams like someone saying, “I think you’re the Christ. Wow, thank you, that’s a wonderful reflection. That means I’m rising to a good level of consciousness. I don’t mean the people say that about me
every day. I’m just using an example. They can say. I love your talk. Great, I appreciate that. But it also tells me that the people watching
are rising higher and higher in consciousness, there can’t be a better compliment to any
teacher if I’m a teacher and I’m like trying to get something across, and all I have are
fundamental people fundamental basic people who are like… We don’t get it, you know, we’re like 101
sub-101 we’re like minus 101 level people. That would be fine, if that’s what my path
was to teach those folks, but it’s a compliment to think that I reach people that are so loving,
so kind, rarely saying rude things. We rarely do we attract some… I think you guys call them trolls or whatever
online, you know when you see that just report him. Let’s get rid of them, let’s stop it. Because you have the right to do that. You have the right to say no to unhealthy
things in your life and your life is our life. So we’re allowed to do that and it’s encouraged. Never hate them, but say no. Whether their tolls and your dreams trolls
online trolls and you’re waking life, you know, just more and more discernment along
those lines. But do know that learn from the negative reflections
and soak in and give thanks for the positive ones either way give thanks, I learn from
the negatives, and give thanks I integrate and give thanks for the positive. Either way, I… And a grateful person for what I have going
on in my life. Not, again, when I often, when I say that,
when I say my life I’m talking about me. Whoever that applies to you, could be you
or whatever. When I say me and I mean, it personally, I
might say personally, here’s that. Wow, I feel so think about this now to take
that a little further. You take something like… Like here in this course online course we’re
studying, we’re using the example of the Book of Revelation, to learn how, when a person’s
waking up spiritually, they will have things in their lives. You won’t always have this one a few Hour
vision experience schematic mystic or what a meditative or whatever form. It won’t always be this few hours like Whoa,
I just had this complete awakening and like, Wow, it might be a series of dreams at night. It might be synchronicity, during your day,
it might be all of the above but something’s gonna happen when you go from not being awake
to waking up and being on a horizontal spiritual path to going to the next level, which is
a vertical spiritual path. The horizontal one is like the cross piece
of the crucifix, it’s what crucified you. The vertical one is that, which takes you
home. So kill me and I go home. It’s how much you can just picture the ascension
zip into the high heavens. So do you wanna live on the horizon? The horizontal is the “illusion-ARY world,
whether it’s the illusion of “I don’t believe in any of this or the illusion I do believe
in it, but I’m only gonna stay horizontal about it. A little yoga, a little healthier eating and
that’s it, for this life. At some point we say, “You know, I think I’m
ready to dedicate to something more. And it is the few in comparison to the numbers
of people on the planet. It is the few. If there are eight billion people, let’s say,
100 billion people. Just to use a nice round number for purpose
here to ten billion people, if there’s ten billion on the planet and within a generation,
or two, there will be if you can imagine that, but if there’s a billion people on the planet,
you could say just make believe, let’s just say a couple of billion complete agnostic
or atheist whichever they’re not going anywhere, they’re just like, Whatever. Okay, fine. Now, let’s say another five, six billion aren’t
atheist or agnostic, they’re religious. That’s kind of okay, kind of cool but it gets
really far down there guys, it’s in the millions that you have people on the spiritual path,
like us, we’re not at any stretch. The majority, the religious people out number. Because religion could mean anything. I’m religious, that could mean, I’m religious
and I do nothing, I don’t pray I don’t meditate, I just go to church once a year or I just
call myself religious, ’cause my family said… So that’s the most religious people are, they’re
not practicing religious, they’re just calling themselves that. So you and I are the minority in the spiritual
community. But let’s pretend, pretend, it’s a billion
of us and it is. But let’s say it is out of that billion and
I’m not trying to get all the numbers to add up, to 00 billion of giving you just general
ratios, but let’s just say of that next billion in comparison to people that are not on the
horizontal religious spiritual path. But the vertical guys T’s in the hundreds
or thousands out of eight billion ten billion and a billion we use, it’s in the hundreds
or thousands on the planet, and I’m not exaggerating, it’s not in the hundreds of thousands, believe
it or not, it’s in the hundreds or thousands, not of thousands. So what that means is that, technically, all
the people that claim to be on the spiritual path now you could break down the religious
spiritual path to them some amount that are on the spiritual path. Not religious but they call it the spiritual
path. You agnostic, atheist, you have most people
on, the religious path, then you’ve got a good portion, let’s say it, let’s pretend
it’s a billion. We’re on the spiritual path. Not religious, I’m just spiritual. Cool, much much better than typical but that
doesn’t mean they’re the vertical spiritual which is just in the hundreds of thousands,
so the ratio is small, we make up a fraction, a fraction of a fraction and so on. Spiritual path is cool because it means I
wanna experience not just have superstition, I wanna experience. So that’s pretty cool. But most of them are still horizontal and
they don’t realize it, because they still kind of hang around. Just as is, is okay. Vertical means as is is not enough, it isn’t
about the dang journey. I want to go home and I’m ready. Now, that doesn’t mean you deny the world
here, you must stay integrated into this world and live the… I’m ready to go home by living as though your
home while you’re here. That’s true enlightenment all the blessing
out. You know, up in the mountains of some the
Malay is now eating a grain of rice and repeating a mantra in now, some people have that path,
they’ll give me wrong. There are people that that’s their contribution
to raising the vibration in the world. I’m just talking about those in denial, you
know, They go on whatever, some try a constant tangent about becoming mystical yet they never
really make the transition into connecting with God. So, that study we’re doing about revelation
right now is that the word Revelation means, instead of horizontal I’m ready for the ceiling
the sky, the clouds to part so that God and I can have an experience so that God can be
revealed to me, once again, so that I’m home. The journey ends at its original destination
and its final destination. So the last thing I want to share about this
is just this… So when this process is happening for any
of you that decide… Wow, I was kind of on the spiritual path and
now I realize, I thought I was on the spiritual path, but really me, my friends, my teachers,
they’re all still talking about the same things, they’re all still kind of hanging around like… And we’re just go to yoga again, and on the
way home, let’s stop and have a Day movie or shake or whatever they call those things,
those juices so they go in head knock off one of those. Wow, man, that was a great day. Yoga, in green things. Wow. And now I just feel so aligned mallards Wow,
but you’re doing the same thing every day. Have have you called upon God. Oh, well, I just believe God is kind of everywhere. That’s a great horizontal line. It’s a lie, it’s people don’t to stand that
they just say… ’cause it sounds okay or they’ll say no. God’s in all things, it’s all avoidance gods
and all things really. Where is it? Show me where it is and one thing or another. Well, you know God is in life, God is in the
trees really hard without tree get before it dies. Well, probably 500 years. A God doesn’t die, so don’t tell me about
God and the tree where is God, God is not in the tree as you know, it, God is the light,
beneath the tree behind the tree. No, I don’t mean you sneak around the train
catch the light, I’m saying you can’t see it when you’re using your eyes. Stop telling me about what your senses tell
you, is God because the ego uses the senses to confirm its reality and if you’re trying
to become spiritual still using things of this world, you still don’t get it. So it has to happen is, I don’t know, I don’t
know. Show me God. I was doing all this spiritual thinking I
was getting it, but I don’t know, show me so I’m open to a revelation. I am open to being humble, and recognizing. I don’t know exactly how to get home if I
did, I’d have been there by now, me, I’m the one who created karma and lifetimes. That wasn’t the greatest invention we’ve ever
had. I mean, there’s some value to it, don’t get
me wrong, but it’s also kept us here. Or aero instead I wanna learn this other thing
called Home and I don’t remember how to get home, because the part of me that thinks I’m
here is the part that has amnesia. You know, you don’t go into a hospital in
the amnesia ward, and ask for directions. It’s hurry. I just… All the sounds irreverent, to some of you,
but it’s a pretty funny image. Go to the near somebody give me directions
to such and such a town you know, they’re all… Well, that’s what we do, spiritually. You know I listen. Can you give me some guidance? And we go to get guidance from people that
don’t know now, I wanna say even those that don’t know that are trying to know. I think that’s admirable. I do, I think it’s beautiful, it’s admirable,
but it’s kind of cool when they can still say, “You know, I only know so much, I can
only take you so far, and I think that’s honest and that honesty is beautiful, but I do say,
“Let’s recognize guys that horizontal isn’t getting us there. And a lot of people really appreciated when
I started describing the difference between horizontal and vertical. A unity of Sedona where I teach a lot on folks
are like… Yes, yes, yes, that really… Now they walk around going, to get vertical
right on, get vertical go vertical, get there, connect with God, see go vertical doesn’t
mean Listen to me, per se. I’m a teacher of the vertical, but I’m not
the vertical nor am I. The thing you find at the end of vertical
it’s God. Yeah, am I part of God, are you part of God? Yes, but we won’t know that till we’re there,
so don’t get caught up in the Message, messenger get the message and home vertical. So as I was saying, the last thing I’m getting
to it, though, is when you do make that choice, you’re technically signing up for the revelation
your own personal revelation mystical experience with God and as you know, very quickly, the
traditional interpretation of revelation. Oh my God, you know focus stinging people
of fire and brimstone. Third portion of the earth wiped out another
person of the earth, wiped out this and a very horrible story. It’s CII gone crazy. And the reason it is sounding so disgusting
like that is, it’s describing the death of the ego, the demise of the ego. It doesn’t really die, ’cause it doesn’t even
exist, but the ending of the ego, but as evil ego, and so forth, comes to an end. It screams at claws in… That’s why all the creepy symbols in Revelation,
because it… The person who wrote it John, the Beloved
John wrote it and says, This is what I saw, but he’s describing the death of himself,
the old self passing away. You know, if you would have asked to Rome
to describe it at Frome has a revelation, He would have described it very poetically
and very beautiful different time, different soul different culture, et cetera, et cetera. So, but it’s an ending. And so when he says In this creature comes
from the bottomless pit what do you think that is? The ego comes from the bottom, what do we
call it, the bottomless pit by the way, because there’s no end to its attempts to screw you
up. So Revelation is, all these amazing necessary
symbols messages for us but they are necessary and you will study Revelation eventually,
if not today, but I don’t mean you’re gonna crack open that book you’re going to have
to go through it whether it’s in the book, so you can learn as a map, how to never get
your own revelation or you’ll just do it on your own kind of getting dragged screaming
without a map, but try not to go unconscious into these things, try to go consciously try
to be aware of what these things mean, okay, just do your best. Or at least consider that advice. And what I really love is that when you go
through Revelation, when you read the Book of Revelation, when you watch this program
all of these things are actually parts of yourself. So John’s describing a revelation of himself,
but those are all images that exist in him. So since we’re just starting the course, but
as though we’re starting it now as we started now people in the class are already describing
strange events in their life, and dreams and visions and so on. It’s because they’re now going vertical, and
having their a portion of a major awakening. Very cool. In the night, the night I did a free intro. It’s online, you can watch it, but even the
night that I start this, it’s like, Wow, BOM floodgates open, and all these trippy experiences. Because I’m committed to it. You’re committing to it, perhaps, and we walk
into it and then we see it all, but you still only see yourself, your images are yours,
mine, or mine, but there are some that are for all. So for example, the imagery of your revelation
will likely have numbers sets of things for is a common one. Seven is another for because of your four
lower shockers seven. Because of your total but for three, the upper
three and seven total those are gonna be key numbers for everybody, because we all have
those numbers of shockers. Primary shockers at this time. So when you see a vision and it’s four of
this or three of this, or this or that, you see a vision or you have a dream or you experience
in your waking life, some really dramatic person it comes into your space, and they
have a light about them. That’s probably a symbol of very coming to
you a darkness, a “hurtful-ness of an ego kind of then that’s clearly a darkness and
evil ego symbol in the Book of Revelation. It’s the anti-Christ or whatever, but what
is your Antichrist? So there’s not just things outside, they’re
reflecting outside because they’re inside of us. So you will only be able to see your ego,
not mine, you’ll only be able to see your… He’s not mine. Your love is not mine and so on. Your gifts are gonna be unique, but some things
are archetype, and that’s why we can study something like this and get kind of a blueprint
because there are some general truths that are wise for us all to catch on to learn so
that when we hit it, we understand it but remember, the revelation, is really synonymous
with, the Dark Night of the Soul, which has a goal, it’s not just the journey. Oh, it’s all about the Dorney. Let’s stay in the Dark Knight or a bar. No, it’s about waking up, you go into the
Dark Night, because there’s light at the end of the tunnel, don’t rush to the light, but
walk walk, steadily don’t I say Don’t run because you’re not trying to hide from a run
from or void your test in the Dark Night period dark night for those of you aren’t familiar
with videos on it, you can just go and watch, but a dark night. Meaning challenging times mega challenging
times in your life, so take it easy, consider these things, you’re gonna go through this
the easy way, or the hard way, and once you launch into the path I recommend that you
are vertical that you call upon God Christ whatever, to help you the Divine Mother, the
holy spirit whatever, to walk with you. Through this, you need, not just a guide,
you need the guide, the highest guide, something that is one with God, not just a guide, a
friend, a deceased relative, not get the guide of guides God let it guide you through your
time periods all way every day, but definitely through dark night of the soul through revelations
and so on, because you’ll go into those things and not understand him, and then you’ll take
them to seriously get a right guide. Number one, to remember not to take the stuff
so seriously, that you over-analyze it, take it seriously and that this is important but
don’t over analyze because then you get caught in the minutia. It’s about waking up not just getting stuck
in the mental shock or stuff again. So I pray this has made good sense I pray
that it’s been good advice. I forgive my sometimes irreverence, and so
on, but… Well, that’s just me, it’s just me, but also
it’s my way of making really important points in a silly kind of a form. I don’t know if all of you have seen, I know
a lot of you saw that there’s a comedian, African-American guy, I think his name is
Tyler or tail, or something like that. I don’t know if that’s his first name, last
name, but you know he did the thing where he’s dressed up as a woman and on stage doing
a presentation and about relations and how to deal with people. That is brilliant, it’s absolutely brilliant,
the playfulness behind it, the irreverence behind it that somebody sent me a clip of
that and I think we posted it on our site. We have a Friends of my camera Facebook page
if you like plus some others, you can look for and find but it’s brilliant, because he’s
making all these irreverent points he’s doing what I call a tirade. I jokingly call my moments like that is high
rates because it’s the truth being delivered. Playfully maybe sarcastically sometimes but
in a light loving sarcasm not a hateful dark one, but that’s a really brilliant presentation,
if you haven’t seen it, watch it to see him going. You know, I don’t know why people can’t be
alone, why do they wanna be with people all the time, whether they have to have a partner
all the time if you can’t be alone, what are you gonna bring to a person? You know, just all these great statements
and I say those things and I love it. So it was like watching myself and yet it
is because he’s mirroring something and I go. Wow, that’s pretty cool ’cause I love seeing
that and then I go. Oh, that’s very consistent with my style. And so it’s really nice. It’s not an ego stroke, but it’s like… Yeah, thank God, you know that other people
can appreciate the irreverent, silly stuff and get major truth is across. So it was nice to see that. So anyway, you all be good to yourselves,
and I pray that you’re well and if ever you need reach out, reach out to each other reach
out to people you can reach out to sponsors counselors, friends that you can trust and
make sure there are people you can trust, but reach out if people stop your hand when
you reach out, remember that’s a mirror of something. Is it a mirror of something so dark that you
need to turn your back and say that’s a boundary, from me, man you’re not very loving, and God
by… Or is it more of a test a lesson for you? Maybe you are too co-dependent or whatever
you needed to look something as well, so don’t just assume it means one or the other, but
look to see what that means but hopefully you’ll attract and set of people stopping
your hand when you reach out, you’ll attract people, that are there for your hearts Open
Minds Open arms open, but many, many blessings of love and light and support to you. Join us if you like the online Revelation
Course it’s absolutely cool. And remember, in 45, Pacific time we do the
live presentation sacred services from unity of Sedona. And if you don’t join there you can join these
again, the Friday night. Spiritual insights. If they don’t connect with you at all, no
worries find something absolutely find something that does. Okay, thanks guys. “Peace be with all of you. We’ll see you soon by A.


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    πšƒπš‘πš’πšœ πš‘πšŠπšœ πš‹πšŽπšŽπš— πšŠπš—πš πš’πšœ πš–πš’ πš›πšŽπšŠπšœπš˜πš— 𝚝𝚘 πš•πš’πšŸπšŽ 𝚝𝚘 𝚐𝚎𝚝 𝚝𝚘 πš–πš’ πš‘πš’πšπš‘πšŽπšœπš 𝚝𝚘 πšπš‘πšŽ πš˜πš›πš’πšπš’πš—. 𝙸 πšπš›πšžπš•πš’ πš•πš˜πšŸπšŽ πšπš‘πš’πšœ πšŸπšŽπš›πšœπš’πš˜πš— 𝚘𝚏 πš–πš’ πš›πšŽπšπš•πšŽπšŒπšπš’πš˜πš—!

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    Wow, Rabbi: That is one perfect color on you! Oh, the talk, well… Excellent: I learned from you- thanks again!!!

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    Glad you can whistle in Aramaic! It adds depth and clarity to the presentation. Ha ha! πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜†


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