Only One Doctrine Leads To Eternal Life

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there, there is only one doctrine that is true and that is the doctrine of following
and obeying Jesus Christ and having him live through you. It is the doctrine of denying
yourself, picking up your cross, and following Jesus on the narrow way. It is the doctrine
of striving to enter through the narrow gate and Jesus Christ is the gate. It is the doctrine
that you must lay faith in Jesus Christ and without him you can do nothing least of all
save yourself or make yourself good. It is a doctrine that requires you to turn away
from all of your sins and turn to the paths of righteousness. It is a doctrine that doesn’t
allow any sin in your walk, cause it is the only doctrine that is true and is the only
one that saves. Now there are lots of other doctrines out there, and they do look good
to a man, but in the end their end is the fire. They look good to a man but the end
is still destruction. And so I want to warn you to follow the right doctrine, and follow
Jesus Christ and his truth. If you follow his only one doctrine; deny yourself pick
up your cross and follow him, then you will be able to enter life. But if you want to
walk in any kind of darkness and you don’t want to deny yourself and you don’t want to
follow him then how can you find life, since he is the way the truth and the life? You
see Jesus said to come to him to eat of the living bread and drink the living water. But
if you don’t go to him to eat of the bread and drink of the living water, how can you
have life in you? You’ll be still in the darkness. So that is why I tell you to go to the Lord
and pray and seek him to fill you with the bread of life and the wisdom of understanding
and put his true doctrine into your heart. But you can’t go to the Lord unless you are
first prepared to turn away from all your sins and give them all up and instead deny
yourself and give yourself to the Lord, deny yourself and follow him. That is the only
way there is no other way. All of the paths even though they look good they still lead
to the fire. So are you following the true and only one doctrine that leads to eternal
life? }


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