Objective 1.2: Religion in the Colonies

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while some colonies were found in subtle
to make profits in the mercantilist system such as Virginia North Carolina
South Carolina and Georgia other colonies were found in a religious
principles before they became profitable such as Massachusetts and Rhode Island
were founded by the Puritans Pennsylvania which was talking about the
Quakers and Maryland which was founded by the catholics each of these families
are standing on religious freedom religious freedom is the right to
practice any religion you choose where to live without any religion at all some American colonists who came to
these colonies for screen persecution by the Church of being the key as head of
the church would discriminate against other religions and people who did not
belong to his church known as the Anglican Church the first example of a
colony being founded on religious freedom the Massachusetts Bay Colony is
founded by John with an accurate ends at the MIT Massachusetts or what you guys
now has limits rock they were fleeing persecution by the Anglican Church in
England because if years in faith is different and more strict and then the
Church of England once there the period inside a document called the Mayflower
Compact it was named after their boat the Mayflower yes the first example of
democratic self-government in the american call the document set up a
democratically elected government for the periods of the Massachusetts Bay
Colony next week of Pennsylvania William Penn founded pennsylvania has a Quaker
colony fun facts you ever wonder why there’s no movie theaters and only one
bar in Yorba Linda that’s because Yorba Linda was founded as a quicker city also friends church takes its roots from
the Quaker church another fun fact about pennsylvania William Penn’s father was
owed a debt by the king of england Charles the Second pennsylvania’s
actually call you that was given to William Penn as repayment for that debt
to make sure everyone knew that the king of england plays back his debts the one
condition in which William Penn got the land make the call me was that he had to
name it pennsylvania which means Penn’s woods to help others escape persecution
10 opens his colleagues who all religions and science peace with the
indians lastly the colony of Maryland named after the wife of King Charles the
first marijuana started by George Calvert also known as Lord Baltimore
Lord Baltimore founded the colony as a religious safe haven for Catholics who
are fleeing persecution from the Church of being ever since the Reformation
Catholics in England had faced persecution by the crown and the Church
of England as a result merrill was founded as a colony based on the
principle of separation of church and state meaning people who live in the
colony of Maryland should be free to worship any religion that they saw fit
and not be dictated what religion they should worship by the government despite
religious freedom in these colony is there are also instances of religious
intolerance in New England one example of a religious intolerance in the New
England colonies with the fact that puritans openly tried and executed
innocent women of witchcraft if it wanted to do something that women were
not supposed to do then they would be accused of being a witch they’d be put
on trial which consisted of having rocks tied to their feet and then they’d be
thrown into a body of water if the women floated favored team to which convicted
and then hanged if they drowned they’d be deemed innocent but still be debt
Massachusetts Bay Colony was open to no other fees but periods and of course
there’s a story of Roger Williams roger williams appeared in the Massachusetts
Bay Colony who spoke out against the Puritan prosecution of Indians and non
puritans like in the colony he believed for example the Puritan should pay the
Indians for the land instead of encroaching and taken it unlawful when
the parents moved to arrest him he fled south where he founded the colony road I’ll Williams founded the new
colony based on the principle of total largest freedom any open the call me up
to any person of any denomination now fast forward a hundred years we have
what’s called the Great Awakening Great Awakening was a period in the 18th
century that’s a revival and religion in the colonial America and caused an
increase in evangelism and the number of new Christian denomination so why
doesn’t matter the founders such as Thomas Jefferson John Adams and jeans
and as religious and their faith influence our choices when making the
nation they know God in their founding documents they saw the freedom to
worship as essential to liberty and its citizens however they also saw the
dangers of a national religion like the one the Church of England they feared
the religious persecution that the early colonists indoor and so put safeguards
in the constitution to protect citizens from nationalize religion by separating
both government and faith does principle still endure today


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