Nanoworld and resonators part2


Let’s try to measure radiation losses. Here again the reflected signal depends on the position of the feeler. For any known resonators the reflection factor is less than a unity (1), … … but in our case it is more! It means, that the resonator converted ether intrinsic energy into electrical. The hypothesis about possibility of using of nanoworld energy is confirmed, … … and consequently it makes senseless all gains of mankind on refinement of burning wood, oil, … … extraction ecologically dangerous chemical and nuclear energy. As known, all projects of “perpetuum mobile” are not considered at all by any patent bureau of the world. But it’s not a “perpetuum mobile”. Its only a converter of ether intrinsic energy into electrical. It’s another thing that energy of nanoworld environment is inexhaustible… The movement of the environment, in this case of air, rinses a flag. Under the laws of physics it is possible to present the movement of a flag, concerning air, just as the fish is floating in water… … or grass-snake creeps by the ground. They use the environment for movement. But, as it turned out, it is possible to use nanoworld environment for moving also. If you break the symmetry of the resonator, the forces will not be counterbalanced, … … and it will push off the ether, as a grass-snake or fish from water. This is a resonator converting intrinsic energy of nanoworld into electrical. Other well working models suddenly appeared incredibly familiar… … Tridents of Neptune, Zeus, Siva, Peroun and other gods. They all are symbols of force and energy. Is it by chance? This is a model of nanoworld structure with symmetry axes. In one angle aspect it is obviously visible, that its basis is the christian cross. However, from another angle, the same axes make a bible star of David. The computer will reveal this phenomenon even more brightly. This is a rotation of the model of an electronic propeller. It is also called “devil’s wheel”. Here, in crossing the axes the swastika is seen. Strange. The scientific model of nanoworld combines symbols of different religions. The problem of existence of the universal god is solved with the help of science. The cooperation of science and religion can be compared to the union of mind and heart. Strange, but isn’t it by chance? There lived a physics Maxwell by name… Not ours, from Earth, but alien πŸ™‚ His mechanical model of ether was tested by Hertz, who was also from another planet. He made a resonator, receiver, … …learned how to transmit and to receive electromagnetic waves. If the antenna can shake ether, can’t it push off it, as a fish from water? – he thought. Whether it took much time or not to complete the research, … …but it finished with creating an “unpretentious” engine for a “cheap” space ship. With the help of this engineering, and we can imagine that there was also another, they began to visit Earth. We can only imagine the importance of this event for uneducated Earth people, … … accompanying “by celestial thunder” and “by unearth light”! Their appearance left different religious symbols: … … black square, … … cross, … … pagan cross of Komi peoples, … … Udmurt cross, … … earing from Trubchevsk, … … Latvian pattern. And we can ask a question: what if similar clones are generated by real prototypes, … … converters of alien energy, visited Earth in ancient times? It appeared that: the forms and frames of our models were always reproduced in traditional ornaments, … … patterns, utensils… … in a huge amount of ritual-magic and decorative objects. And maybe it’s really a memory of visits? As the natives constructed a straw airplane, having seen the American bomber in the well known film ” Memory of the future “? And can it be about the past? The same link of the forms of the best models is tracked in the church architecture. Model of a five-dome drive. It’s easier to test it, than an energy source. It is enough to connect it to an energy source, and the bits of a current excite the resonator, … … and it starts moving in complete correspondence with the laws of classical physics. One can think, that the movement is interlinked to a sparkling and other by-effects. However, the experiments have shown, that the influence of bits and ionic streams is taken out by the hermetic camera, … … and the circle trajectory is taken out effects of magnetic and electric fields. The drive works even inside the metal screen! The resonators can change the form, saving resonance-frequency qualities, … … since the symmetry of the form is only important. But how to make a more powerfull drive? It is possible to connect the battery with many units. Thus all of them should work in one direction. Such conversion allows to save resonance-frequency qualities. Repeating the operation on another axis, it is possible to increase thrust force. The further concentrating of the system enlarges its specific power. Well, isn’t it a “carpet-airplane”? (Magic carpet) And maybe and it was like this? The development and mastering of such energy sources … … will result in new technical revolution, similar the ones, … … that were with appearance of steam age, the age of electricity, of atom. Only this energy source is eternal and ecologically pure. Sooner or later we shall come to it… The inscription on the icon: ” There is only one door. Who’s with me in it will go – … … will be saved. And go in and out. And he sees the future.” Better early … … It would not be late at all …


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  1. Heidi M

    March 14, 2018 4:28 am

    Wow Neo~ your mind goes 24/7 like mine does !! πŸ’™ thanks much for sharing ~ πŸ‘πŸ™Œ

  2. David Chapman

    March 14, 2018 11:20 am

    This video makes reference to a film memory of the future, have searched for it only year 1969 comes up interesting shall continue my search hehe πŸ˜‰

  3. David Chapman

    March 14, 2018 11:28 am

    Interesting reference to carpet-airplane (magic carpet) what if material and patterns could generate energies to make a carpet into a flying carpet the only thing if you could create levitation some how then all is needed is a means of navigation, reminds me of Arabian night stories πŸ˜‰


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