Nanoworld and resonators part1


Through customary signs of our life, through macroworld around us, we are going to the world of infinitely small particles and appearances. Once we have already done it with the purpose to feel scales, to understand the structure of this world. Now our purpose is its energetics. Let’s try to find the key to comprehension of processes invisible and possible to observe only on computer. Our Universe, all around us and we ourselves are manifestations of life in this world. Studying it it is possible to glance in the future of energetics of mankind. With the help of a magic diamond crystal we shall begin our path into the depth of substance. At first we shall see a general view of a crystal lattice. Then, the computer will show it larger. It’s already a molecule of a diamond, in which electronic structure is well seen. From the periodic table of the Mendeleyev we shall select the object at an atomic level. Let it be 102 unit, nobelium. This ball of electrons is a model of the atom of nobelium. And this is a nobelium computer image. Now we are flying through its electronic shells. Let’s remind, that each electron is closed in a ring ray of electromagnetic waves. There is a nucleus ahead. It is five times less than an atom. The nucleus, in its turn, consists of positive protons and neutrons. These are ring spiral derivations from electromagnetic waves moving with the speed of light. Let’s pay attention to the fact that, the substance in customary view doesn’t exist. There are no molecules, atoms, their compounds and interactions. Both usual, and chemical, and nuclear power engineering are left behind. This cube show a wave movement of the invisible environment, which the intrinsic energy exceeds many times the electromagnetic, and is defined by the formula of the Einstein E=mc^2. The trajectory of waves in the environment can be spiral, as in units of atomic nucleus, … … ring, as in electrons, … … straight line, as in particles of light. The waves of a radio-frequency range are spread in all sides. But, what are these waves? What do they consist of? To see their structure, it is necessary to increase the scale of the maps in 19 times. There purpose of our travel, the nanoworld is there. There is again an infinite number of cyclic wave processes. The element rotation speed exceeds million times the speed of light. The frequency depends on the energy of the process. We came to the conclusion, that in supersmall scales, in nanoworld, in the environment called ether, there is an ordered structure, like crystalline. It fills the visible part of the Universe and is also rather active… Each ring unit has intrinsic energy of rotation and external energy of oscillation. All nanoworld, ether structure has huge intrinsic energy, which external manifestation are the electromagnetic oscillations of its units. The computer allows to present electromagnetic oscillations of a separate ether unit. The lateral deformations of multiple ether elements result in the origin of electromagnetic waves. If their distribution goes in different sides, they are radiowaves. If the waves are focused in a ray, they are photon or gamma-quantum. If the photon or gamma-quantum makes a ring, it’s an electron. If the trajectory is not ring, but spiral, an atomic nucleus element appears. If there is no deformation, the waves go parallelly. The change of ether element concentration result in a curvature of a wavefront. It turns where the speed is less. If there are rays i.e. photons their trajectories are also curved. If it’s an electron, a gravitational drift appears. All these processes are the reason of gravitation (different levels of the mechanism of gravitation). The recurrence of ether units determines recurrence of electromagnetic processes, happening in it. This is the recurrence which forms universal principles defining laws of classical physics for our world. As to the energy of nanoworld, it exceeds nuclear in an inconceivable number of times: 10 in 74 degrees. The rotary movement of units of ether elements can be converted in oscillatory and further, to an electric current, … … just as hidden energy of a steam turns to driving a steam locomotive. It is necessary only to make a steam locomotive for nanoworld, which would make its units move. In case of good luck it is in essence new energy source creating electric current of high frequency from any point of space. The conducter of the special form leads oscillations of ether units along the surface, forcing them move. It is important, that for this movement not to damp. For this purpose the conducter should save them. Such conducter is called a resonator. The oscillations are saved, if the radiation losses will be no more than 0,01% In the film, especially on the computer, everything is possible, but in reality all is much more complicated. To achieve a resonance the highest accuracy of manufacture of a resonator, … … exclusive cleanliness of materials, development and implantation of new technologies, … … clear comprehension of organization of a substance at a subatomic level, … … well and certainly financing of implementation of idea is necessary. This is a radio engineering laboratory. Here the presence of resonance-frequency qualities of different systems is tested. In our case it is a so-called trident of Neptune. We connect the grounding tyre … … and signal generator of the transmitter. The electromagnetic feeler takes out a reflected signal. The signal depends on the position of the feeler. The maximal tension arises on the edges of the conducters. To excite a resonator is not easy, but the instrument shows presence of resonance. This lattice consists of several resonators in the form of the cross. Then the less than radiowaves it radiates, the better its resonance-frequency qualities are. Thus very high requirements are to surface quality and symmetry of construction.


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    Colour light and repetitive or geometric patterns combined could generate energies undiscovered mmm just a thought 😉

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