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Hi everyone! In this video I
thought I’d share with you what my religious, spiritual beliefs
are. As a warning first and foremost, these are entirely
my beliefs. I’m not forcing my opinion on anyone, nor do I
wish for anyone to force their opinion and views on me or
anyone else. You are free to believe whatever you like and
so am I. I am not religious. However, I am a very spiritual
person and this is extremely important to me. I don’t believe
any religion is completely accurate, but I believe there
is truth to every religion. Religion is something that
separates us, makes us argue and get into conflict, which
is something I am very much against. Religion is a way
of providing an answer to the unknown. We are human beings and
scared of the unknown. When we do not know something it
intimidates us, scares us. And, for a question like, “What
happens when we die?” having an answer to this unknown mystery
helps us live with a better understanding of our role in
this world. My views are very open. I am not an atheist, I
do believe in a higher power. Whether or not that is a higher
power that created us is open for debate. Though, I am very
open to the idea of atheism, or any other belief for that
matter. But, the universe is vast and we only know a small
fraction of what there is to know in life. So, it only makes
sense to me that there are other life forms, perhaps even those
of higher intelligence, that live somewhere in the universe.
A very interesting concept I learned about was through
a video game actually. Not necessarily the game, but the
story and cinematics. The games are the Xenosaga series. There
are three in the series. If you are interested in watching the
story for any of these, just click on the name here on the
side. Or check the description of this video. Hopefully the
videos will continue to stay online. The cinematics for all
three games total nearly a whole days worth of content. The story
is science fiction and is quite complex. You will have to pay
attention to detail, perhaps even watch it several times. As
well as do a lot of research after watching it to understand
the entire picture. There are a lot of elements in the game’s
story that are based off of many philosophies and religions,
including Christianity. I found this so intriguing and it was
one of the best stories I have ever seen, especially for a
video game. The story opened my eyes. I absolutely love the
character Wilhelm from the game. I love the mystery of him, and
just the story of the game in general. So, check it out if
you are interested. Anyway, the basic theme is the philosophical
theory eternal return, or eternal recurrence. It basically
means that the events that occur in the universe have been
recurring and will continue to occur an infinite number of
times. In other words, there is no beginning nor end to the
universe. It repeats itself indefinitely. So everything you
and I do, we will continue to do each and every time the universe
repeats itself. The Ouroboros is a symbol of this theory. My
senior year in high school, for my research paper, I discussed
this theory including elements from the game. It needed to be
presented in front of the class, and we needed to do a PowerPoint
presentation. However, I did not. I went up in front of the
class and talked freely, writing on the board. I needed special
permission due to the length of my presentation, which was
practically half the class period. I wanted a topic that
was different than everyone else so the presentation didn’t seem
redundant, as well as something everyone would be interested in.
Despite the fact that several people were saying, “Why didn’t
you pick something simpler and easier to understand,” I think I
really captured the attention of the class as everyone seemed
very intrigued and there were many questions. Anyway, we
are not aware of the universe indefinitely repeating itself.
Additionally, our every action is ruled by fate. We cannot
change fate. We are destined to continuous repeat our lives an
infinite number of times in a predetermined fashion. Of
course, this can sound like we do not make our own choices and
decisions. But, the decisions we make are part of our fate. Each
and everyone of us has a destiny to fulfill. We all make an
impact on this world. Whether it be small or large,
directly, well acknowledged, or indirectly, not well known.
We all do have a purpose. Not everyone finds their purpose in
life, but when you can become aware of your life’s
purpose, it makes it a very exciting endeavor. So, I will discuss my beliefs,
and other various materials and data. I’m not going to go into
extensive amount of detail, but I will do my best at explaining
things. The universe began with the big bang. The universe is
vast and continues to expand. However, there are many theories
as to how the universe will end. One is the big rip where the
universe would continue to expand exponentially and the
elements would rip. Another is the big crunch where the
universe would eventually collapse in on itself. This may
lead to another big bang. When it comes to the belief of God,
we do not reside on the same plane as this higher power known
as God. We reside in a domain lower than that of God. We
cannot gain access to this domain that God resides in.
Furthermore, our domain consists of both the physical realm where
the three physical, spatial dimensions exist, length,
width, and height. But, it also consists of our consciousness,
will, spirit, which is not composed of matter and thus
does not take up space. Our consciousness resides in
this domain. The collection of consciousness is how we are
all interconnected. The physical domain we reside in is where
we diverge. Perhaps another interning concept is that
the collection of all of our consciousness is God. Just
fragmented parts of this collective subconscious
scattered about to create a vast array of unique creatures. Or
perhaps there is no God and just the collection of our
subconsciousness as a whole. Everything in the universe
being interconnected on a subconscious, spiritual level.
It’s an interesting concept that is open for debate. Anyway,
when our physical body dies, we continue to live on. Our spirit
does not die. Now, what about spirits of the dead, ghosts if
you will. Even though I dislike this term. Those are spirits
that have not entered the collective subconscious. Those
that refuse to acknowledge that their physical body has passed
away, or perhaps for many other reasons. Whatever the case may
be, I find this to be the most logical reasoning behind spirits
in our physical world. It is interesting that many locations
that tend to show signs of spiritual activity are
those that have severe trauma, unnatural deaths. For instance,
a murder scene will have much more traumatic energy in the
environment. Psychological trauma is a key element in
the spiritual activity of the environment. The biggest
question then is why? Why is trauma so lingering even
after death? Why do traumatized spirits tend to stick around?
Or, is it the environment causing interference? We do not
know this, but trauma directly seems to play a big role. The
spirits are not at rest and thus do not enter the
collective subconscious. When we learn to access our
intuition and subconscious, through mediums such as
meditation which can allow us spiritual enlightenment, we
gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, our purpose, and the
world we live in. We can learn to be introspective to identify
what is going on in our lives, what is missing and what needs
to be changed, all to improve the quality of our life. So,
what happens when we die? Is there an afterlife? Is there a
God, or a higher power? We do not know for certain. There are
so many mysteries in this world that we do not know about,
and probably won’t ever know. Keeping an open mind is the only
way to truly accept whatever fate has determined for us.
Whatever our lives are destined to be. Whatever happens to us
when our physical bodies dies, or anything else. It’s good
to keep one’s mind open to new possibilities and theories since
the only definite answer we do have is that we do not know the
answer. So, I hope this video was informative.
Thanks for watching!


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