My Refrigerator is Leaking Water from the Water Dispenser!

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Hello Jimmy, can you help me out with something? Hello Allen, sure, I have like 20 spare minutes
so we can talk. What is it? I’m having a problem with my refrigerator
which is leaking water from the water dispenser a lot and I have no idea what to do to fix
this. You said that last week too, just so that
you could come to my house and hit on my wife. I’m not falling for that again. Haha, true man, but this time I’m serious.
No joking around. How can I believe you? Because I’m inviting you over to my place,
so you can hit on my wife. Haha, OK I don’t need to come by your place.
I’ll help you from this very spot. Sounds good. So as you put it to me, I think you are actually
having problems with trapped air in the water line. This causes a buildup of pressure which
forces water to seep through the opening of the dispenser. What to do in this case? If I were you I would actually purge the tank
by getting a cup and holding under the dispenser and then pressing in the trigger to fill the
cup. Run the dispenser for 2-3 minutes. I hope this solves my problem. Hope so, but you could also have pressure
or water valve problems. If it’s dribbling continuously from the dispenser, your water
valve may need to be replaced. I really don’t like to her about things requiring
replacement, because I don’t have too much money to spend. Who does? So if the water pressure to your
fridge is too high, this may also cause the problem. Well, that’s all I want to hear for today.
Hopefully these tips will help me troubleshoot my problem and fix this leaking. OK then, your choice. Thanks again and see you around. Bye!


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  1. Yashpal Patel

    December 20, 2018 9:11 am

    I have whirlpool refrigerator model # ED5FVGXWS00. I stay in apartment and when main water supply is turned off for maintenance in apartment it has water leak from refrigerator water dispenser. I changed “dispenser water tube kit” and “water valve” but it did not fix this issue. I ran 4 gallon of water to remove all air bubble but it didn't help. Finally I changed water valve as well and that didn't help. Any suggestion on how to fix this issue. Once water main water supply is turned on there is small leak (half glass of water in a day) but it’s big amount of leak when main water supply is turned off for apartment maintenance


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