Muzeul Ouălor Încondeiate – LUCIA CONDREA – Eggs Museum (Moldovita, Bucovina, Romania)

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Welcome to the Decorated Eggs Museum created
by Lucia Condrea, artist and curator What sets apart this museum from
other eggs museums around the world? Out of a total of 56 showcases,
47 display my work From the beginning I wanted this museum
to reflect genuine art, to preserve the folklore traditions of our
village that have unfortunately disappeared Through my filter, through a creation process known
only by me, I put art on the fragile egg shells The traditional decorated towels are the
inspiration for the eggs displayed in this showcase Who really would have thought that the decorated
towels can be displayed on the eggs ? As you can see, there are different situations
where the traditional towel is an emblematic and honorary object for Bukovina The next showcase displays exhibits in green This is the “Condrea Art”,
The “Condrea Art” is patented I created different art works in aspect
and colour to be pleasant to the public All are unique! The old traditional symbols were carefully
and meticulously preserved and arranged in a difficulty in execution I started from a trade, the Hutsuls skill
of painted and “închistrite” eggs and created an art, an art that rivals the world With all modesty I must say that my skill
is unique in the entire world My art works are found in royal houses, in major
museums and major collectors of the world Here is my soul and a part of my soul that
I carried on all continent The diversification of colours was essential Therefore I had to enrich somehow
this value of Hutsuls and so I transposed it in blue, green,
purple, brown and so on Perhaps no one has thought that lacework,
crocheted lace, tapestry can be put on egg shells Let’s move to another showcase,
to another work technique, because there are, for now, eight
“Condrea Art” work techniques that I succeeded to do for Romania You will notice here another work technique:
the lace Tapestry, laseta, twine were put by “Condrea Art”
on the fragile egg shell and, in international competition, especially
in Brussels, has been highly sought after Maybe you will notice another interference
between cultures Here are old-looking art works One can easily observe the Hutuls geometric design This geometric design is found on all
continents, but this is a long story … Next, you will notice the girdles
from our traditional costumes, We are very proud of our Romanian girdle A special technique that moves me, is the original
transpositions from the traditional costumes as you can see them here, in original,
they are arranged on the egg shells This is another technique in the “Condrea Art” These works belong to me alike Of course, now, all over the country and worldwide,
copies are made after the “Condrea Art” Another work technique are abstract works Please notice, and zoom on, the art works that I received a Trophy in Paris for It is very difficult to break in an environment
where only great values reach and, to my joy, Romania received the Grand Prize,
and Switzerland, City Cup prize All our religious symbols were arranged
in a connotation known only by me, after a thorough study of symbols The museum has 56 showcases for now Upstairs you’ll notice art works from
all continents in “International Section” The treasure of our museum is represented
by the three showcases with old works Thus we prove that this it is not an artificial
museum, this is a museum of tradition, the Hutsuls tradition, from which,
I was inspired and created art, an art that rivals with all great
art values from all continents


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  1. NeluThat70sKid

    March 20, 2016 8:26 am

    FOARTE FRUMOS, m-a iubit o arte populara romaneasca pe viata mea, dar eu sunt un roman de patru generatie nascut si crescut aici in Statele Unite. Videoclip-ul zau e intersant s-infomativ! Oaie tale sunt superb! Eu stiu putin romanesti, asa multumim pt. versuri de limba engleza, si multumim pt. postare! Frumos, m-a iubit-o!!!!!


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